Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go: Get The Best Deal

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go: which brand should you choose for your next furniture buy? Let’s find out the pros and cons of each.

Selecting appropriate furniture for your home, office, or any living space can be a daunting affair. The furniture brand that you buy from should stand up to its reputation, offer quality, and be budget-friendly as well.  

Talking of premier furniture brands, two powerful brands deal in diverse types of furniture, Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go. Both of these brands have the reputation of being among the top five furniture retailers in the USA. The two brands are known for discount furniture but are different from each other when it comes to many essential aspects. 

Well, here is a detailed discussion on Ashley furniture vs. Rooms to Go quality to lend you a helping hand in selection. 

Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. is a leading American brand, having its headquarters in Arcadia, Wisconsin; the brand deals in manufacturing and distributing furniture products in different corners of the world. 

The brand’s sales network works through two distinct distribution channels: retail furniture stores and independent dealers. Due to the brand’s wide international reach, there are more than 1000 actual furniture stores in around 123 nations. 

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Ashley Furniture is a renowned name in the world of discount furniture. With a wide range of furniture, Ashley offers anything and everything ranging from indoor furniture to mattresses to home decor. However, the best aspect is that customers can avail these furniture pieces at an affordable price compared to other brands.

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Rooms to Go

Rooms to Go is another American brand of furniture that has earned many good reviews in the past few years. Founded in the year 1990, the firm is the third-largest retailer of furniture in the USA. It has its headquarters in Florida, USA, and offers diverse furniture ranges to meet the customers’ requirements. 

Rooms to Go provides an innovative style of complete displays with matching furniture pieces to help the clients feel how the final look would emerge. This creative idea has helped the firm get ample clients and made it among the top furniture retail stores in the USA.

Rooms to Go is a reasonable chain of furniture stores that you can find mainly across the southern states of the USA. Their main point of attraction has been the furniture pieces designed primarily to cater to different room designs. 

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Well, this enables the customers to get innovative with their room designs. Owing to the firm’s good support service, customers only have good things to say about them. 

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go: Head To Head

Ashley and Rooms to Go both have made a place for themselves in the furniture world. Whereas one brand is known for good quality and timely delivery, the other brand is known for affordable prices and good customer service. Below I have compared the two brands on some key points of difference.


The first thing people look for in a piece of furniture they are investing in is that it should last long. If we consider the price point of both Ashley and Rooms to go, the furniture they offer is durable and will last you for years if you take proper care of it. 

However, it is advisable to have questions about what kind of material is being used by the firms to make their furniture. Well, this would help you judge the quality and durability of the furniture pieces. 

The Ashley’s have better durability when compared to the Rooms to go furniture because they offer a wide range of types of furniture. 

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

The Rooms to Go furniture provides a set of furniture for a whole room, and there is a probability of you getting a piece or two damaged in the packaging and delivery. However, compared with several other high-end furniture manufacturers, Ashley, and Rooms to Go both don’t match up. The high-end furniture from different brands is far more durable and will last longer than these two.

Winner: Ashley Furniture is more durable


The style of your furniture has the power to enhance or completely downgrade the look of your house. 

If you are into a more traditional, country feel in your home, then furniture from Ashley would be a better choice. Ashley focuses more on a conventional design, adding a rustic old age vibe to your home. Ashley’s also has several contemporary designs in sofas and couches, which is the perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern look, which offers a better option for those who prefer transitional furniture.

On the other hand, the Rooms to Go furniture is based on contemporary designs. They make furniture with a modern design that is in trend and enhances the beauty of your home without being too harsh on your pocket. One of the significant differences between Ashley and Rooms to Go is that Rooms to Go has a concept of selling complete furniture sets for a specific room.

Winner: Depends on your preference. For modern design, prefer Rooms To Go, for traditional ones, prefer Ashley’s

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Maintenance of the furniture will determine how long you will be able to use it. Fabric is easy to clean as compared to faux or genuine leather. 

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Both the Ashley and Rooms to Go furniture have a low price point, and most of their furniture has fabric as the material. Using fabric as the upholstery material cuts the cost, and thus the furniture comes cheap. 

All the furniture pieces come with an instruction manual, which mentions maintaining and cleaning the furniture. Before doing anything, check the product manual on how to clean or maintain the furniture. In the case of fabric material, check whether the fabric is suitable for machine wash or not.

Winner: Tie


Moving houses or renovating is a huge task, and that takes a toll on everyone’s budget. The other scenario is that some people get bored with things quickly and don’t want to keep using the same furniture over the years. 

It is the point that Ashley and Rooms To Go target. Both these companies manufacture furniture which has a trendy design and comes with a low price tag.

The manufacturing of furniture for these companies takes place in countries where the production cost is less. The furniture is then shipped to outlets of companies wherever they are.

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Ashley has low-end and high-end furniture pieces, with the quality improving as you go up in price. You can choose to customize your furniture with fabric, faux or original leather. Keep in mind that material is cheaper, while genuine leather can be very costly.

Ashley and Rooms to go both have a low price point for furniture items, and people with a tight budget benefit from this.

Winner: Rooms To Go is certainly cheaper

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Both Ashley and Rooms to go provide a one-year warranty on all their pieces of furniture. However, the company doesn’t cover the damage caused intentionally by the buyer or any damage to furniture upholstery from coming into contact with any chemical.

Once you have purchased a piece of furniture, you can not get a refund of your money or return the furniture if you suddenly don’t like the furniture anymore or in case of any defect. 

You can change the design and model of the furniture and pay the difference, but they don’t have a refund policy.

If any furniture is damaged in shipping or by the mishandling of the delivery people, you can claim a refund and have the furniture exchanged. However, many customers complained of having trouble with the customer service of both Ashley and Rooms to go to get the products exchanged.

Winner: Tie

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand is the cheaper among Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go?

Both the brands, Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go, are known for offering furniture in the lower to mid-priced categories. However, many users find Rooms to Go to be more within their budget boundaries than Ashley furniture.

Is the Ashley furniture’s quality good?

Yes, Ashley furniture is known for offering affordable furniture with good quality pieces. However, it is advisable to look at what material they are using for making the furniture before making your purchase.

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Can you find genuine leather couches at Rooms to Go?

Yes, when you seek traditional or contemporary leather pieces, Rooms to Go is the best option. As per experts, Rooms to Go offer the best leather-made couches at affordable prices. 

Is Room to Go furniture good quality? 

The Room to Go furniture is of good quality. The furniture may not compare to the quality of a high-end branded manufacturer, but they hold pretty well. The most crucial part is that the furniture from Rooms To Go is affordable. 

The idea of buying a whole room set is attractive to consumers who are in the process of renovating or shifting houses and don’t have to budget to splurge on high-end furniture.

Is Ashley’s sofa good quality?

Yes, the sofas from Ashley are of good quality. Ashley’s offers a vast range of sofas with varying prices from which you can choose the best suitable for you. The quality of the sofa depends upon the price you are willing to pay.

The sofas from Ashley having a high price are of outstanding quality. While the low-end sofas are still good, they are no match in durability compared to several other high-end furniture brands. 

Is Rooms To Go furniture cheaply made? 

The furniture from rooms to go is produced in bulk in another country and shipped and thus come cheap. These do not use cheap material, but the price is relatively low compared to other brands. 

However, if you compare the quality of the Rooms to Go furniture to high-end furniture manufacturers, they do not compare. For the price point, I would say, rooms to go furniture are of good quality.

Ashley Furniture Vs. Rooms To Go

Who owns Rooms To Go furniture?

Jeffery Seaman and Morty Seaman are the founders of Rooms To Go furniture. They founded this company after selling the older furniture company Seaman’s furniture. The founders had the idea of selling whole room furniture packages when they started the company, which attracted consumers.

Ashley Furnitures Is The Better Option!

Both the brands, Ashley Furniture and Rooms to Go, are known for offering brand-conscious furniture pieces to consumers. However, Ashley Furniture has proven to be superior to the Rooms to Go brand regarding quality, prices, ease of maintenance, and style.

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