Can You Use Brown Furniture With Gray Walls: Let’s Settle The Debate

Brown furniture with gray walls: some completely adore them, others completely abhor them. Let’s see how you can add these two colors together without creating a decor disaster.

When you try to redesign a room in your home or remodel an existing space, you will likely end up in a dilemma. Here, we will solve a likely dilemma between the two most preferred color schemes, gray and brown.

So let us explore some combinations and options you can try. We will also discuss if and how you can pair brown furniture with gray walls. 

Color Theory in Interior Design

Ask an interior designer, and they will give you a mini-thesis on the color theory

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

The theory of color is crucial to interior design. Whenever the color theory is put on the backburner, space doesn’t turn out well. Colors can make or break a space.

Using them can help you define your personality or the mood you want to create in a specific area of your home or workplace. Let’s move on to discussing grey and brown now. 

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Brown Furniture With Gray Walls: Do They Go Together?

Grey is a cooler color, while brown is a warmer one. Well, have you seen people wearing crisp grey trousers with brown leather shoes? Admittedly, it is a rather rare sight, but this is a testament to how grey and brown have been used together. Grey and brown work well together if you pair them carefully. 

Grey is an excellent bedroom color. The bedroom is the space where you will come to no matter how your day was, so the color has to relax. Imagine coming home to a red and getting even more exasperated. Colors such as blue, grey on the other hand, lend a soothing effect to the viewer. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

It is also imperative to determine if grey applies well to brown furniture as there may be cases in which the colors you choose for your home end up being these hues.  

What Colors Go Well With Brown Furniture?

Brown with Beige, White

Think of a leopard print, and you will know what I am referring to. 

White with a hint of brown and all colors in between white and brown make for an amazing color palette. Ah! They remind me of the English countryside cottages. How cozy!

A space done in this color palette can look like so- a crisp brown sofa set amongst a beige textured throw accompanying other hues of brown such as tan on the photo frames. Brown wooden framed paintings and a brown piano table set against a beige wall go well with each other.

You can use the contrast in the foreground and background, texture, patterns, colors to highlight and downlight elements in a space.  

Warm colors make a room feel cozy. The cherry on top would be a hint of gold in an all-brown space. It will add an element of interest and accentuate the overall look and feel of the room.

However, all browns may also make the room way too earthy; you can balance this out using a bluish-white at some places. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

Brown and white is a crisp and classic combination. It has been in use since time immemorial. In spaces where there is an ample supply of natural lighting, you can opt for dark brown walls and instead keep the furniture a light shade of brown or white. 

Blue and Brown: Nature’s Color Palette

Dark Blue

A dark blue wall in the background and brown furniture in the foreground make for a very interesting and fun contrast. The dark blue makes the brown pop.

A bit of white going hither and thither in the space will also add to the interest. By introducing golden reflective vases, decorative pieces, you can up the glam quotient of this space. You can also use brass pieces. 

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Sky Blue

Blue is a cool color, creates a soothing contrast with the warms of brown. This color palette is inspired by nature. It incorporates the blues of the sky and the browns of the trees, animals, and ground. This color palette is one of my absolute favorites.

Pink and Brown: A Tried and Tested combination  

Fuschia Pink 

Whenever brown pops up, Fuschia pink also appears, especially when someone is talking about clothing. For example, ask someone what shade of lipstick they are planning to wear with their brown leather skirt; it will utterly likely be Fuschia pink.

Some would also go with a bag and heels in pink. This color combination is tried and tested. The combination looks classy. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

Quite understandably, some people would also want to pair a Fuschia pink with brown in their home or workspace. One standout cushion or throw or curtain will do justice to space.

Think of the Fuschia pink as the fun element which is not meant to be omnipresent. However, the Fuschia should not be equal to brown since this combination is way too flashy. Hence, I would recommend not doing the same in your living space way too much.

However, you can go for as much as you like in your little one’s bedroom because their happiness comes above everything.

Rose Pink

Rose upholstery on brown furniture and pale pink decor with brown wood grains provide a very exciting, inviting, and serene setting. 

If you are a quiet yet friendly person, such shades in your living space can add charm to your house. In addition, you can use standout pieces with golden hardware and finish to make the space more enthralling. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls


Black adds drama to a room, a black and white textured or patterned backdrop can accentuate the look and feel of a space. 

What Color Goes Best With Grey Walls?

Grey is a very relaxing and serene color. Grey walls in a room can look wonderful if designed well. Now that I have mentioned colors that complement brown, let us also look at colors that compliment grey walls. 


Monochrome has been in for a while now. Add three to four colors from the white and grey palette to make your space look sophisticated and chic for a natural and effortless look for textured fabrics in the curtains or upholstery. 

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Pastel hues 

Dark grey and pastel blue make a great combination. The same applies to grey and a pastel pink shade. Pastels have been trending for quite some time and are ruling Pinterest like nothing else. You can hop onto the bandwagon by settling for pastel hues for your space. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

Pastel pink and blue 

Light grey, white, and pastel pink are easily some of the most loved color combinations for kids’ rooms. The pastel pink can be swapped with pastel blue, depending on your preferences.

You can opt for fun wallpapers if you like to redo their space every few years. Especially in the kids’ context, the kids will have different demands and desires in few years, and it is good to roll with wallpapers. 

A bright yellow

Hints of yellow in the room, such as yellow curtains or a cushion or rug, add an element of interest to space. A color palette comprising grey, yellow, and white make for a quirky and modern look. This color palette is visually appealing. 

However, you must remember not to use a very dark hue of grey with this one; a medium and a light one would do just fine. Also, refrain from overdoing yellow in the space; it is meant to grace only the statement pieces in your room. 

Vibrant hues

All vibrant hues such as hot pink, coral pink, tangerine make for excellent accent colors with grey. You can use them to create a statement and highlight certain focal points in the space. Colors like so say a lot about the person’s personality.

In fact, most of the time, this smart play of colors ends up being the talk of the room. However, since vibrant hues can get too stark, it is good to carefully decide upon these hues. Do consider this point while deciding on the color palette. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls

Grey and Coral Pink

Coral is super trendy these days; it stands out. You can incorporate this in the form of throw blankets, cushions, stools, upholstery, and so much more. 

How To Do Your Space in Brown and Grey?

Since grey and brown are cooler and warmer tones, pairing them can be tricky. So let us look at ways to achieve the same. 


If one of the recliners or sofas is a dark brown hue, you can use a textured grey finish for the curtains in the background. Other sofas or stools in the room can also be finished in grey.

Alternatively and additionally, you can use a grey knit throw or statement cushion atop the brown sofa. Finally, a grey furry rug can adorn a natural wood hue floor. Again, try balancing out the textures and tones smartly. 

Pastel Hues 

Suppose you wonder how to effortlessly blend grey and brown furniture, tone down both the grey and brown. Instead, opt for pastel hues and do the entire space in a soothing and minimalistic color palette, a light grey and a light brown. Faded and light hues tend to sync with each other automatically. 


A brown sofa can stand out against a pale grey background or vice versa. You can do cushions and throws on this sofa in hues of grey. You can also look for wallpapers that incorporate both these hues and opt for solid color upholstery. 

Can You Use Brown Furniture With Grey Walls


Look for patterns in the curtains, tiling, or even the bed linen that incorporate hues of brown and grey is a good way to highlight the color palette in the room. In addition, such an element can act as your inspiration for all the other hues you incorporate into space.

For example, if your bedsheet has a geometrical print, you should look for angular, sharp, and clean furniture for the room. Also, try to avoid a clash of patterns in the space since this leads to visual clutter. 

Accent color

If you are still unsure which option would work for you, don’t think too much. Consider making a statement with one color. Let the brown couch stand out; let the cushions have a hint of brown.

Monochromatic spaces may sometimes become monotonous. You can use brown in an otherwise grey room to cast a statement. 

Yes, You Can Use Brown Furniture With Gray Walls.

We hope you could find answers to your grey and brown doubts in the article above. Let us know what you think about this article in the comments down below. Do share this piece with your friends and family.