How To Choose Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds: The Ultimate Guide

Most people tend to get confused about choosing the right bedspreads for four poster beds. This guide will help you in selecting the best one.

The easiest way to design a bedroom is by adding a dramatic piece of furniture, and when it is about the bedroom, the most dramatic thing you can get is a four poster bed

This classic piece of furniture has given homes elegance for centuries and has been a favorite of renowned interior designers. Four-poster beds are large, so they become the focal point of the bedroom. Whether the bed features a canopy or only four posters, it maximizes the bedroom’s visual impact. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

But when it comes to bedspreads for four-poster beds, most people tend to get confused. Color combinations, textures, and shades are all important to get the right look and enhance the visual appeal of your four-poster bed. That is why we decided to write this guide on selecting bedspreads for four-poster beds.

In this writeup, we will share:

  • Bedspread ideas by bedroom theme
  • General rules of decorating bedspreads on a four-poster bed
  • Answers to all your queries.

Colors and Textures Of Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

#1. Contemporary Room 

The Contemporary style of decorating a room is all about simplicity, sophistication, and different textures. So when an interior designer plans to design a contemporary room with a four-poster bed, they prefer having a solid color bedspread that helps showcase the space rather than the bed

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

For example, if you have a contemporary white room, add a green accent color and prefer a white bedspread with green pillows, which will give a subtle look with clean lines. 

Note: Solid Color bedspread for four-poster beds in a contemporary bedroom is an ideal choice. 

#2. Traditional Style Bedroom 

The traditional style embraces classic design with rich color schemes with a slightly formal look. Wondering how to dress up four-poster beds in the middle of the traditional bedroom, go for rich colored pillows with elegant bedspreads. 

A split corner bedspread is a perfect option to enhance the beauty of a traditional bedroom. Unlike contemporary design, you can go for a textured bedspread and subtle curtains. This combo will increase the visual impact and also maximize the visual space. 

Note: Textured Bedspread with solid-colored pillows for four-poster beds is a perfect option for a traditional bedroom design. 

#3. Cottage Style Bedroom 

A cottage-style bedroom is peculiar for being drenched with light and openness. Here, the color palette must begin with a neutral base with softer and primary colors as accents. Also, pairing colors with white will give a clean look. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

If you choose white shades to give dimensions to the space, go for floral patterns to pair it well. The vintage-looking four-poster bed with a white bedsheet and floral bedspread with split corners will change the look of the cottage bedroom, and it gives you a feel of brightness. 

Note: Floral bedspread for four-poster beds with a white bedsheet and white pillows gives an outstanding look of cottage style bedroom. 

#4. Romantic Bedroom Style 

Having a four-poster bed in a romantic bedroom is like a cherry on the cake. Including the right elements to get the right vibes is important in a romantic bedroom. 

Reds and pinks are the players in such a kind of bedroom, so if you have warm-colored curtains, then give your bed a soft and inviting look. As the poster bed is the focal point, adding a ruffled bedspread calls more attention to it. 

Note: Ruffled and the soft-colored bedspread is an outstanding option for a romantic-style bedroom. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

#5. Mid Century Modern Bedroom 

Many interior designers prefer adding abstract prints or patterns in mid-century modern-style bedrooms. Mid-century modernism needs bright-colored accents when it comes to bedding, so adding textured split corner bedspreads in a poster bed is another option to grab the eye. 

Note: A textured Bedspread is an ideal option for Mid Century Modern Style. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

#6. Urban Modern Style 

Urban Modernism is all about sophisticated design style. The design is a mix of contemporary and modern styles that uses soft colors to let the accents speak—adding a four-poster bed, which is already a loud piece of furniture that captures the attention of the bedroom. But when it is about the bedding of a four-poster bed in a modern urban bedroom, adding a sophisticated solid and a soft color bedspread is a perfect option that overwhelms the bed. 

Note: The best option for an urban modern style bedroom is a soft Color bedspread. 

#7. Modern Farmhouse 

Having a large four-poster bed paired with upholstery chairs embraces the farmhouse design. With heavy furniture, it is important to have lighter elements that make a good balance. So we would recommend you add white or light-colored bedspreads with floral or textured pillows on the bed. 

Note: Modern Farmhouse bedrooms will look better with a soft and white bedspread. 

#8. Asian Style Bedroom 

Asian style bedroom is minimalistic but with a luxury look; most interior designers prefer gold and light color curtains with four-poster beds and lighter chairs. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

When it comes to the bedding of a poster bed, having a light shade of bedsheet with golden-colored pillows and velvet white textured bedspread will make a deal.  

Note: Textured white bedspread for four-poster beds in an Asian-style bedroom is an ideal option. 

Decorating Your Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds 

The Tucked In Look

Always opt for a split corner bedspread when you are using a four-poster bed. That way, you can tuck in the bedspreads from the corners, pull up the bedsheets and blankets, and also tuck them in. Nothing looks worse than sheets or blankets coming out from the corner columns in a four-poster bed. 

Keep It Simple

You must keep it simple. A four-poster bed is dramatic enough, so there is no need to add more bells and whistles to it. Keep your four-poster beds elegant and straightforward. Get a solid color bedspread that matches your bedroom’s decor. 

Drape the bedspread on the top of a tucked-in blanket. Put some pillows against the headboard and throw some matching cushions as well. Two or three pillows are sufficient. 

Avoid Bed Skirts

Do not get bed skirts; although many bedspreads come with bed skirts, they look silly on four-poster beds. The columns of four-poster beds draw the eye upward. Once you put the skirt on the bed, it confuses the eye as the skirt draws the eye downward. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

Add A Hint Of Drama

Another vital tip for dressing your four-poster beds is to add a dramatic flair. It is never a bad idea to tie a swath of fabric from one column to another, but you must do this only when the material is lightweight and has a large room that can hold such dramatic effect. 

Keep The Bottom Clean

Part of dressing your bed also includes cleanliness underneath. Many four-poster beds come with high legs, so you can see what is under the bed. If you have a well-dressed bed but dust bunnies underneath, it will drastically affect the appearance of your room. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

# Can you use a bedspread with a footboard?

Yes, all bedspreads are suitable for a bed with a footboard. Though some may need some fitting or customization, they can be tailored to the bed design and fit a floorboard style. 

# How do you decorate a room with a four-poster bed? 

To decorate a room with a four-poster bed, you must apply wallpaper with a small pattern, then incorporate some small fittings like the backlight or keep night lamps on the sides of the bed. Paint the wall to blend the theme of the room. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

Adding an elegant bedspread is also important. When you get the right color and matching bedspread as per the bedroom’s theme, your room will look similar to the hotel suites in a luxury hotel. 

The bedspread’s material is also important in giving a cool and comfortable feel to your four-poster bed. Bedspreads made with chenille, cotton, or polyester add elegance and warmth. 

# Are four-poster beds out of style? 

No, they are still in fashion, and many interior designers prefer adding four-poster beds to give a vintage look. Moreover, with modernization, these beds give stylish sophistication that fits right in every bedroom design. 

# What is the point of a four-poster bed? 

Four-poster beds are a dramatic choice for a bedroom due to their height and presence. In earlier times, people hung curtains to keep insects and the wind away, but now its look is the only reason people prefer it. 

Choosing The Right Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds Is Easy!

Bedding a four-poster bed is easy when you have an elegant and color-coordinated bedspread. A bedspread is a perfect way to give a different look to your four-poster bed and your bedroom. 

Bedspreads For Four Poster Beds

The above bedroom themes with their ideas will guide you best to transform the room’s look with a bedspread. Leave us your comments and suggestions, and share your experiments with this classic and timeless furniture centerpiece.