Best Furniture Upcycling Books

In this write-up, we take a look at the best furniture upcycling books. For our top selections, please refer to the table below:

As the fashion trends change with time, you may want to repurpose your home furniture with time. It is excellent to repurpose your old furniture and make it look more beautiful.

But sometimes, it seems easier to think than do it. So to get some ideas about furniture upcycling, you can read some books.

Best Furniture Upcycling Books

Are you looking to read some good books related to furniture Upcycling? In this article, I have listed some of the best furniture Upcycling books.

#1 Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

TITLE_Rescue, Restore, Redecorate

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Author: Amy Howard

Language: English

Publisher: Abrams

Print Length: 192 Pages

Amy Howard is a designer, teacher and gives great ideas on home furnishing. Amy Howard sells her brand of furniture and shares tips and guides on refinishing furniture.

This book by Amy Howard will give you an idea about repurposing your furniture and accessories. Whether you want to refurbish old furniture and give it a new look or modernize furniture, you can get an idea about some great designs and refinishing secrets.

In this book, she has shared some of the best DIY ideas and projects to repurpose your furniture. Whether you want to redesign a vintage piece, create a new accessory, or apply a faux finish, you will find great ideas and tips in this book.

Thus from finding a perfect décor item for your home to experiment with different techniques and textures, Amy guides you through each process and gives step-by-step guidance.

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#2 Beginner’s Guide To DIY and Home Repair

TITLE_Beginner's Guide To DIY and Home Repair

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Author: Jo Behari, Alison Winfield-Chislett

Language: English

Publisher: Design Originals

Print Length: 160 Pages

Jo Behari is an entrepreneur, a DIY expert, and a TV presenter. He is the founder of the UK’s home improvement and maintenance company. He has won various awards and is a presenter of some British television series.

This book by Jo Behari has some great DIY project ideas. You will find some great tips, techniques, and ideas about making your furniture last longer, storing tools and other materials efficiently, or getting the best finish. If you are looking to refurbish your furniture, then this book will be very helpful for you.

You can complete any home repairs and renovations if you know the correct technique to do it. This book guides you and provides you with step-by-step instructions on refinishing your home projects from the floor to the ceiling. It makes it a lot easier by looking at simple presentations, captions, and illustrations.

You can learn the simple techniques and know-how to put things together and make use of it. It also gives you a lot of confidence in doing things by yourself.

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#3 Amazing Furniture Makeovers

TITLE_Amazing Furniture Makeovers

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Author: Jen Crider

Language: English

Publisher: Page Street Publishing

Print Length: 192 pages

Jen Crider is a founder of Girl in the garage, a DIY home décor blog. Her projects have been featured in various print media.

This book gives some good ideas about transforming your chair, tables, and sofas into beautiful furniture. Each chapter in this book gives different ideas and step-by-step, easy-to-follow tutorials. You can use the ideas and techniques in different types of furniture.

If you are a beginner, this will help you apply stains in any luxury wood finish and use paints to make the furniture look new, as you will find a lot of easy-to-follow tips to get started with. You will find around 25 tips and techniques on a budget that you can do in just a few hours.

So if you are looking to transform your furniture and make your house look beautiful, this book gives some amazing ideas and easy-to-follow steps.

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#4 Wood Pallet Wonders

TITLE_Wood Pallet Wonders

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Author: Becky Lamb

Language: English

Publisher: Ulysses Press

Print Length: 128 Pages

Becky Lamb is a builder, repurposer, and blogger. Becky has been crafting and repurposing her home for a long time. She has immense love for buildings and pallets.

You will learn to create unique furniture or décor items using wood pallets. Becky guides you through creating your birdhouse, a garden stool, planter box, or a cozy harvest table. Upcycling and transforming your old furniture is something anyone would like to do. Lamb tells you in detail and gives you a brief idea about pallets and what kind of tools you will need. She makes it easy for anyone to get started. There are different types of projects, which are pretty easy to understand.

Overall this book helps you make use of wooden pallets and create beautiful projects out of them.

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#5 Everyday Woodworking

TITLE_Everyday Woodworking

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Author: Rex Krueger

Language: English

Publisher: Skyhorse

Print Length: 240 Pages

Rex Krueger owns a furniture company that makes furniture with metals and plastic. He runs a popular YouTube channel where he teaches craftsmanship using different tools.

This book is of great help if you want to learn woodworking. You will find some great handcrafted woodworking projects using different tools. Many people may have an interest in doing some sort of woodwork but find it difficult at first. But nowadays, there are a lot of easy-to-use tools to get started with.

In this book, you will get an idea of using simple materials and transforming them into excellent and valuable furniture. Once you know how to use the tools the right way, you will do any woodwork with ease.

Everyday woodworking by Rex Krueger gives you an idea and few skills that will help you grow and learn about craftsmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best furniture upcycling ideas?

There are a lot of ways to upcycling your old furniture and make it look new and attractive. Let’s look at some of the ideas.

Paint the old furniture

One of the best ways to give your furniture a new look is to paint them up. You can choose some vibrant colors and draw a few textures or patterns. You can make it look more aesthetic and appealing.

Best Furniture Upcycling Books

You can make use of wooden crates.

You will find wooden crates at your home quickly. You can paint them up and varnish them and give them a new look. Once painted, you can use it for many things such as a shoe rack, bookshelves, or anything you want.

Make use of ladders.

You can make good use of ladders and planks. If you have an old wooden ladder at home, you can make use of it by hanging towels, napkins, or anything. You can paint it up to complement other décor items and walls.

How do you upcycle any furniture?

Upcycling any furniture is very easy if you know certain techniques and have ideas. There are specific steps you need to follow to upcycle any furniture.

  • First, you need to clean the furniture or any décor item you want to upcycle using soap and water. Let it dry for some time.
  • Then you need to check for any imperfections, like if there are any scratches or holes. Fill them up with wood filler.
  • Sanding will help the paint to stick correctly.
  • You can use a cloth or a white spirit to remove all the dust from sanding.
  • You can now paint and make your furniture look beautiful.

Wrap Up

Upcycling any furniture is a great idea. It saves a lot of money when you repurpose old furniture and give it a new look.

Best Furniture Upcycling Books

I hope the books listed above for furniture upcycling help you repurpose your furniture and explore your creativity.