Bob’s Furniture Vs. IKEA

Bob’s Furniture vs. IKEA: which one is better? If you are looking to buy furniture on a budget, read our article to find out.

If you’re looking to buy new furniture on a budget, you’re probably debating between IKEA and Bob’s Furniture. So, here’s our opinion on Bob’s Furniture vs. IKEA conundrum. We’ve covered all parameters from pricing and value to service and comfort and compared the two brands. 

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The Swedish furniture chain IKEA has been around since 1943 and is the largest furniture retailer in the world. They gross close to EUR 40 Bn (USD 47 Bn) a year.

Bobs discount furniture vs Ikea2

Design and Style

IKEA is known for its wide variety of designs at reasonable prices. IKEA furniture has a minimalistic and simple Scandinavian style that appeals to modern sensibilities. Their large and one-stop-shop stores have a wide spectrum of choices. The online website provides an even larger range from which to choose.

Flat Packing

The main feature of these products is that they’re all delivered flat packed, i.e., in different components and parts. You’ll have to have your set of tools and a good eye for the instructions provided to get your furniture ready. It’s usually quite easy; they give you detailed instructions, and there are several DIY videos available online. But you might need to get some help if housework is not your thing.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA

Product Selection

IKEA can be crowned a powerhouse for furniture due to the selection there. They have everything from antique, medical to modern, classy furniture. The designs are also known to be eco-friendly, be it furnishing, utensils, or decor items.

In-Store Cafeteria

All IKEA stores also have a delectable instore cafeteria serving Swedish-themed food. We’ve all heard of the famous meatballs, haven’t we? The best part is that the store has something for people of all ages. No one in the store can complain about being bored. 

Target Segment

IKEA is preferred by people looking for a budget bargain while still getting a durable and comfortable product. While adults looking to spruce up their house visit the store often, students and new homeowners are their bread and butter customers.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA


The best-selling, branded products are so much in demand that you might find them out-of-stock at in-store locations. However, for most people, IKEA’s online store has a much wider range of selection, availability and since they deliver direct-to-home, you save on delivery charges. 


  • Wide selection and range
  • High-quality, durable products.
  • Simple designs for modern living.
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Customizable with a lot of options.
  • Home delivered
  • The Swedish meatballs are yum 🙂


  • It needs to be assembled.
  • Customer service is not their strong suit.
  • Tend to always be out of stock on their top-selling items. Online stores have a wider selection and better stock situation.

Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture was established in 1991, when Bob Kaufman opened his first store in Newington, Connecticut, promising something extraordinary at the time: everyday low pricing. In 2014, he sold his furniture chain to Bain & Co, while Bob continues to remain president emeritus.

Today, Bob’s Discount has over 140 stores for you to find the perfect bargains on furniture. Both the online and in-person stores have excellent availability and a wide assortment.

Bobs discount furniture vs Ikea2
Attribution: Bob’s Discount Furniture, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Design & Style

Bob’s furniture offers both traditional and modern design styles. There are timeless pieces with cutting-edge quality and super unique and funky goods to fit every type of customer.

Even though the price point is super affordable, many find the durability questionable. 

Product Selection

There are a lot of products from their in-house brand, great for starting sets for houses. You can upgrade them from thereon. 


The selection in stores is usually rotated per a quick schedule. So you’ll have to call ahead or order online for a store pick-up in case you’re looking for a single item in particular. 

There are three options for you to get furniture at Bob’s. You can directly go to the store for browsing through or choose online and use the store pick-up option. You can get the product delivered with White glove service straight to your doorstep as well. 

In-Store Cafeteria

Bob’s Discount also has cafeterias in all their stores, where they would sometimes offer free sweet treats and gourmet coffee.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA

Target Segment

Unlike IKEA, Bob’s Discount has something for everyone. Their target customer base and marketing strategy are focused on their motto of everyday low pricing, including anyone who wants a bargain.

Work Culture

The company is known to have better work culture and customer service. There is great diversity and equality among the staff. 


  • Super cheap, convenient for people under a budget.
  • Larger range of products
  • No assembly required
  • They run many deals and discounts, so it’s easy to get a bargain if you wait for one.


  • Poor build, not durable enough.
  • Delivery service might not be up to the mark.
  • Deteriorating quality- doesn’t last long.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA

Bob’s Furniture vs. IKEA

Delivery and Accessibility: 

Right off the bat, the store pick-up option stands out to Bob’s furniture. The online selection and in-shop pick-up add to the ease of delivery. There are about 50 IKEA stores today and over 140 Bob’s Discount Furniture stores in the USA. A large number of stores makes the store pick up in Bob’s much easier. 

Winner: Bob’s Furniture

Assembly and Ease:

Most IKEA furniture comes flat packed and needs to be assembled with handy work. There are detailed instructions, and it is meant to be hassle-free and simple. Yet, many feel that the assembly is tedious and confusing if you have no prior experience. Bob’s merchandise requires minimal assembly.

Winner: Bob’s Furniture

Customer service:

IKEA scores high when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. There are overwhelmingly positive reviews with an occasional few negatives. Bob’s lacks a little in customer satisfaction with mixed reviews. The average is moderate and positive for the company.

Winner: IKEA

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA

Warranty and Replacement:

Most IKEA furniture has a ten-year limited warranty period and a 365-day return. Remember to save your receipt if you want to get the benefit of this warranty. Bob’s offers a one-year guarantee and doesn’t have a return policy. There’s also an additional Bob’s Goof Proof five-year plan for products with special guidelines.

Winner: IKEA’s warranty is longer.

Product Returns

IKEA will take back your product within one year if you change your mind. You can always exchange a mattress with a softer or harder one if you find it uncomfortable at IKEA. 

Bob’s Discount will only let you cancel the order upto the day of delivery. 

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA


IKEA sofas are expert designed with a bit of European influence. Focusing on function over design, the couches are appealing, practical, and functional. The design is minimal and straightforward and fits any aesthetic. IKEA uses foam padding and polyester, and polypropylene fabric. The frames are not very sturdy, but they do well for occasional use. 

Bob’s sofas incorporate both modern and traditional designs. They have clean and simple style choices that blend into any interior effortlessly. Bob’s spacious sofas usually use polyester nylon fabric, known for its durability and smoothness.

Winner: Bob’s Furniture has sturdier sofas in a wider range

Mattresses and cots:

IKEA offers mattresses with a versatile selection of materials. There’s a bang for your buck with the low prices from foam and latex blend to spring and memory foam. The mattresses are durable and stay firm for long periods. Sometimes firmness can cause discomfort. 

Bob’s furniture also offers competitive mattresses. The selection of materials includes memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses. However, feel, durability, and quality are persistent problems among the mattresses.

The top picks for IKEA include Matrand, Meistervik, Morgedal, and Myrbacka, depending on your needs. Bob’s Furniture, the Bob-o-Pedic Gel memory foam mattresses, Synergy, and Splendor Hybrids are popular options. Gel-infused latex is also a unique pick here.

Winner: IKEA, as per customer reviews they have better mattresses

Famous products:

IKEA is known for its desks, wardrobes, and storage cabinets. With super low starting prices, the minimalist style is great for all kinds of interiors. They’re made with fiberboard, high-quality paint, and polish for a long-lasting effect. The Kitchen cabinets have standard dimensions to fit any kitchen.

They might not be durable for heavy use and can be quite challenging to assemble. The rugs and carpets in IKEA are also popular for simplistic or intricate designs. Even though the quality is sometimes in doubt, the overall reviews for rugs are quite high. The easy replacement for damaged and missing parts is an added plus point.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA

Bob’s furniture is famous for overall settings for bedrooms and dining. The quality furniture is available in traditional, trendy, and farmhouse styles. They come with mahogany, painted, and walnut veneers. They are cheap but might have some problems with longevity. 

Recliners are quite fast selling and come with the latest features. The high-quality leather and foam cushions have positive reviews and have competitive prices. The sectionals are decked with comfortable foam cushions and synthetic upholstering. They might sag with time but are reasonable prices for the classic designs offered.

IKEA- Stand-Out Features:

  • The variety of options available for the price point is a stand-out feature for IKEA furniture. They offer variety in style, design, utility, and price. You can have your right pick with all the necessary features.
  • IKEA’s perceived quality is remarkable. Expert and customer reviews across many platforms agree that the products are of great quality and value for money.

Bob's Furniture Vs. IKEA
  • IKEA’s products are very standardized. You can find parts and accessories easily, and their sizes and dimensions are always standardized, so one piece fits nicely onto the other.
  • IKEA’s worldwide presence is much better. They are present across 400 locations worldwide, so IKEA is the way to go if you reside outside the US.

Bob’s Discount Furniture- Stand-Out Features:

  • Most Bob’s Furniture merchandise comes with a paid trial period. The trial period helps you experience and feel the product in your house setting and see if it’s the right choice before committing to it.
  • The bargain pricing in Bob’s Furniture is truly irresistible. The low prices make it perfect for people under a budget and looking for reasonable quality.


Choose to shop at IKEA if you:

  • You prefer functionality, quality and are picky with design for your interiors.
  • You value customer service, response, and replacement options.
  • You are looking for customization and an engaging experience.
  • Prefer function over form and simpler designs

Choose Bob’s Discount Furniture if you:

  • You prefer minimal assembly or pre-built products.
  • You prefer in-store browsing.
  • You love deals and discounts.