Aminiture Gaming Chair Review (under $250) [2021]

Gaming Chairs have always been a vital part in line with gaming session due to multiple hours of gameplay.

Aminiture Gaming Chair Review - cheap pc gaming chair

As a gamer, I don’t find office chairs comfortable.

There are several chair companies who have designed gaming chairs, especially for these continuously moving gamers.

With a pool of gaming chairs available in the market, there are many chairs which are inefficient in delivering the gaming comfort its users needs.

As a gamer, I always wished for a separate chair in my gaming room.

While searching so many chairs out there, today, I am going to have a closer look on Aminiture Gaming Chair which is one of the best gaming chairs available in the market.

Aminiture Gaming Chair Review

First Impression

Aminiture Gaming Chair

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The chair comes in a big cardboard box with the parts covered in bubble wraps.

The excessive double layered bubble wrapping ensures safety along with an instruction manual that helps you to build it up in less than 20 minutes.

After the assembly is done, you get a comfortable looking high back chair with wide back and seat pan.

The armrest is a bit high; making it exclusively useful for gamers.

It seems like you can keep your arms up high all day long with the controller close to your body.

You get a lever and a button for making several adjustments to the chair.

The dual-caster wheels look solid capable of moving over all the home surfaces.

With an impressive first look, let’s have a glance at its features.


The high back is multilayered with a mix of leather and mesh layers that ensures continuous air flow.

The back is contoured to support your shoulders holding your entire spine in place.

Long hour typing becomes easier since your entire back including those shoulders have a comfy polyurethane layer at the back. And the mesh back at the important parts keeps your back sweat free.

Aminiture Gaming Chair

The back can be reclined using the lever at the right which is easier to reach.

You get around 150 degrees of reclining angle with options to lock it. So, a quick power nap is advisable on it as gamers do need some rest.

Seat Pan

Looking at the seat pan, you get a dense foam and contoured seat pan which doesn’t deflate after long hour sitting.

The seat pan is covered with Polyurethane leather and mesh fabric making it superior and long lasting.

It has a waterfall edge which promotes improved blood circulation while long hour sitting.

Aminiture Gaming Chair

You get a height adjustment lever at the right which raises you from 19 to 23 inches.

This gap of four inches makes the user reach a comfortable height increasing the work efficiency.

Lumbar Support

Coming to the lower back, you get a lumbar cushion which erases the gap between the chair back and your lower back.

Since it’s not adjustable, you can couple it with extra lumbar cushions available on the site.

These lumbar cushions will give you the much required lumbar support needed for long hour gaming sessions.


Ever experienced elbow pain while holding your controller for long hours?

Here is the solution provided by the creators of Aminiture keeping the armrest a bit higher.

I like the position of the armrests which are exclusively made for gamers.

Aminiture Gaming Chair

Now no more pain as the controller will always be closer to your body reducing hand extensions needed on office chair.

The armrest has comfy padding over it making it more comfortable for entire hands.

Adding to it, you get flip up arms such that you can flip them up if not needed. Flipping up also increases the seat width so that it can be used by big people as well.

Dual-Caster Wheel

The base is made of 5 hoods that houses dual caster wheels at the base.

These wheels rotate easily on tiles, carpet and wood flooring while you get a 360-degree swiveling option to use the maximum working area around you.


The chair features a headrest at the top helping you during power naps. The headrest contains foam inside it and is attached to the chair with elastic straps.

The headrest can be turned back when not in use. Since it is detachable, it cannot be washed in the machine so wiping with a wet cloth will do.

Aminiture Gaming Chair


The chair weighs 35 lbs with a weight capacity of 300 lbs, comfortable for teenagers and adult gamers with medium stature who prefer long-hour gaming comfort with numerous movements while sitting.

Final Take on Aminiture Gaming Chair

A chair made exclusively for gamers deserves a place in the cart coming with a 3-year warranty on parts.

Features like movable high armrests, wide back, dense seat pan and larger reclining angle make it worthy to be kept in the gaming room.

I would even recommend it in the office or in the study room for those who spend hours in front of computers.

This chair however is more specifically made for all those gamers who react to the game results with the disappointing finish or funky celebrations.

The major highlight of the chair is its Stability which keeps the user flexible while sitting without losing balance.

So, if you are concerned about falling off the chair rather than losing the game bout, go for this beautifully designed stable gaming chair by Aminiture.

FAQ : Aminiture Gaming Chair

No, it does not. Many people who don’t fit into the chair because of the height problem use the height adjustment feature to get more comfortable with the chair, and it doesn’t matter how many times you use it to get more comfortable with it. The lever adjustments are made in that way which can be used multiple times by the user until they get pleased with the chair.

  • Is buying an additional cushion for lumbar support along with this chair an good idea?

It’s a great idea actually. Since we’ve mentioned, you might not be able to get that much comfort to your lower back of the body if you solely depend upon this chair, so it’s perfect if you bought some additional lumbar support cushions. However, while buying extra lumbar support cushions make sure that you buy of the same size and color which matches with this chair otherwise it wouldn’t be that much helpful.

  • Sometimes I play games continuously and that too for hours so will this chair would be helpful to diminish some back pain which I always get while playing games?

The aminiture gaming chair is that type of ergonomic chair which will add more value to your health only if you follow some excellent guidelines. Like spending more than 3 hours continuously playing games will always affect your body negatively and no matter how much expensive chair you buy it won’t help you to reduce your back pain. So yes, this chair will help you to reduce your back pain, but it is advisable that you shall take a break while playing games.

  • I’m worried that I won’t be able to get the full benefit of this chair’s headrest since I’m short (5”6) so shall I buy a different gaming chair which will have more good features than this one?

Aminiture is currently the best gaming chair, and we’ve ranked it at no. 1 because of its excellent features so you won’t find any other suitable gaming chair than this one. But since you’re worried that you won’t be able to get the full benefits of this chair because of your short height then don’t think in that way because you can always use additional cushions or height adjustment feature to get more cozy with this chair.

  • Isn’t this chair very lightweight as compared to other chairs and can it really handle the weight of 300 lbs or is it just a false advertisement?

Yes, Aminiture gaming chair is very light weighted and due to that there won’t be much trouble in moving this chair from one place to another place. This chair can easily handle more than 300 lbs actually, and that’s the reason most of the peoples who are overweight enjoy gaming while sitting on this chair.

  • Is 3 years warranty enough which is the company is providing along with this chair?

Yes, it’s more than enough. When you’re a gamer and you’re buying a gaming chair like Aminiture what you like most about these type of chairs is that they look trendy and more unique than other chairs and we are living in that generation where every year we get tons of good quality products with the help of fast-moving technology. So even if you’re buying this chair from a long-term point of view the 3 years warranty is enough compared to the money spend on it.