Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Got a small room? No place for furniture? Well, worry not, we have you covered. Let us discuss the best bed alternatives for saving space in your small bedroom.

I live in downtown New York. Did you know that the New York city council believes that 400 sq. ft. is enough space for a person to live in? Yeah, that’s the size of space we live in here in the big apple. Bedrooms typically account for 29% of the space of an apartment, which means a bedroom is roughly about 120 sq. ft.

Now imagine putting in a lavish king-size bed (76 x 80 inches) in that space. Were you able to do that? If you were, you are a magician because it is literally impossible to do so! So what should a big and tall guy like me do? Am I doomed to a lifetime of discomfort on tiny twin beds? 

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Well, thankfully, the answer is no. I did my research and realized that there were a lot of alternatives that I can choose from without compromising on space. So today, I will walk you through a list of the best bed alternatives for saving space. 

In this article, I will cover:

  • Why sometimes a bed is just not an option!
  • Some excellent alternatives: complete with a list of pros and cons and situations where they should and should not be used
  • What to look for in a bed alternative before making a choice.
  • Answers to more questions that you may still have!

Why should you not go for traditional beds in small bedrooms?

Some of you may prioritize a comfy bed over anything else, so much so that you end up buying a traditional mattress. If you’re considering purchasing standard beds in your small bedrooms, look at our reasons for not doing so.


The bed frame can be bulky. In addition, it can be challenging to move it back and forth whenever needed.


It takes up a lot of space and reduces the amount of floor space you can use. In addition, small rooms make it difficult for a bed’s storage box to be helpful. Therefore, it is important to choose options that do not compromise your accessibility to the entirety of the floor space.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Visual clutter

In an already crowded space, the bulky bed adds to the visual clutter. Hence, it is a strict no-no, lest you decide to minimize everything else in the room.

Alternatives to Beds

Let us look at the best bed alternatives for small spaces now.


Futons are the first item on the list. Futons trace their roots to Japan. Owing to this, they are also called Japanese floor beds. These mattresses are the most comfortable, firm, and space-efficient way to sleep. 


  • Compact: Because futons can be folded or rolled and re-rolled on the floor whenever necessary, they take up less space. Also, unlike wooden beds, they are easy to pack and unpack if you live in a rental.
  • Multifunctional: Futons double up as a seating arrangement for the day and a comfortable sleeping pad at night.
  • Low on visual clutter: Their lack of bulk makes them less visually obtrusive in already small spaces.
  • Little to no maintenance is needed: You can maintain futon mattresses on your own by following the care instructions, unlike wood-frame beds, which may require assistance from a carpenter occasionally.


  • Discomfort while sleeping: While some enjoy sleeping on futons, some might not find it comfortable owing to the stiffness of the product. However, this discomfort can be associated with the quality of the product. 

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Tatami Mats

If you do not like the idea of sleeping on a Japanese futon, you can consider Tatami mats. A futon is traditionally placed above a tatami mat to prevent damage and for extra cushioning and firmness. However, sleeping directly over a tatami is very much possible, and you can give it a try.


Comfortable: They are made of natural grass fibers and give out a lovely earthy scent that many find pleasant.

Space: Tatami mats are multifunctional, too; apart from functioning as a sleeping pad, you can fold them away and tuck them neatly in a corner to add some space in your apartment during the day.


Discomfort sleeping: A tatami mat is not for you; it might get inconvenient and uncomfortable.  

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Sofa bed

A sofa bed is genuinely multifunctional, and it is utterly convenient to switch between sofa and bed. You can use it as a bed at night and convert it into a couch when you are done with your sleep.


  • Multifunctional: A sofa cum bed, as is evident from the name, can do the job of both sofa and bed individually as per your need.
  • Aesthetics: Sofa beds come in a myriad of options. Finding one which matches your décor might hence not be tough. Instead, it will add to the look and feel of your space.


  • Sofa Beds are generally on the heavier side: Owing to their weight, you might not be able to move them whenever required quickly.
  • Good quality sofa beds are expensive: For a smooth mechanism, you must invest in a good sofa bed. But, unfortunately, a bed like that is quite expensive and may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are easily the most innovative and most fabulous options for living in a studio apartment or the likes. Pull them down, and your bed is ready, flip it back into the wall, and your bedding gets wrapped up.


  • No compromises on floor space: Murphy bed lets you savor all comforts of a regular bed yet, no compromise on the floor space.
  • Versatile: Murphy beds are highly versatile. They can easily merge with the wall in the day and convert into a comfy bed at night, all in a pull.
  • Murphy beds conceal so well into the walls: People will walk into your bedroom and wonder what you use for bedding till you point out the location of your Murphy bed. That is how well you can conceal one.


  • They are expensive: Well, if you were to purchase from a good brand, I must tell you Murphy beds are generally expensive. So, if you are wondering if there is a cheap Murphy bed alternative, we think it would be best for you to consider building your own Murphy bed.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Inflatable Mattress

Campers are undoubtedly familiar with this one, and they might have this one lying in their baggage. Invest in a good inflatable mattress, and you will have your comfy bed ready in no time.


Inexpensive: If you are looking for cheap bed solutions, we highly recommend checking out an inflatable mattress. They are generally way more affordable than all other bedding options.

Ease of use: Setting up an inflatable mattress is easy since it is easy to deflate and inflate as and when required.

Space: Deflate the mattress, and you have ample floor space for your pet to play.


  • Not for homes with pets: Your pet’s claws can damage the inflatable mattress. If you have kids or pets, they might damage the product. The pets might especially use their claws.
  • Sleeping close to the ground: If you suffer from spinal cord problems, your doctor might have recommended avoiding sleeping on the floor since that can trigger backache furthermore. However, by investing more money, you can get hands-on a mattress that takes care of this issue.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds need no introduction. They have been used for saving space and adding an element of interest for the kids for time immemorial. As a result, they are available in numerous lucrative and appealing designs.


  • Space-saving: It is maximizing the use of space vertically. Bunk beds harness the potential of a small space in its entirety by allowing for bedding to be located on different levels.
  • Privacy in the same room: The verticality and the design allows for a certain extent of privacy while sleeping in the same room.
  • Use as single beds: Most bunk beds can be separated and used as two single beds.
  • Climbing up: Climbing up to the bunk bed is quite an adventure and a fun task for your kids. They will thoroughly enjoy it.


  • Risk of injury: While children generally enjoy the idea of climbing up, if your little one is below the age of 4, you should not introduce them to climbing without your help. There are chances of falling and getting injured. They may also get uncomfortable sleeping at a height.
  • Floor space: Depending on the leg height, the space beneath the bunk bed may not come into much use relative to a loft bed which gives you a good volume of storage underneath the bed.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

Loft Bed

Loft beds are an alternative to bunk beds if you want way more space underneath the bed. If you are low on area, go for loft beds.


  • Lots of storage space: Loft beds give lots of storage space. This storage can be in the form of drawers or just the heightened legs of the bed, giving you sufficient volume for storage.
  • Guest bed: Since they come in various options and styles, they make for good-looking yet utilitarian beds.
  • Budget-friendly: Loft beds come in a wide price range. Hence, you can always figure out a budget-friendly option.


  • Only One Person: Unlike bunk beds, they can accommodate only one kid. If you have two kids, a bunk bed would be a better option considering the space constraint. 

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom

How to decide on a bed alternative?

Here are a few parameters you must consider while finalizing a bed alternative for your home.


Survey the costs of products online and offline. Compare product reviews.


The product you chose to buy for your bedroom must match the space’s existing décor and color palette. So have a fair idea of the same chalked out before you head shopping for your bed alternative.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom


Invest in a product that will last you a long while since you don’t want to trouble yourself in repair and mending work post-purchase.


When shopping online, always read the sizes mentioned with the product specifications. I saw this hack on a YouTube video, and I think it would come in handy. With masking tape, demarcate the exact area of the product that is going to go into that space to have a fair idea if it will be a good buy for you or not.

Lastly, if you are still unsure, walk into the nearest furniture with your bedroom’s dimensions in hand and talk to the people at the furniture store. They will introduce you to the best options and even engage you in a talk with a design professional at their store.   

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good substitute for a bed?

A high-quality futon can turn out well as suitable alternatives to beds. You can look for the tri-fold option or one which can be rolled completely and stored in minimal space.

What is the best guest bed?

In our opinion, there cannot be one perfect guest bed. Hence, we have picked out some of the best in each category. You can go through each one and decide which one would be best depending on your space size and other needs.

Best Bed Alternatives for Saving Space in Your Small Bedroom
  • Fold-up guest bed: Fold-up beds are easily the most convenient option. Moreover, investing in a good quality fold-up is highly recommended since retractable products often get damaged at their designated folds.
  • Pull-out guest bed: Pull-out beds consume less space and can be conveniently set up once in a blue moon when needed. In addition, they do not hamper your day-to-day circulation space at all.

What’s a good temporary bed?

A futon, an inflatable mattress, a cot, and a metal platform are some of the best temporary beds, in our opinion. 

Is it okay not to have a bed frame?

Yes, it is okay not to have a bed frame and use a futon, inflatable mattresses, and the likes. However, if you suffer from any medical issues that prohibit you from sleeping on the floor, you must check with your medical expert to enquire if you can sleep on a low heightened platform. 

Ultimately It’s Your Choice!

Each bed alternative comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages; you need to see which option has advantages so good that you can overlook their drawbacks. 

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Happy Furniture!