The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

Let’s look at some best Ikea alternatives that provide you with everything to decorate your home.

IKEA is the largest furniture retailer known for its Scandinavian style. Everyone loves Ikea furniture and has some or the other IKEA furniture at home. Its aesthetic and modern design has won all of our hearts. IKEA offers you everything you will ever need for your home.

You may find IKEA furniture and décor pieces at your friend’s place as well. But what if you want a little different and modern furniture that doesn’t look identical? Or you may not want to spend a lot of time installing the parts?

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

For all these reasons, you may want to look for IKEA alternatives that are easy to install and give a modern look. I have listed the nine best IKEA alternatives that will fit every need and price range in this article. These alternatives offer stylish, contemporary furniture that is affordable. 

Let’s have a look at each alternative.

9 Of The Best IKEA Alternatives

#1 Urban Outfitters

Founded in 1970 in the streets of Pennsylvania, Urban outfitters give a unique retail experience. It is known to cater to the young college crowd. Their outfits give a Coachella vibe, but their furniture looks gorgeous.

You will like it if you are a fan of modern designs. You will definitely be going to find something for all ages. They are known for clothing and apparel, but their home department offers some unique products that you may not find elsewhere.

Urban Outfitters are hard to beat when it comes to the latest trends, fresh patterns, and textures that liven up the room. You will find a range of IKEA alternatives that are reasonably priced.

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

It has around 200 stores in the US, Canada, and Europe offering a great retail experience with a mix of home products at an affordable price. They sell almost everything you can think of, from furniture to lighting, curtains, and mats. They are one of the best Ikea alternatives out there.


  • The apartment section is affordable and has a wide range to choose from.
  • It is perfect for people who love the bohemian look with a modern aesthetic.
  • The furniture sizes are compact, which makes it easy to move through doorways.
  • It offers lightweight furniture, so you can quickly move it around in any room.
  • You can choose the style, fabric, and color and get the furniture customized as you want.
  • They offer you free shipping if you spend above $50 or more.


  • The furniture may not be of very high quality and tends to sag after some time.

Shop Here: Urban outfitters

#2 CB2

CB2 is the youth brand for Crate and Barrel. CB2 offers a stylish and trending range of furniture. It features some great modern furniture sets and décor pieces. CB2 uses great patterns and materials and has excellent product photography. They use color patterns and designs that complement any décor.

This brand often collaborates with designers and artists to get the latest and trending collections that are hard to find. This makes it stand out and is one of the best IKEA alternatives.

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

This brand is a favorite among young enthusiasts who want modern-looking aesthetics and decors for their apartments. In the range of $200, you will be able to find quality pieces that will make people gasp in awe. CB2 is definitely one of the best Ikea alternatives for modern furniture.


  • CB2 offers modern and aesthetic décor items that look great in modern homes. These items look great in contemporary homes and living spaces.
  • Most of the furniture and décor items are versatile and come in neutral shades and textures.
  • The CB2 furniture is built with environmentally friendly wood and leather. They offer everything that feels great to touch and is sustainable.
  • They design furniture for small spaces or apartments, making it ideal for those who set their first home.


  • Some furniture that they offer is expensive as compared to IKEA.
  • The colors of the décor are primarily neutral. So people who want bright colors may not be the best store for them.

Shop Here: CB2

#3 Blue Dot

College graduates who were looking for some modern aesthetics and décor pieces at an affordable range had a hard time finding one. So they decided to start their own company, Blue Dot, with the goal of bringing good design furniture to as many people as they can.

The Blue dot offers a clean, aesthetic, and modern design furniture and décor. They offer warmer colors than other brands. Their prices may be a bit higher as compared to West Elm, but their superior craftsmanship makes it worth it.

Best Ikea Alternatives

So if you are looking for some great and useful furniture at a reasonable price range, you will fall in love with this brand.


  • They offer modern furniture and try to make it as affordable as they can.
  • You can easily browse their website and sign up to look at free catalogs.
  • They offer great discounts to interior designers, architects, and other design experts. They offer certain contracts on their projects, which lowers the cost of the items.


  • They do not offer free shipping and charge 5% on your order to get the delivery.

Shop Here: Blue Dot

#4 Muji

If you like IKEA, you will love Muji too. Muji is a Japanese brand committed to providing quality craftsmanship and adheres to simplicity. This brand is known to provide functional, quality designs giving a minimalistic Japanese look.

They offer a range of clothes, bedsheets, furniture, and processed foods that are affordable and of excellent quality. Muji is present in more than 30 countries and is best for offering plain cotton and linens, stationery, and shelving and storage boxes.

Best Ikea Alternatives


  • Muji offers different items from furniture to electronics to clothing.
  • Muji products are simple, streamlined, and versatile to place anywhere in your home.
  • The clothing is of high-quality and pretty comfortable.


  • They do not give free gift cards.
  • Muji does not provide a free shipping service and charges $5.95 or more.

Shop Here: Muji

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Jysk is a Danish retail brand that sells mattresses, furniture, and décor items. Founded in 1979 by Lars Larsen, it is one of the reputed brands that offer great deals. Today, it is one of the largest multinational retailers having 3000 stores in 50 countries worldwide.

Best Ikea Alternatives

You will find almost everything you would in IKEA. From beds to bookshelves to kitchen accessories and anything else you may need. They offer products at a lower price than their competitors.


  • They try to offer premium quality products at an affordable cost. They mainly focus on quality control so as to increase satisfaction among its customers.
  • The company has a global appearance offering sleeping and living furniture to its customers.


  • Some users find the products are cheap and not of very good quality as other brands offer.

Shop Here: Jysk

#6 West Elm

If you are looking for unique furniture items that represent your style, then you won’t find anything better than West Elm. They offer beautiful furniture with some creativity and style and give your space a retro-modern look. They offer products at a reasonable price. You may find a better deal on furniture if you buy items on sale.

Best Ikea Alternatives

The brand is committed to partner with designers and provides unique and different designs to its customers instead of copying any design. Overall, this brand can make your home look beautiful with its unique style and designs.


  • You will find a wide variety of sofas with more than 130 designs. You can even customize the design as you want.
  • They often put their furniture on sale, making them more affordable to buy.
  • The furniture is pretty strong and reliable. Children can jump and play on it, and it won’t get damaged.
  • It offers different fabrics to choose from, making it easy to find furniture that matches your living space.


  • Unless you buy furniture on sale, these tend to be a bit more expensive than other brands out there.
  • The website is not updated regularly, which makes furniture going on backorder.

Shop Here: West Elm

#7 AllModern

Founded in 2006, AllModern aims at making modern designs furniture accessible to everyone regardless of the budget and geography.

AllModern is a one-stop-shop for all your modern furniture and décor items. They offer a vast selection of furniture with hundreds of brands that suit everyone’s needs no matter what. You will find furniture and décor items in different price ranges.

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

AllModern is one of my favorite places to shop as it offers excellent customer service and is an excellent IKEA alternative. AllModern aims at offering furniture at the best price possible with the fastest shipping. From furniture to lighting to any outdoor decors, you get it all in one place.


  • It keeps its prices competitive with other brands like IKEA. They offer you free shipping, giving you a much better deal.
  • The shipping is pretty fast and arrives quickly.
  • The website is easy to browse by brand, category, and sale section. You can directly choose the category and go to that section you want to buy.


  • Some users find it difficult to put together the parts on their own.
  • They only have an online platform to sell their products. So if you want to go in-store and look at the furniture in person before buying, then it is not for you. 

Shop Here: AllModern

#8 Structube

Structube is a great IKEA alternative and is a popular furniture retailer offering products at reasonable prices. You will find décor items and furniture for any room, be it the dining room, living room, or study room. 

Best Ikea Alternatives

All the furniture designs look gorgeous. They even have lighting and art pieces, so you get an all-around décor experience. Overall this brand offers vast options to choose from. You can decorate your entire home using the products they offer.


  • They offer modern and stylish furniture that is perfect for contemporary homes.
  • The products are affordable and less expensive than other brands.
  • From furniture to lighting and art, they sell everything and are a direct competitor to IKEA.


  • The products take a long time to deliver.
  • There is no refund option if the item is on sale.

Shop Here: Structube

#9 World Market

Founded in the late 1950s, the World Market is still a reputable brand that offers handmade items and is sourced all around the world. If you love IKEA’s affordable rugs and colorful platters, you will also love the world market.

The world market is known to provide unique and affordable home décor products. It offers everything you want for your home. From furniture to lighting to dinnerware, it offers a great IKEA alternative.

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

It offers a wide selection of globally inspired products for home décor that you would like to have. The rugs usually range from $24 to $700.


  • The world market is known to offer products at low prices and is a favorite for anyone looking up an IKEA alternative.
  • It is a one-stop-shop for everything you may want for your home, from furniture to rugs to lighting.


  • The products are less modern and give an industrial-world look.

Shop Here: World Market

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Ikea Dupes?

The IKEA dupes are one of the great home decors and organizers you may like to have. Some great dupes are affordable and look similar to IKEA dupes nowadays. The DEVAISE storage cabinet is one of the great options. It comes with five drawers and is easy to move.

The West Elm and AllModern offer great dupes similar to IKEA at a varied price range.

Is JYSK less expensive than IKEA?

JYSK offers similar products to IKEA but is much cheaper. You can shop décor items, furniture, and anything else you want at JYSK that is similar to IKEA.

The 9 Best IKEA Alternatives: Better Quality At Rock-Bottom Prices

However, JYSK is more affordable compared to IKEA and other such brands. It is becoming incredibly popular.

If You Like IKEA, You Would Love These Brands!

IKEA is quite popular in selling beautiful, modern yet straightforward designs at an affordable price range. However, these nine alternatives listed above will satisfy your shopping needs as well. No matter if you are looking for a storage organizer or a new couch, the above alternatives will be worth browsing.

I hope you find the alternatives list helpful and will enjoy buying products at these IKEA alternatives.