Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

What is the best time to buy furniture at Costco? Costco buying secrets revealed.

Are you planning to purchase pieces of furniture but not getting them at the right price? You can get them from Costco. However, to get the best price, you must know the Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco. Some tips can help you save the most on furniture purchases. 

What Is The Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco?

Furniture at Costo is priced variably at different times of the year. You need to know when to get them at the best price. Read on as we discuss more on the Costco Calendar for purchasing different types of furniture. 

Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

Indoor Furniture: January

If you wish to buy indoor furniture such as dining tables, chairs, couches, or sofas, Costo has a ‘New arrival’ January Sale. You will find this sale in the first half of the month.

Outdoor Furniture: February

For outdoor furniture at eye-catching prices, you can visit the Costco physical or online store in the first half of February. During this time you will get lounge chairs and outdoor tables at the best prices.

Clearance Sales: June

If you have missed the February window for purchasing outdoor furniture, June can be your next best option. You can get outdoor furniture at the best prices in the last week of June. Costco offers a clearance sale for lawn and garden furniture

Latest Designs: July

The first couple of weeks of July can be a good time to look for home furniture such as light tables, chairs, loveseats, sofas, and more. If you look closely, you can even get rugs at reasonable prices during this time. 

Decorative Lighting: August

At the end of August, Costco offers some good discounts on home furniture and decorative lighting. You can get some of the best deals on indoor furniture during their August clearance sale.

Clearance Sales: September

The Costco September clearance sale can also be a time when you can save a lot of home furniture. Keep an eye out for the different pieces of furniture available at the store or online catalog, and make your purchase when the price is low. It is your last window to get the best-priced furniture from Costco for the year. If you miss this window, you will have to wait till January to get the furniture at its best price.

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Seasons for Buying Furniture

Did you know that the price for furniture at Costco varies based on the season you are purchasing and the kind of furniture you are looking for during a specific time of the year?

Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

Indoor furniture

You will get the new designs for home furniture at Costco during the spring and the fall season. During this time the manufacturers bring out their new styles into the market and hence the prices are quite high. So, if you are looking for those same designs at a reasonable price, wait till the season ends.

You could purchase the new designs of indoor furniture right before the winter and the summer season sets in. It is when the retailers are looking forward to doing away with the present trends to make space for the new designs of the upcoming syles from furniture manufacturers.

Outdoor furniture:

Outdoor furniture is available at the best price during the summer season from Costco. The manufacturers bring out new designs for outdoor furniture in the period of mid-March to mid-April. In August, these manufacturers lookout for stock clearance of outdoor furniture. So, you can get the top designs of outdoor furniture, such as garden chairs and patio furniture, at the lowest price at Costco in early August.

Tips for Buying Furniture at Costco

If you plan to purchase your next set of furniture from Costco, physical store, you need to keep a few things in mind. The tips will help you locate the right furniture and choose the best time for making the purchase. 

Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

  • You do not need to have a Costco membership to avail the best prices.
  • Costco offers a reasonable return policy.
  • Manufacturer coupons will not work at the Costco physical store of the online platform.
  • Look out for price tags that have .97 mentioned on them. They are generally up for clearance sale.
  • If you find an asterisk on the price tag, the chances are that you are looking at the best price for the furniture.
  • Look out for furniture around the corners of the Costco store. Costco generally keeps the best bargains at the corners so that the customers tend to overlook them.
  • Check out the prices of furniture at different stores to compare the prices and get the best deals. Costco might not offer the best deals on those specific pieces of furniture at the time you are at the store.
  • You can create a wedding registry at Costco so that your guests can choose the best pieces of furniture at reasonable prices. 

Costco Online Delivery Options

Costco offers many types of delivery for furniture, electronics, and other similar items. Most of these are available when your purchase from them online. The Costco delivery options are standard delivery with or without prior appointment, curbside delivery, room of choice delivery, threshold delivery, and white glove delivery.

When Does Costco Sell Furniture?

You will find furniture in Costco all year round. However, the best time to dig in to get the best furniture prices is between the Fourth of July and Labor Day and again during the Christmas week. 

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When Does Furniture Come to Costco?

Furniture at Costco comes during the spring and the fall seasons or around mid-March to mid-September. It is when the furniture manufacturers roll out their new designs of indoor and outdoor furniture. During this time, the price of the new furniture designs is high at Costco unless some special sale is on.

Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

How To View Costco Furniture?

If you visit a Costco Store, the newly arrived seasonal furniture will be on display either in front of the store (if they are large items) at the center of the store (smaller items such as chairs and dressers). You will also find a stack of furniture at the corner of the store, most of which are sold items, waiting for despatch.

Does Costco Do Financing on Furniture?

If you are looking for any typical financing plans like general furniture stores, you will be disappointed to hear that Costco does not have any such plans. However, most Visa cards and credit cards are accepted at Costco on your furniture purchase. You can pay with your credit card if cash is not an option for you and then clear off your credit card balance at the end of your bill cycle. 

Coscto Is A Great Place To Get Cheap Furniture!

Now you might be well informed to make a confident choice of time to get the best prices for your furniture from Costco. Ensure that you pick the perfect time to buy the perfect furniture at the best price for your home. Check out the prices in other stores to compare them with what Costco has to offer.

Best Time To Buy Furniture at Costco

Change the look of your home at a budget-friendly price for furniture at the Costco seasonal or stock clearance sale.

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