The 26 Best Furniture Brands In 2021

Buying furniture is a tough task today. Let us help you sort out the best furniture brands with their pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Furniture is meant for relaxing, watching TV, surfing the internet, gossiping with friends, and lounging in general. When guests come to your house, their first impression is formed when they see your furniture.

But buying the right furniture today is not an easy task at all. There are a lot of varieties of sofas available in the market, each differs in design, color, and style. 

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

In this article, I will discuss the best furniture brands that will help you in your quest.

26 Best Furniture Brands

#1. Maiden Home

Maiden Home believes that you should not choose a general design or less qualitative sofa for your house. The North Carolina artisans handicrafts every sofa of Maiden Home by using heritage techniques. They have decades of experience in making furniture. So, they try to make as qualitative furniture like a sofa as possible. 

You will find various varieties of the sofa in Maiden home-like sectional and modular pieces. These sofas last for almost a lifetime. The price of Maiden Home sofas starts at $2100.

The Maiden Home tries to deliver a sofa to your home within six weeks from the time of order. They give a lifetime warranty on their products. But if the sofa is delivered to your home and you do not like its style or by mistake if there is any manufacturing defect, then you can return the sofa within thirty days.

#2.Bench Made Modern

The Bench Made Modern brand was founded in 2015 by Edgar Blazon, a furniture designer and had 25 years of experience in the furniture industry.

The USA artisans try to make furniture produced by this brand. The artisans have experience of nearly more than 50 years, and they never cut corners of the furniture to save material costs.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

This brand produces products of excellent qualitative material at an affordable price and can fit comfortably in your living room.

You will find a wide range of sofa, sectionals, sleepers and chaises and many others in this brand. So, you can select any kind according to your preferences.

They offer curbside delivery plus and upgrade options. The curbside delivery means the delivery specialist leaves the packaged furniture at the end of the driveway or curbside on your scheduled delivery appointment.

But you can select upgrade features so that the sofa will deliver directly to your doorstep. The people from this company will unwrap the sofa and place it in your living room. They even dispose of the packaging.

But if you don’t like the style or color or by chance if there is any defect, then this brand allows you to return the sofa within 100 days. The production time range is between ten to twenty-one days, and they deliver the sofa within ten to fifteen business days after manufacturing.

The sofa price starts here from $ 2450

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#3. Design Within Reach

Robert Forbes founded Design Within Reach in 1998. This brand sells its furniture brand and even helps other brands in selling the furniture directly to retail customers.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

You will get a wide range of sofa and sectionals on this site, and a maximum of them ships within eight weeks. The sofa consists of qualitative material and lasts for so many years.

The price of a sofa starts from $2000 and may go beyond $10,000.

#4. Lovesac

In Lovesac, you will find a modular sofa, which is so versatile that it has ten seats. The price starts from $2850. Lovesac tries to deliver the sofa within two weeks. If you order from the United States, then they provide free shipping delivery.

#5. Burrow

Kabeer Chopra and Stephen Kuhl founded Burrow. They first started with a modular sofa in the year 2017, and now they have the most experienced artisans for making furniture in the whole World. Burrow offers modular seats and provides rugs, shelves, chairs, love seats, and pillows.

The modular design of the sofa adapts to any environment or style of your home. So, you will not face any problem then you rearrange your living room or shift your house. The price of the love seat starts at $995, and the three-seater sofa in Burrow begins at $1395.

Burrow delivers sofa in boxes that are also free of cost, which will save hundreds of dollars. The weight of each box weighs 40 pounds. So, you can easily carry the sofa to the doorstep of the customer. Some of the sofas of Burrow have USB charger features to make your life easier. The best part is they deliver the sofa within as short a time as possible.

You can assemble the Burrow sofa within a few minutes. You do not even require any specialized tools for it.

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#6. Floyd

Floyd believes that furniture should be made for the home and not for landfills. It sells only two products, i.e., sofa and sectional. Both consist of good quality material that will surely last for many years. You can use the sectional sofa for lounging, sprawling, reading, jumping, and sitting. You can assemble and disassemble the Floyd sofa without any problem.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

Floyd delivers the sofa in boxes on the doorstep of the customer. So, you don’t have to worry about the procedure of delivery. Floyd manufactures sofa in the United States and consists of nontoxic materials like cold rolled steel, top-grade plywood, and stain-resistant fabric.

But most of the products of Floyd generally ship for a ten percent shipping fee. The price of a two-seater sofa starts from $1095.

#7. APT2B

 Two guys started APT2B in the year 2010 in Los Angeles. Now it has a wide variety of sofa, love seats, sectionals and sofa bed. So, you just need to choose and buy according to your preferences.

The APT2B aims to ship products from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep within seven weeks. Some of the furniture even ships immediately. The best part is you don’t have to pay shipping fees here.

The sofa price starts here from $1,198, and if you want to buy sectionals, the price starts from $1,868.

#8. The Inside

You will get different varieties of sofa, sectionals and ottoman if you shop from The Inside. The delivery boy will deliver the sofa directly to your doorstep and remove the debris. But here, you need to pay the shipping charges, i.e., $189 for the sofa and $249 for sectionals.

The price of the sofa starts here from $1519.

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#9. All Form

All Form provide high-quality modular sofas. The fabrics of this sofa are pill and stain-resistant. Apart from it, you will get sectionals, armchairs, and loveseats.

The artisans who make the sofa are highly skilled and have decades of experience. They focus on the environment while making the sofa. So, they try to use almost all the recycled materials while manufacturing.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

Once your order the sofa, you will get it within five to ten business days. All Form also provides free shipping on almost all orders. The All Form even provides a lifetime warranty on all the products.

#10. Anthropologie

Anthropologie opened its first store in the year 1992 in Pennsylvania. Now they have more than 200 furniture stores worldwide. You will find here a wide range of sectionals and sofa.

#11. Medley Home

You can purchase sectionals, sofa, sleepers, and ottoman from Medley home. They make furniture from eco-friendly materials that will surely make your living room cozy. All the furnishings are made by hand in Los Angeles, California. 

The artisans are skilled and have many years of experience. They give importance to quality and comfort while making a sofa. The product ships directly from Los Angeles headquarters to the customer’s doorstep within 6-8 weeks.

The price of the sofa starts here from $1700.

#12. Joybird

Joybird is quite popular among people. They offer a wide range of sofa, sectionals, modular and loveseats.

Joybird creates handicraft furniture that lasts for almost a lifetime. They use high-quality materials to make sofas and provide them to customers at an affordable rate.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

They start making furniture from raw material and can convert it into exact specifications as you want. The best part of Joy bird is they try to deliver the product within the shortest possible time. They take almost four to eight weeks for manufacturing, and after completion, they are provided to the customers within seven to fourteen business days.

The price of the sofa starts here from $1500.

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#13. Interior Define

The Interior Define makes furniture to simplify the buying of sofa processes. The customers can easily purchase the furniture from Interior Define and fit it in their living room. It sells its products directly to the customer. That’s why this brand can offer high-quality products at an affordable rate.

Here you will find a wide variety of sofa, sectionals, ottomans, chairs, rugs, and tables.

The non-furniture order will deliver quickly to your doorstep, i.e., within four to eight business days. In contrast, the Interior Define delivers the furniture order within fourteen to sixteen weeks at the customer’s doorstep.

The price of the Interior Define sofa starts from $1495.

#14. Campaign

Campaign delivers furniture inbox. So, it ships quickly and easily to the customer. Even the design of furniture is so that they can be assembled and disassembled without any tool.

You can easily move Campaign furniture. So, it becomes easier for the customer to move from one place to another while rearranging the living room or shifting to a new house.  

The campaign has a sofa, love seats, chairs, and pillows and delivers the products to customers within seven to ten business days. The best part is they offer free shipping on almost all products.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

The price of the sofa starts from $1495, and the love seats start from $ 1095.

#15. Industry West

Industry West offers an upholstered sofa, leather sofa, modular sofa, and loveseats and delivers them within seven to ten business days. The skilled artisan’s crafts each product of Industry west. Their main aim is to provide qualitative products to use for a long time.

The price of the sofa starts here from $995.

#16. Albany Park

The founders of Albany Park are Darryl and Jessica Sharpton. In 2017, when both purchased a sofa, they found that the sofas are overpriced, and the showroom takes longer to deliver the products to the doorstep, which is quite tedious. So, they thought of doing the work of purchasing furniture as simple and easier. The result is Albany Park.

To satisfy their needs, they offer customers three types of models, i.e., Albany, park, and Kova.

The packaging of the furniture comes in boxes. So the delivery boy can easily carry them in stairs or tight halls. Albany Park tries to deliver the furniture to the customer within three to five days on their front door. Even the shipping is free.

They sell sofas, armchairs, sectionals, ottomans, and loveseats, and the customers need to buy them according to their preferences.

The price of the sofa starts here from $895.

#17. Inside Weather

Inside Weather sells sofa, sectionals, and many more products. The sofas are handmade and consist of selected materials.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

The workshop is in California. This brand delivers the sofa in special boxes which are easy to handle. The best part is for assembling and disassembling the sofa. You don’t need any tools.

The price of the sofa starts from $898.

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#18. All Modern

All Modern believes that the décor for the home-like sofa should not be available at an expensive rate. It should ship at a fast rate to the customer and be available at an affordable price.

You will find here all kinds of furniture starting from bathroom to bedroom. It ships almost all items, including the sofa, within two days. They also provide free delivery when you purchase a product above $35.

The price of the sofa starts here from $300.

#19. Sabai

Sabai sells three products, i.e., essential sofa, essential sectional, essential ottoman. These products arrive within just three weeks after you confirm your order. The shipping charges are free if you order from the continental US.

The Sabia products are customizable. It allows you to choose the legs, fabric, and cushions to create unique furniture for the customer. They use fabrics that are friendly to the environment or recycle water bottles.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

Sabai delivers the product in boxes, and it consists of recycled materials. You will not have any kind of plastic in those boxes.

The price of the sofa starts here from $1095.

#20. Poly & Bark

Poly & bark sells a wide range of sofa and sectionals. All the products consist of high-grade materials so that they will last for a lifetime. They ship almost all products within one to two business days. They provide free delivery to the customers.

The price of the sofa starts here from $ 999.

#21. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters was founded in the year 1970 in Pennsylvania. It sells products like sleepers, loveseats, daybeds, and many more.

The order arrives at your home within five to seven days. But some items may take a longer time, i.e., four to seven weeks.

If you purchase any product above $50, then you don’t have to pay shipping fees.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

#22. Wayfair

Wayfair offers a wide range of sofa, love seats, sectionals, and sleepers. They are available in leather and fabric covering when the manufacturing work completes, the product ships directly to the customer.

The co-founder of Wayfair is Neeraj Shah and Steve Conine. They launched this company in Boston in 2002. Now, this brand is one of the largest eCommerce companies in the World for selling furniture.

The experienced artisans make each product of Wayfair in North Carolina. They use both domestic and imported materials while making furniture.

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#23. Arflex

Arflex sells one of the best Italian sofa brands. The sofa of Arflex consists of high-quality materials that last for many years.

The latest sofa collection in Arflex has upholstered seats with a base consisting of either chocolate stain wood or black lacquered metal feet.


Stanley sells a wide variety of sofas having different colors and designs. You will find a static sofa, motion sofa, sectionals, recliners, odd chairs, and coffee tables here.

The Stanley sofas consist of excellent quality material which resists spills and stains.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

#25. Lay-Z Boy

Lay-Z Boy an American manufacturing furniture company which is in Michigan, USA. It sells furniture like upholstered recliners, sofa, stationary chairs, and sleeper sofas.

The average price of Lazy Boy sofas will range between $799 to $ 4000. Well, the price depends on the fabric and the material you choose.

#26. Article

Article understands that customers won’t like to wait for the ordered furniture for a longer period. So, they try to deliver the furniture within fourteen to fifteen business days.

The main aim of this brand is to produce modern furniture at an affordable price. It sells a wide range of furniture like sofa, table, dressers, bed and various others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1. What are the best sofa manufacturers?

The best sofa manufacturers are

  • Ashley Furniture
  • Bassett
  • Century Furniture
  • Ethan Allen Interiors
  • Lay-Z-Boy
  • American Leather

#2. What are high-end sofa brands?

The high-end sofa brand is as follows.

  • Poliform
  • Doshi Levien
  • Based Upon
  • Brabbu
  • Bentley Home
  • Edra
  • Fendi Casa

#3. What is the most comfortable sofa brand?

  • Floyd Sofa
  • Albany Park sectional sofa
  • Castlery Adams Sofa
  • Bench Made OG Couch Potato Sofa

#4. Which sofa lasts the longest?

The couch with a thick hardwood frame like maple, walnut, or teak usually lasts for an extended period. You can choose a fabric that consists of tightly woven textiles or leather.

#5. Is Lazyboy furniture good quality?

Yes, the Lazyboy furniture consists of good quality materials. You will find numerous varieties of sofa, loveseats, and chairs. You can customize the fabrics from the large option.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

But it takes a little longer to deliver the furniture. You may have to wait for six to eight weeks for the furniture delivery.

#6. How can you tell if a couch is of good quality?

The cheaper sofas have frames that consist of plastic, metal, or particleboard. But a good quality couch consists of a solid hardwood frame or kiln-dried hardwood frame consisting of oak, beech, or ash.

Pine frames are a bit cheaper, but they wobble after using them for five years.

#7. Does Lazy boy use fake leather?

Lazy-Boy always uses 100 percent genuine leather.

#8. What should I look for when buying a sofa?

  • Colour
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Comfort
  • Legs
  • Arm style
  • Frame

#9. How long should couches last?

The typical sofa lasts for seven to fifteen years.

Which Is The Best Brand Sofa: You Tell Us!

A sofa is the first impression of your house. There are multiple showrooms and websites that sell a sofa. But when you visit the showroom, they usually have sofas that are either overpriced or take much time to deliver products. It may irritate you. So, you can prefer to buy online.

The 26 Best Sofa Brands In 2021

I have listed some of the best brands in this article which will surely help you choose a sofa.

Anyways please do share your suggestions for this article. I would love to read your suggestions. If you purchase a sofa from the above brand, please share your photos and experience with me in the comment section. I would love to read about the experience.

Happy Furniture!