Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

Looking for a clean and green alternative to pledge for wood furniture? Do it yourself at home with a few natural ingredients, as listed in the post below.

You have a family party, and you need your home to look sparkling clean. While the floors and walls are an easy job, what about the wooden furniture? Soap and water are not going to work, nor are those expensive cleaners.

Pledge is the perfect savior for this kind of situation. These silicone-based cleaners give an instant shine to wood furniture. Though Pledge is safe to use on the wooden surface, it does contain a fair amount of chemicals that are not good for yourself and your environment.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

At this point, you may say, “I’m just using it occasionally.” Well, my dear friend, each occasional use turns into years of using the same product, and then suddenly, one day, you are sick with an unusual condition that has no explanation. 

Well, the sickness may seem like a far-fetched irrational thought, but you cannot deny that the years of chemical deposits are present in and around your home. There are many alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture that you can make at home. They are better, safer, and far more cost-effective too.

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Pledge – A common household necessity or not?

Most household cabinets will have a bottle of Pledge in the cleaner section. Pledge is a silicon-based, non-reactive fluid. 

Role of Pledge as a multipurpose cleaner

Pledge gives an appearance of squeaky clean and instant shine to a piece of furniture. However, one issue with the Pledge is that it creates a very slick and shiny outer coat on any furniture. It is so slippery that it does not leave behind even a tiny bit of grease or oil stains.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

This coating prevents any product from sticking to the furniture surface. So, the next time you need to paint the wooden surface or stainless steel goods, you need to do an extra step of removing the pledge coating if you want to paint or do anything on them. 

Generally, you can remove the Pledge coat using a mild acidic solution, but that also takes time and effort. Also, most Pledges use artificial chemicals to provide a distinctive scent to the product. 

We all know that these chemical scents aren’t very safe when used for a long period. As the world is pushing hard towards eco-friendly options for almost everything, there is no doubt that chemical-free green alternatives to Pledge furniture polish are also becoming popular.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

Now that you have decided to go green and contribute a small part to making Planet Earth safer than before, you will be surprised by the huge choices you can make. Greener options are not just safe and healthy, but they are very easy on the pocket too. The added benefit is the availability.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

Gone are the days when you would have to rush to the store to fetch the cleaning solution, especially when it’s an emergency cleaning spree and the products are over!

There are two kinds of choices that you can make by yourself right at home.

  • Furniture Sprays
  • Furniture Wipes

Furniture Spray

Furniture spray is the simplest alternative. Mix in a few ingredients into a spray bottle. Generously coat the surface with the liquid and give it a thorough wipe. That’s all! The furniture smells naturally aromatic, looks shiny as ever, and everything around is safe for babies and pets to lick or play around with. The three most common and easy to create furniture sprays include

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# The Two ingredient Blend 

In a spray bottle, mix half a cup of Olive oil and about 20 drops of Lemon or Orange Essential Oil. Shake it well, and it is ready to use.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

Spray it on the lackluster wooden surface and wipe it down with a cloth, and the wood will look as new as ever. The beautiful aroma of the essential oil will linger for a long time, emitting a very fresh and overall natural smell.

If you do not have Lemon or Orange Essential oil, you can replace it with two tablespoons of Lemon Juice or Orange Juice.

# The Four Ingredient Blend

In addition to Lemon Essential Oil and Olive Oil, add half a cup of White Vinegar and one tablespoon of Castile Soap. This toxin-free, naturally scented spray blend leaves no dust residue and gives a beautiful sheen to the wood surface. The castile soap creates a natural wax coat on the wood surface, which retains the shine for a longer period.

# The Easy Solution

While the other two choices are very good healthy alternatives, one of the easiest options for a quick clean and shine for the wooden furniture is white vinegar. Mix 2 parts vinegar in 1 part water and spray it on the wooden surface. It cleans and disinfects just like a Pledge but minus any chemical residue.

Furniture Wipes

Well, in case you are wondering, we aren’t talking about wet wipes. These are furniture spray alternatives that use Paste Finishing wax or Murphy’s Oil Soap to coat the wood surface. Once done, you can wipe away the excess using a microfiber cloth. 

What remains is a smooth finished surface that’s both glossy and shining clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be used as a substitute for furniture polish?

There are many substitutes for chemical furniture polish that you can easily find at home. While a rub with Vodka can do the job well, the most common DIY solution is a mixture of lemon juice, white vinegar, and virgin olive oil.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

How do you clean wood furniture without a pledge?

There are many alternatives to Pledge for cleaning wood furniture. One of the most common eco-friendly choices is a combination of 1 part vinegar with 3 part olive oil. Shake the mixture well and spray it on the wooden surface generously. Nicely wipe it all over the surface to give it a clean shine.

What can I use to shine wood furniture?

While Polyurethane was one of the common industrial choices before, there are greener and safer alternatives now. One common natural combination used to shine wood furniture is a spray blend of lemon juice, lemon oil, and jojoba oil. It enhances the natural color of the wood and gives it a long-lasting shine.

What oil is best for wood furniture?

Linseed Oil and Tung Oil are the most preferred choice for wood finishing. Other alternatives used include Walnut Oil and Mineral Oil.

Is vinegar safe on wood furniture?

Vinegar is one of the best and safest choices for cleaning wood surfaces. It does not cause any harm to the natural wood finish. 

Go green if you want a better future!

As the world is going towards greener choices that are safer and environmentally friendly, you can make a wise decision. Saying no to harsh chemicals is saving the world around you and increasing the life of household goods.

Alternatives To Pledge For Wood Furniture

Yes, I understand that we all want that quick and easy cleanup solution, but sometimes these easy-to-use and fast-to-show result products cause more long-term damage than good. Homemade green alternative to pledging furniture polish contains everything harmless and healthy for the wooden furniture.