Are Smart Door Locks Safe & Secure?

When everything is getting digitized, how can your door locks be left behind? Smart locks have long replaced deadbolts and performed fair enough ever since. But despite being technologically advanced and smart, smart locks aren’t flawless. A few instances of power outages and lock picking have left the users wondering if these smart door locks … Read more

Are Smart Locks Water Proof?

With the current technological development, there has been a rapid rise in the use of smart locks. Most owners prefer to use smart locks to enhance the security of their homes, as they offer the appropriate security features. However, it’ll be vital to consider if they are weatherproof when choosing your smart locks to enhance … Read more

Statistics Smart Locks (Market Size Infographic)

How Many People Use Smart Locks In general, people are purchasing more smart home devices such as speakers, displays, lights, cameras, and locks. In 2020 smart locks statistics show devices owned by householders are increasing. Many homeowners decided to purchase a smart lock as their first smart home device.  In the USA 13 to 15 … Read more

The 5 Best Fingerprint Cabinet Locks

In our technologically advanced world, it has become unnecessary to carry keys around with us. There are now fingerprint locks that can be used to secure our cabinets and personal belongings without the need for physical keys. When it comes to keeping your personal information safe, installing a biometric lock may be the best option. … Read more

How to Program a Defiant Electronic Deadbolt

Defiant electronic deadbolts can help keep your house safe and secure. These deadbolt locks are durable and are usually built for entry doors. You don’t have to worry about losing keys with keyless entry technology.  Defiant locks are easy to install and operate, and you can customize their programming as per your needs. Just like … Read more

Schlage Door Latch Won’t Retract – Fixed

Schlage is a reputed brand that offers a wide range of locks, including deadbolts, levers, electronic locks, handle sets and smart locks. All Schlage locks are well-constructed, adding to strength and security. But sometimes, due to some misalignment of the latch and striker plate, a Schlage lock may not lock and latch properly. To get … Read more

Gatehouse Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Lock Troubleshooting

Gatehouse deadbolt locks are secure locks that are easy to install and ideal for household purposes. These high-tech locks come with several features such as auto-relock, alarm, a backup mechanism, and more. This set of features is sure to increase the security of your home. If you want to reset the programming code of your … Read more

Kwikset Smart Lock Troubleshooting – Unlock Fixed

Kwikset makes one of the best door locks that helps keep your space safe. With various design innovations and features such as keyless entry, smartphone technology and remote access, Kwikset locks set a new standard in protection devices.  However, the Kwikset smart lock may malfunction on occasion for some users. If you find it an … Read more

Brinks Digital Deadbolt Manual and Programming Instructions

Have you recently brought home a Brinks Digital Deadbolt? This article is a Brinks digital deadbolt manual and programming instructions guide. Brinks digital locks have a keypad containing keys from 0 to 9 and a button named BRINKS. You can program your Brinks digital lock with the keypad and by referring to the Brinks Digital … Read more