AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review [2021]

Shouldn’t office environment be as comfortable as your home?

And, the seating arrangement should help you to work peacefully for more than 9 hours.

AmazonBasics Mid Back Chair - most durable office chair

The chair is an important part of our workspace which deserves some credit and importance while selecting.

Besides that, a high priced chair is something that everyone cannot afford especially the start-up companies.

AmazonBasics has always produced some of the most sophisticated chairs taking care of user’s budget.

Designing chairs for individuals of every size and height, the quality has never been compromised giving out splendid chairs for masses.

After making an impact in the chair market, today I am going to look closely at AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair falling under price category below $100.

Receiving 4 out of 5 star ratings, one thing I can make is this chair has won a huge number of hearts out there.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair Review [2021]

First Impression

The chair may lack the good looks but provides the same ergonomic features of an expensive chair.

Gazing at the back gives me a gut feeling that this chair is not for tall people. The black color upholstery brings a professional look to the chair with the mid back taking care of your spinal cord.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

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The black bonded leather is smooth and supple taking comfort to the next level. The chair is completely made of plastic, but uniform double layered padding gives an advantage over other chairs available at the same price.

You can see a gentle curve at the lower back that ensures the lumbar area remains secure with sufficient support.

Looking at the seat pan, the waterfall edge is a bonus for pain-free knees. You get a pair of armrests with a thin layer of padded foam over it.

You won’t face any delay in your work as the swiveling feature offers a 360-degree working angle.

At the base, you get 5 hooded bases with dual caster wheels made of nylon.


Talking about the medium back, the padding covers up the height disadvantage of the chair. The contoured padded back aims at relieving every muscle of your body.

The dense seat pan seems to be a butt reliever; eradicating signs of sciatica pain.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

With a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds, coccyx pain will be far away from you as the seat pan won’t saddle down.

Looking at its dimensions, the chair measures 25 inches deep, 24 inches wide and rises by 4 inches in height. I prefer padded armrest, and this chair gives me happy arms devoid of elbow pains.

A great amount of support and comfort is added by Black, curved, padded armrests that let you complete your power nap and serve you while typing.

You just need to stick to your daily posture by resting your arms when seating idle or while working.

Now, multitask in the office; as the nylon made dual caster wheels at the base always comes handy to move around short distances.

A smooth rolling mobility is provided over carpets, tiles and wooden floors. The biggest positive trait of this chair is its lumbar support.

You will be relieved after 9 hours of working as the lumbar constantly supports your lower back in this time interval.

The back will support your S-shaped spine throughout the sitting period keeping your spine flexible and mobile.


The seat height can be increased and decreased, but the seat pan cannot slide forward and backward. The lumbar support cannot be adjusted.

It’s not necessary that the lumbar will support the curve of every possible user. You get a lever at the right-hand side of the chair that lets perform several pneumatic functions.

Pulling the lever lets you lower the height enabling you to touch your feet to the grounds.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

To increase the height, remove your weight from the chair while simultaneously pulling the lever up. This multipurpose handle helps you in tilting back.

Pull the control handle to tilt back to a certain angle. Push the control handle and halt the tilting process as per your comfort. You get a tilt function knob at the base to adjust the tension of tilting.

You can control the rocking back motion using the knob. The only backdrop is: if you don’t fit in the frame of the chair, then the adjustability won’t help you in bringing the required comfort.

Final Words

The chair is very specific for a particular set of users with medium height. Great occasional office chair not recommended for tall people.

With not many customizable options, it will be difficult to use it in front of every desk.

The non-adjustable armrest won’t glide under the desk keeping a certain gap between the user and desk. But with a solid built and a lower price, this chair offers a lot more than its price.

Funneling down all the features, I won’t call it a versatile chair but a decent chair that can surely make its place in your office.

The plastic dual wheel casters and swiveling make the movement easier so that you don’t need to get up while changing locations.

The multilayered padding gives a huge amount of relief to your buttocks and back with a special curve for lumbar support.

The chair is backed plastic components, and a weight capacity of 225 pounds bears almost every individual.

The total weight of the chair is 29 pounds and comes with a 1 year warranty limited warranty.

The chair surely deserves a spot at economical places like start-ups where you get more features than the paid price promising better work experiences to its new employees.

So, thumbs for the value for money it offers compared to other chairs in the same price category.

Thank You! Have a Great Day…

Amazon Basics Padded Office Desk Chair with Armrests, Adjustable Height/Tilt, 360-Degree Swivel, 275Lb Capacity - Black
  • Padded mid-back rolling office chair upholstered in durable polyurethane bonded (faux) leather
  • Height-adjustable padded seat with adjustable seat angle, tilt control and padded armrests; perfect for home office, computer desk, guest work station or conference room
  • 5-legged base with durable casters for smooth-rolling mobility; 275-pound max weight capacity
  • Product weighs 26.5 pounds; assembly instructions included
  • BIFMA Certified

FAQs : AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

  • Does this chair really that much good or did the company reduced the price just for increasing sales?

No, I don’t think that company has reduced the price of this chair just because its lesser in quality. I agree that this chair does not look much fancy, and many tall guys won’t be able to sit on it comfortably, but this chair is perfect for those peoples who are short of big budget. Especially when you have set up your new offices, you need some great chairs for your employees, and this one is best the chair when your budget is less than 100 bucks.

  • If I have a budget of $100 only then what are my other options than this chair?

Well, you won’t find any good chair than Amazonbasics mid-back office chair when your budget is less than $100, and one may not want to spend his only $100 on a crappy product when that guy can have a decent ergonomic chair for the same price. Sometimes it’s good to not anticipate so much from a product especially when we don’t have that many choices.

  • Does this chair come with excellent lumbar support for lower spine or not? Or Will I need to purchase an additional lumbar cushion?

Unexpectedly you will get outstanding lumbar support from this chair which is enough to prevent your lower back from having some pain. But if you can add some more money, then we would recommend you to buy some additional lumbar cushion especially for those who suffer from sciatica pain because that will help you to sit on this chair more easily.

  • Can’t we adjust the height of this chair with the help of lever which will help tall people to sit on this chair more cozily?

No, you can’t. I agree that there’s a lever provided by the company on the left side which can adjust a sitting height of a person but still, the back cover will not be able to cover the whole body of a tall person which would ultimately result in back/neck pain for tall guys. So if you’re a tall person and thinking of buying it, then we would recommend you to look for other chairs since this chair is suitable for short/mid height guys.

  • In how many minutes can we assemble this chair?

When I first bought this chair, I was worried about assembling its different parts, but after reading instructions, I successfully built this chair within 15 minutes. So it won’t take more than 15-20 minutes to assemble this chair and start using it.