The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands in 2021: Get Your Couch Custom Made!

Looking to buy custom-made furniture home-delivered? We present you with the 10 best direct to consumer couch brands in 2021

No matter what piece of furniture you want, you will find many direct-to-consumer brands available in the market that will give you your perfect piece. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

When it comes to the best direct-to-consumer couch, we are here to help you with the best direct-to-consumer brands that you must consider before you get one for your space. 

The Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands 

#1 Burrow 

Burrow is a reputable furniture company based in New York; it is well known for its resistance to outstanding production and creative and attractive packing ways. Every furniture piece manufactured by Burrow is modular and offers customization in fabric, color, or size. 

Reviewers and customers online say it is among the best in regards to durability and design. The modular design of burrow furniture pieces allows easy shipping in regular boxes, saving shipping costs. 

Best Direct To Consumer Couch

On the other hand, Burrow offers free shipping and convenient delivery ways. The design also eases moving or rearranging the furniture if required. 

Burrow’s products come with unique and great features like a USB charger in a couch, an easy converting feature of the couch into a guest bed, etc., to make your life easier. 

The company follows clean and mid-century aesthetics that adapt to every room environment and enhance the room’s decor. 

Shop Here: Burrow

#2 Joybird 

Joybird is a renowned company that started its manufacturing, keeping in mind that people should never compromise when it comes to furnishing their homes. 

Joybird produces handcrafted furniture made up of the finest materials at affordable prices. If you want to buy a Joybird couch, the couch starts with raw materials, and then it is transformed to the way you want. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

The company makes customized and curated furniture pieces to meet customers’ demands and offers high-quality products that can last a long lifetime. the Mid-century movement inspires Joybird designs. 

Shop Here: Joybird furniture 

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#3 Campaign 

Campaign Living is a Bay Area-based company that crafts furniture to come in a regular box for easier and quicker moving or shipping. Campaign Living designs their furniture pieces purposefully for easy assembling and disassembling without any use of tools. 

Best Direct To Consumer Couch

The best part of the Campaign’s furniture is, you can quickly move them with you. The company offers a variety of furniture pieces like couches, loveseats, chairs, and accessories like pillows, curtains, and more to give an attractive look to your room. The steel frames of Campaign couches make it a more longing sofa than an average sofa. 

Shop Here: Campaign Living

#4 Civil 

Civil is a third-generation Norwegian furniture manufacturer. For three generations, the company has been selling furniture pieces direct from their factories and workshops, which is why they are known to be the best direct-to-consumer couch brands. 

The company collaborates with life-thinking furniture designers who think about design for the present and think about design for life. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

Civil invests heavily in quality and creativity and sells products at fair prices. Furniture manufactured in Civil is handmade, produced by the finest artisans of European workshops and factories. 

The company believes in a transparent business model; they will inform their customers about what material they use and source them. 

Shop Here: Civil Furniture

#5 Article 

Article is a Canadian Based furniture company located in Vancouver. The company’s primary mission is to make stylish, modern, and long-lasting furniture at fair prices. The company started its business in 2013, and since then, they have delivered pieces in a quarter of million North American homes. 

Best Direct To Consumer Couch

They offer strict online business and provide the pieces in less than two weeks. They supply a wide range of furniture, couches, chairs, beds, dressers, and more. The article also offers a 30 days money-back guarantee with easy return or change of item. 

Article delivers their products all over Canada and America with less shipping price of $49. So while you look for an affordable sofa, go for article sofas and give a great and stylish look to your room. 

Shop Here: Article

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#6 Inside Weather 

Inside Weather manufactures modern and accessible furniture pieces. They make exceptional furniture pieces at unbelievable prices. It is a California-based company. Furniture from Inside Weather is made to order directly from their factory, using selective materials. It can customize everything from arm height to cushion details. The best part of Inside Weather is they offer 365 days of free home trials and free shipping. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

You can return the furniture anytime within the first year of its purchase. They only do online business and don’t make thousands of pieces; only one unique piece is made as per the customer’s need. 

The company focuses on environmental sustainability; as every piece is sold, a tree is planted via the National Forest Foundation.

Shop here: Inside Weather 

#7 Rove Concepts 

The company was founded in 2011 in the Pacific Northwest. Rove concept manufactures handcrafted mid-century designed furniture pieces. From single stitch to large sectional, the Rove Concepts believes in impeccable quality and long-lasting results. 

Best Direct To Consumer Couch

They have direct touchpoints from raw material to final products and deliver them to doorsteps without shipping charges. The company focuses on crafting high-quality products. 

The manufacturer blends the tradition of handmade goods with innovative modern technology to make a unique piece at a reasonable price. 

Shop here: Rove Concepts 

#8 The Inside 

The Inside is a renowned furniture company that sells trendy furniture pieces in various colors, sizes, patterns, textures, and designs. It offers a tremendous direct-to-consumer approach, and every piece is made to order. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

The Inside delivers products in weeks, unlike other manufacturers who provide in months. As every piece is made from scratch, every consumer feels they are a part of the manufacturing and design process as they have to choose from 100 plus colors or textures. 

The couches come in more than 600 variations, and you can customize every piece as per the customer’s need. 

Shop Here: The Inside

#9 Maiden Home

Maiden Home is a North Carolina-based company. It crafts designer furniture pieces. The company uses techniques that have been used for generations in manufacturing high-quality furniture. 

Every piece of Maiden is handmade and is designed by paying close attention to details with extra effort to make the piece high quality. The company makes different furniture pieces starting from couches to sofas, beds to ottomans and more. 

Best Direct To Consumer Couch

The company offers free delivery within three weeks and also provides a 30 days money-back guarantee. The pieces are built to last long, and the frames cover a lifetime warranty. 

Shop Here: Maiden Home

#10 Caramba 

Caramba is a new brand based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. It was started by two stay home dads that have a passion for furniture designs. They sell a wide range of couches, tables, chairs, and sofa, and every piece is made up of European plywood. 

The 10 Best Direct To Consumer Couch Brands: Get Your Couch Custom Made

The company also offers free shipping all over Canada and the United States. To buy modern designed furniture, visit their website and order to get free delivery at your doorstep in weeks. 

Shop Here: Caramba

Direct To Consumer Furniture Is All The Rage Right Now!

The brands we have reviewed above are the best in terms of their design, material, and delivery time. So choose one that meets your requirements and see how your furniture is made from scratch!