Autonomous Ergochair Review [2021]

In this article, we are going to give a detailed review on the Autonomous Ergochair brought to you by Ergomax Office.

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Chairs as we all know (or won’t) should always have features such as pneumatics adjustments, swiveling, armrests, high back and a comfy seat pan.

I skipped some of the factors while buying my last chair; but realized I never wanted something that rotates unevenly, adulterating all the wise thoughts in my head and makes me look stupid.

I am fascinated with the beautiful brand called Herman Miller especially the Aeron Chair.

The build quality is top notch:


The price it sits at is way more than the budget that you or I have.

The chair’s design, comfort quality, relief factor, working compatibility, balance and flawless motion brings it in contention with the Herman Miller Brand.

This is where I bring in the Autonomous Ergochair Review, a chair that offers similar comfort and features that you would find in higher priced models… though at a fraction of their price.

Are you ready to read its full review?

Here we go!

Autonomous Ergochair Review in 2021

Ergomax Office Home Desk Chair Office Furniture

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Overview and Design

Ergochair comprises of hard plastic and nylon keeping it lightweight and strong at the same time.

The back is made up of fabric mesh material that prevents sweat build-up while working.

It houses a spine support similar to Embody chair that runs along your back supporting the entire spine.

Looking at the butt support i.e. the seat; is made up of nice foam padding, not too soft and neither hard giving you a nice platform to set your booty.

The wide seat pan is made of polyester fabric mesh that gives you enough space to sit criss-cross as well.

If cleaning your chair makes you yawn; then beware of spilling anything on it as the seat soaks everything you throw at it.

Hence you wouldn’t want to keep your cup of coke accidentally too on the seat as you might have to later sit on it; if it falls.

Since my opinion is subjective; you may like extra dense support for the base opting for an extra cushion at the base.

But, No complaints as such!

Performance and Comfort

The water falling edges (though nice to sit on) enables uniform blood circulation through your legs and saves them from becoming numb.

Your butt’s new best friend handles weight up to 250 lbs.

Let’s have a glance at its beauty, shall we?

It’s curvy design defines ergonomics.

You get plenty of adjustment options while sitting on this chair.

There are two levers on the left side.

Ergomax Office Home Desk Chair Office Furniture

Pulling the front one up, let’s your seat travel 2.5 inches in front bringing you closer to the desk.

Pulling the next lever down lets you achieve the lazy boy position of reclining down by around 30 to 40 degrees. For locking this position, pull the lever up.

You also get a handle at the spine of the chair that helps you lean forward by 20 degrees. It was very hard for me to find a position that was not comfortable, hence I’d also call it the most comfortable office chair as well.

The chair offers a lumbar cushion at the lower back of the chair made up of same foam as that of the seat which shaped my snaky spine.

The lumbar cushion can’t be adjusted horizontally, but the horizontal adjustment feature for seat pan fills that void for you.

Autonomous gives a new variety for the headrest as well.

Ergomax Office Home Desk Chair Office Furniture

You get a curvy head rest that offers vertical adjustment up to 2.76 inches along with a back tilting angle of 45 degrees.

Moving on, we have the mandatory feature: the height adjustment lever that raises you from 18 inches to 21 inches from the ground.

This features makes sure that you can easily comfort yourself as low or as high as possible.

Note: I do personally recommend you to keep the chair height at a position where your feet entirely touches the ground, from the front to the heel. This makes sure you have uniform weight distribution of the body across both feet and reduces pressure on your tail bone and hip.

The height increasing process remains the same, where you need to remove your weight to rise.

Height can be decreased while sitting where you have to pull the lever. 21 inches is a gratifying position for a guy taller than 5.9 inches.

And we have the flat and hard armrests which I found very comfortable since the softer ones don’t impress me much. But, the gamers will find it hard as your elbows might get hurt by continuous placement.

Hence if you are going to buy a chair for the comfortable armrest, then I won’t recommend this to you. But, the highlight is that the armrests are awesome in terms of its movement.

They are called 3D because they can be adjusted side-to-side, forward and back by over an inch and can rise to 3 inches in height. They provide an outward rotation of 10 to 15 degrees.

Under the seat, you get a tilt tension knob that turns to give you smooth swiveling motion.

Honestly speaking, you don’t need to adjust the tension as the pre-customized settings offer a perfect swiveling motion.

Ergomax Office Home Desk Chair Office Furniture

It takes a bit of time to play with the adjustments and achieve the required comfort but, once you master it, you will get an overwhelming amount of comfort from this chair.

The seat pan bears the two armrests, which are optional and a headrest for the power nap option to the user. Add to that; the chair weighs 36 pounds performing motions with ease.

Thanks to the dual caster wheels at the base compatible with both carpet and wooden surfaces. But, after a close look, I found the quality of wheels very nominal, and might need to be changed after few months of service.

Hence that doesn’t put the chair on my reject list, and I am highly optimistic to own it. Colors do fascinate me as the chair is available in four different colors namely Black, Blue, Brown and Red suiting every office set up.

The chair arrives in a big cardboard box promising enormous safety for the inside parts. Every part is wrapped neatly in plastic with some necessary hardware that you will require.

You get an instruction manual to make your construction process time-saving. You have to use one hand for support and the other for screwing. You have to start with the 5 hooded base followed by the adjustable telescoping rod which holds the seat pan.

Few screws are attaching armrest with the seat while the back holds the headrest and there you go!

Ready for some money earning hard work!

Ergomax Office MSH112BL Ergonomic Height Adjustable Home Office All Mesh Desk, Lumbar Support & Back Relief Breathable Chair, 53 Inch Max, Blue
  • [ERGONOMIC OFFICE CHAIR/ERGO OFFICE CHAIR/HOME OFFICE CHAIR] The ergonomic office chair provides 4 supporting points for the head/ back/ knees/ hands and a proper lumbar support. It’s easy to adjust seat height, headrest, armrest, and knee tilt. Offering comfortable support for your entire body during long work periods.
  • [LARGE CHAIR MESH SEAT/BACK/HEADREST] The dimensions of the office chair are built so it could accommodate different body types. With the adjustable features it can offer the user the best ergonomic support. The Loading Capacity of this office or home office chair is 280 lbs. Suitable for people of about 5'0" to 6'3".
  • [MULTI FUNCTION CHAIR] This office mesh chair’s seat can be adjusted up to 4’’ up and down accordingly, for multi-tasking convenience. With the 360 Degree Swivel you can find the correct and comfortable position. The tilt tension adjusting offers you to rock back and forth between 90 and 120 degrees with your preferred choice of tension. This office mesh chair makes it convenient for you to rest your arms at your preferred level- with 6 different adjustable position. The headrest for this office char can swivel 45 degrees to your preference and adjustable up and down by 1.5”.
  • [BREATHABLE HEAVY-DUTY MESH OFFICE CHAIR] ErgoMax Office mesh chair keeps the air circulating allowing you to enjoy your work and be comfortable. This heavy-duty quality mesh will support your back, head, and legs for many years to come.
  • [EASY INSTALLATION AND WARRANTY] We strive to make it the easiest office chair to assemble. Our detailed instruction manual along with the instructional video will make certain that you install it within less than 20 minutes. All ErgoMax office chair are under the ErgoMax Office 1 YEAR HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY.

Conclusion for Autonomous Ergo Chair

Summing up the whole story, the seat cushion is great for my base, the bouncy mesh back gives me a dry shirt, and the curvy back gives a long day spinal relief.

The lumbar cushion fills the void and reshapes your back and all the lever team up to give you one of the best modifiable workforces bringing out maximum efficiency from the user.

So, a light duty chair with some appealing color options weighing 36 pounds should rightly be called as a budget chair outmatching the price tag and becoming a professional addition to the office.

Hence I recommend it to every office user, craving for comfort to spend few extra dollars and make that transaction from your hard-earned money account worthy.

Frequently Asked Question for Autonomous Ergo chair :FAQs

  • Is mesh cover of this chair good? Since it seems like my back will get sweaty if I sit on it continuously.

No, you won’t get sweat even if you work for long hours continuously. The mesh back cover of autonomous ergochair is so thin and perfect that it will let the air flow in between it so that anyone who is sitting on the chair can get comfortable, fresh air. If you’re thinking that you will get too much sweaty by working on this chair, then you’re wrong.

  • Is that chair seat pan is enough to cover a person who weighs 280 lbs?

Yes, it’s enough. One of the important thing about any chair is its seat pan, and Autonomous Ergochair offers a broad and smooth seat pan which will protect your buttocks. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re fat or skinny because you will be enjoying this chair cozy seat pan.

  • Is this chair best for gamers? I want to buy it because I liked its design.

The same thing happened with me too when the first time I saw this chair in an ad. Anyone can use this chair and anywhere it doesn’t have to be used explicitly in the office only. If you liked this chair and you’ve got the budget to afford it then go ahead and buy this chair and enjoy a completely different gaming experience with this chair.

  • If this chair’s so good then why is the company providing such a fantastic chair at that much low price?

That’s because the company’s targeting only those budgeted customers who do not want to spend too much to get an ergonomic chair. You will find every great quality which a best ergonomic chair should have in this chair, and you should not worry about the prices especially if it’s low. Grab the offer till you can because later you don’t know whether it will be even available at the same price or not.

  • How much this chair is weighed and is it auto-assembled or not?

Autonomous ergonomic chair weight is around 36 pounds which are capable of handling a person more than 10x of its weight. This chair is not auto-assembled which means you might need to get your hands dirty to fix this chair, but there’s nothing to worry about because in manual instruction you can find what kind instruments will you need and how much time it will take to assemble this chair successfully.

  • Can we adjust the headrest of this chair and does it reduces your neck pain?

Yes, you can adjust the headrest vertically upto 2.76 inches, and you can rest your head on it while taking a nap or just relaxing. The headrest is made to make sure that you won’t get any neck pain and proper elements are used to create it so yes it helps in reducing your neck pain while working for more extended hours.