The 5 Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery in 2021

In this article, we bring information on the best fabric for RV sofa upholstery to get the best out of your sofa.

Are you also planning to travel recently and making use of your RV? Well, the chances are that your RV needs upgrading, especially the RV sofa upholstery. 

Now, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing the right fabric. Selecting the correct fabric for your RV sofa will be important because Van life is hardy, and you need a fabric that can withstand a lot of movement, things falling on it and of course, it needs to look good. 

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery

It is important to choose the right color and material for your RV upholstery fabric. So, let’s walk through the different fabrics for campers and tips to select the perfect one.

What is the Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery?

#1. Marine Grade Fabric

Marine-grade is a popular camper fabric. The reason is that this fabric is stain-resistant and can handle the wear and tear of road life. 

Thus, if you are worried about those morning coffee stains damaging your RV sofa upholstery, you should go for this fabric. Also, this fabric is easy to clean, is fade-resistant, and is highly durable. 

#2. Suprima Fabric

Suprima fabric is another perfect choice for RV upholstery fabric replacement. It has a polyurethane construction and is also known as a faux leather material. 

PU construction makes it light in weight. It is also durable enough to endure hard RV life, flexible enough to cover the entire sofa, and water-resistant. 

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery

Its best aspect is that you do not require a plasticizer (normally added to fabrics to make them softer). It will remain soft, it will not have any cracks, and it will not peel off easily. It is one of the best fabrics for RV sofa upholstery and better than typical faux leather fabric. 

#3. Cloth Linen

Cloth Linen is another option for fabric for upholstery for RV. As the name suggests, this fabric is made up of a strong linen thread with polyurethane backing. Linen is water-resistant, light in weight, and highly flexible. The fabric’s surface is soft, and high-quality stitching is used to stitch together every single piece. Linen is also heat-resistant, so it is more comfortable to use during warmer months of the year. 

Have you ever got the impression that you were sitting in an oven when you sat on the leather seats of your RV sofa during summers? 

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery
Cloth Linen

Well, you will get this feeling if you make use of leather or faux leather fabric for your RV furniture. It is advisable to use cloth linen as your camper fabric when traveling during warmer months. 

Also, cloth linen is easy to wash and is tear-resistant. 

#4. Brisa

Brisa fabric is known for its ‘buttery soft’ feel and is the softest option. This fabric is similar to Suprima but has an extra touch of softness. 

The fabric is polyurethane material along with a backer. construction contributes to the durability of the fabric. Also, the fabric offers a cooling effect, thereby making it highly comfortable for users. Its sound-absorption property makes it efficient enough for busy environments.

#5. Ultraleather

If you are worried about your sofa seats flaking, you can go for genuine ultra leather. This fabric is popular for its longevity. While using it, you need not worry about stains or spills damaging your RV sofa during your travel time. 

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery

Ultraleather fabric mimics polyurethane’s molecular structure, which serves as a foam barrier to providing an extra cushioning effect for your upholstery seating. Also, this fabric is war and tear-free, scratch-free, and even blemish-free. Durability adds to its long list of benefits, and it can endure any weather conditions on the road. 

Tips To Select Correct Fabric For Your RV Sofa Upholstery


When selecting a fabric for upholstery for RV, a crucial question is “how long will this fabric last?” Well, there is a durability test that helps you to understand which upholstery fabric is most suitable for your RV sofa. 

This is the Wyzenbeek Method which judges the abrasion resistance of your selected fabric and how many double-rubs would be required to make the fabric wear out. The higher the number of rubs means higher durability of the material.

Understanding The Sofa

It is also essential to understand your RV sofa to select the best type of fabric. To understand your sofa, you need to know its age, the construction quotient of the couch, and how you are using it. 

A professional can also help you understand what fabric you need for your RV sofa while encouraging you to go through different fabric samples.

Select The Color

There are two main choices for the colors of the fabric for RV sofa upholstery. These are bold colors and trendy colors. Though both of these options are fine, you need to choose the fabric’s color depending upon your liking. 

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery

However, selecting a neutral material is great when you are selecting a fabric. Remember, take your time when you are choosing the color of the fabric of your sofa. 

The reason is that it is easy to change the color of the fabric of your curtains, pillows, and rugs. But, it is much more difficult to change the color of the sofa fabric even if the fabric starts fading. 

Also, a darker shade of the sofa fabric helps in hiding the dust on the sofa. On the other hand, a lighter color gives a pleasing look to the RV as a whole.

Sofa Frame

It is essential to select the sofa frame before you choose the sofa fabric. For example, a traditional sofa frame would look really good if a conventional fabric color complements it. 

Materials can be fun, formal, casual, or even ornate. The choice is yours, but you can get better results if you select it as the sofa frame. Secondly, understanding what size your sofa bed is will help you choose the right fabric as well.

Tips For Maintenance and Care For Camper Fabric


If you are a pet owner and travel with your pets often, you must be aware of getting pet hair or scratches on your sofa. Though you can easily clean off the pet hair, you cannot get rid of blemishes. 

Thus, it is advisable not to let your pets go near your RV sofa, as scratching can leave permanent scars on your furniture. No matter how durable the fabric is, none of the options available would endure the damage caused due to scratching. 

Cleaning of the Fabric

All these different types of fabrics need constant cleaning so that they do not wear off easily. Make sure you use a clean cloth to brush off the dust on the sofa and do not use any cleaning agent. 


How much fabric do I need to reupholster camper cushions?

To know about the amount of fabric you need to reupholster your camper cushions, you need to measure the length and width of the cushion. Now, add 20 inches to the long side of the cushion and about 15 inches to the smaller side of the cushion.

Best Fabric For RV Sofa Upholstery

How do you reupholster a travel trailer cushion?

You can use slipcovers as cushion covers or reuse the foam centers to give a new look to the trailer cushions. You can also take the help of a professional for doing so. 

What size is RV sofa bed?

Sofa beds typically come in either 52 x 72 or 60 x 72-inch sizes.

Final Words

Fabric for your RV sofa upholstery can have a major impact on your camper’s looks and comfort quotient. Thus, it is also advisable to seek professional help in selecting the right kind of fabric for your RV sofa.

Happy furnishing!