5 Brilliant Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors And When You Should Use Them

Are you looking for alternatives to sliding glass doors? Please keep reading this article to find out.

Funny story! We have all bumped our heads into a sliding glass door when distracted, or we know someone who has. Is that why you are here searching for alternatives to sliding glass doors? Probably not, but wasn’t that a smooth segue? Maybe one good reason is that they cost upwards of $2000

Whatever the reason might be, sliding glass doors are cumbersome. My reason for changing my sliding glass doors is that they were extremely worn out due to the heat and moisture from the weather. Secondly, I was looking to change the aesthetics of my house. 

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors

Okay, these were just excuses; the real reason is that sliding glass doors do not look safe to me. I am always anxious that some intruder could easily break through the glass door. It seemed like the right time to get rid of them.  

I started my research on the internet(of course! Where else?). I found a ton of replacements for sliding glass doors in my research. Here is a list from my research of the best replacements for sliding doors based on cost, design, ease of installation, and aesthetic appeal. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

#1 French Doors

French doors are the most classic and yet modern design to replace sliding doors. A French door opens midline with two doors. French doors have square wood frames with the glass in the frames, and both doors fit in the same door frame. In other words, it looks like large windows.  

The doors are hinged to the frame and can be opened both outward or inward. These doors have an elegant, simple yet vintage (if you choose brown wood frame) look. French doors are the nearest alternatives to sliding glass doors.


  • They have two hinged doors within the same door frame. A single door frame is more efficient.
  • Solid materials: glass and wood 
  • Customizable: Can be an outswing or inswing


  • Expensive than glass sliding doors

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors - French Doors

What Should You Know Before Installing Them?

  • French doors are customizable. You can easily change the color of the frame if you are going for a color theme. The design of these doors goes with pretty much every house setting except super modern households. 
  • You can use double-glazed glass to keep your house warm in winters and cool in summers. The glass also makes your space look bigger than it is.
  • These doors open midline and are hinged to the door frame. You will have to put some work in the door frame to switch from sliding door to french door. It is not as difficult as it sounds, and you can always get an expert to install it for you. 
  • You will have to think about whether to get these doors in an inswing or outswing position. The doors would require space to open up inside and might take up space for furniture. If you are planning to install french doors as outswing, make sure your house and lawn do not have kids playing football or baseball. You can always use them for balcony doors or backyard lawn/garden.
  • French doors are an expensive alternative for sliding doors, but the high-quality finished look will be worth it.  

#2 Patio Doors

Patio exterior doors are an affordable and stylish alternative for both sliding glass doors and French doors. These doors look similar to French doors. These also have two doors (like a window), but you can keep one closed or use both. I would call patio doors as a perfect choice for alternatives to sliding glass doors


  • Two hinged doors but completely different door frames so that you can keep them open or closed independently.  
  • They look similar to French doors but are more easily customizable.
  • They can have a midline opening, but you can customize it to make both the doors open sideways. 
  • They are an affordable replacement for sliding doors. 


  • Dual door frames require more maintenance and leave for more scope of wear and tear. 

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors - Patio Doors

What Should You Know Before Installing Them?

  • The look and feel of patio doors are similar to French doors. 
  • The glass and the wood frame are customizable to match the interior and color theme of your house, just like for a French door. 
  • You can easily optimize them to make it midline opening, or both of the doors can be made to open sideways. 
  • These doors also require hinges, and hence you will have to change the door frame if you do not want them to be opening from the middle. 
  • The good thing is these doors are a cheaper alternative to french doors, and hence you can hire professionals to install the new door frame. 

#3 Glass Roll-Up Doors 

The closest alternatives to sliding glass doors is if you go by looks. These doors are just garage doors but made of glass. I know it sounds strange because when we hear garage roll-up doors, we think of sturdy metal doors. 

But these are made of glass and hence would require a different installation setup. You will need a big front cover to hide and protect the glass roll-up doors. 


  • Adds space and indirectly connects outer space to inner space. 
  • They have customizable glass to protect from weather changes or privacy reasons. 


  • Garage style glass roll-ups and hence requires difficult installation. 

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors - Roll Up Doors

What Should You Know Before Installing Them?

  • Perfect for stylish and minimalistic households. It will match perfectly with if you own an inside pool or lawn and want to keep an eye on the outdoors as well. It gives an illusion of a large space because it connects the house to outer space.
  • You can get the glasses customized with double-glazed glasses for protection from the weather. You should consider getting black glass if you have safety and privacy issues. 
  • The installation of these glass roll-ups won’t be easy if you try yourself, we would prefer calling a professional for installation. 
  • You must have a big front cover to protect the glass roll-up doors when you are not around. 
  • The installation and the door itself are expensive, but the look and curb appeal will be worth it.    

#4 Pivot Doors  

These doors are named Pivot doors because they pivot at one point to operate. The design and look are modern, and so is the installation. Since they swing at one point, they would not require much swing space.  Pivot doors aren’t exactly alternatives to sliding glass doors in the conventional sense, but they do save a lot of space.


  • Pivot at one point. Less moving parts means less maintenance.
  • Easy to operate and takes up less space. 
  • Convenient for small spaces


  • Installation and heavy pivot doors are expensive. 

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors - Pivot Doors

What Should You Know Before Installing Them?

  • These pivot doors are stylish yet effective alternatives to sliding glass doors. 
  • They are fixed in the middle of the door frame and can only pivot at one point. 
  • It takes up less swing space and hence is suitable for small spaces. The aesthetic appeal matches both the modern and vintage households. 
  • The installation is tricky, and you will have to take help from a professional. 
  • You can opt for glass doors if you want natural light, or you can go with heavy wooden doors with an aluminum base and frame. 
  • You will have to take safety precautions if you have kids at home. 
  • If you are looking to replace a large door with a pivot, then maybe try installing multiple pivots instead of a single large one that doesn’t take up half your house to open the pivot door.

#5 Dutch Doors

These doors might not cross your mind as the first alternative, but it is a practically versatile option. These doors are split into two from the middle, and you can use the first half and second half of the doors separately.

These also come in French door variations with wider glass doors.  These doors are great alternatives to sliding glass doors if you have pets in your home.


  • It looks like a normal wooden door with two knobs, but it is split in the middle. Both the parts can be attached with a latch. 
  • You can customize the two parts separately. 
  • It is a friendly option for homes with kids and pets. 


  • Difficult to install

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors - Dutch Doors

What Should You Know Before Installing Them?

  • These are normal wooden doors but with a split in the middle so that both of them can be used separately. 
  • Both the parts of the doors can be easily customized at your convenience. You can have the upper half made like a French door and Seco half completely opaque. 
  • Amazing alternative for garden doors. 
  • It comes in different colors to match the color theme of your house. 
  • You can have a dead latch attached to both parts for extra safety. 
  • If you have kids or pets and you want to enjoy the windy weather without letting them out, then this is the one for you. 
  • As compared to other alternatives, this isn’t the easiest to install. The design makes it suitable for vintage homes or vintage gardens. 


What can I replace sliding patio doors with? 

Ans: These are some of the best replacements for sliding doors:

  • French doors
  • Dutch doors
  • Glass roll-up doors
  • Pivot doors
  • Accordion doors
  • Bi-fold doors

Which is safer: sliding glass doors or french doors? 

French doors are a safer option as they have hinges and knobs that help you control the door as you wish. If you lubricate them too much, sliding doors might start to slide back on their own when you open them. 

Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors

Does homeowners insurance cover sliding glass doors? 

Yes, it is also a part of a home and hence is covered in insurance. The terms and conditions are similar to the roof, i.e., if the doors are required to be changed due to natural wear and tear, then it’s not covered by insurance. 

Can I replace a sliding glass door with a regular door? 

Yes, you can easily replace your sliding glass door with a regular hinged door. You will have to make changes in the door frame to make it suitable for a regular door. Remove the sliders and make the surface leveled so that your new door frame can be fixed evenly. Take into account the measurements of the door frame and actual door properly. A slighted error will leave you with a crooked door.

There Are Many Alternatives To Sliding Glass Doors!

I hope this article on alternatives to sliding glass doors helped you decide what kind of door you should install in your house next. There are so many other alternatives on the internet and market, but we shortlisted the best 5 for you. 

Share your head bumping into glass doors with us in the comment section; we would love to hear those. Share this article with your friends and family, who might be looking for a replacement for sliding doors.