Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley’s

You want to buy furniture at a discounted price and are curious about whether Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Ashley’S, then this article is for you.

Ashley’s Furniture Store provides quality furniture that is both comfortable and durable. Ashely’s furniture is expensive with stores located in almost 800 locations worldwide because it is so much in demand. 

Most chain stores do not provide more than 20-25% discount, but customers can expect considerable discounts on certain sets of products.

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“Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley’s?”. This is a question we get often, so I decided to investigate the possibilities myself. This article will help you with everything you need to get a bargain at Ashley’s.

#1 Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley’s?

While most commercial furniture chains do not offer a negotiated discount of more than 20-25%, Ashley’s can provide a fair negotiated price for certain products. Here are a few ways you can negotiate a bargain price at Ashley’s:

Negotiate beyond the discounted price

Most retail stores often mark up the prices to about 80%, and their selling price is high even after advertised discounts. To get a fair negotiated price, you should negotiate beyond the discounted price. You can get a 10-15% discount over and above discounted price just by bargaining hard.

Negotiate on individual products

Most customers try to get a discount on the combined price of multiple purchases. Negotiating on individual products helps get a fair discount for each product, reducing the total price of your order. And once you are done, you can always ask for a bulk discount on everything you bought!

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's

Approach with a deal

To get a fair negotiated price for your products, the customer should approach for negotiation only after knowing the true market rate. This way, a customer can extend a negotiating deal that remains within the original market rate. If not approaching, the customer can take a quick analysis of the negotiating offer by Ashley’s and compare it with the market value.

Negotiating is just one aspect of getting a good price for products at Ashley’s. Customers can also opt for store deals and offers and look out for an option that suits their budget.

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#2 How to Get the Best Deal at Ashley’s Furniture?

Ashley’s Advantage Credit Card

Customers shopping at Ashley’s can apply for their Advantage Credit Card for a large furniture order. The Advantage Credit Card has no interest financing for 6-12, 24, 48, and 60 months and the financing promotion is enabled only after the customer makes the full payment for their first order. The Ashley’s Advantage Credit Card enables customers to join the Orange Rewards Programme that provides additional benefits like:

  • The first Tuesday of every month offers an additional 5% discount on the customer’s order.
  • Additional 10% by Ashley’s furniture during the customer’s birthday month.
  • With an order of 2 products of Ashley’s of $2500 or more, customers earn reward dollars for future purchases.

However, the Advantage Credit card has certain limitations:

  • For customers to enable the 24-month no-interest financing option, a minimum purchase of $999 is required. In 48-60 months, a minimum purchase of $1499 is to be initiated by the customer to avail of the benefits. However, the 6-12 month no interest option does not require any minimum purchase value.
  • Customers cannot combine the 48 and 60 months no-interest financing options with Ashley’s promo codes and discounts. Customers with a 6, 12, and 24 months no-interest financing option can avail of additional discounts after combining the financial promotion with other promo codes.

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Ashley’s Furniture Price Match

Ashley’s claims to provide the best price on their furniture that will not be available by customers anywhere online or in-store. Customers who find an identical product from an online retailer at a lower price than the offered price of Ashley’s can get the same price or even further discount on the product. To avail of this offer, customers can get the Price Match by following certain conditions by Ashley’s:

  • The brand name, size, quantity, color, and weight must be identical to the product offered by Ashley’s. The customer will not be eligible for the Price Match if any of the variables differ in number or quantity offered by Ashley’s.
  • Ashley’s HomeStore avails the Price Match offer only if the product shown by the customer is available online on the retailer’s store, as well as at Ashley’s online store:
  • If the product is not available on any one of the online websites when availing of Ashley’s offer, the customer does not become eligible for the price match offer.
  • The Price Match offer does not include the additional discount offered by online retail stores at the time of checkout.
  • Price Match offer by Ashley’s is not valid if the product on other retail stores is titled as refurbished, under clearance, limited quantity offers, special hour offers, or used items.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's

Ashley’s offers the Price Match only if the product is available on these online retail platforms:


Ashley’s also offers an additional 10% discount if the customer experiences any error or issue during the Price Match offer.

The price adjustment only works if the purchase period of the product from Ashley’s is under 30 days. Beyond the 30 day limit, Ashley’s does not accept the Price Match offer.

For more details about Ashley’s Price Match offer, check their official website.

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Check for regular Price updates.

Any product purchased by a customer at Ashley’s has 30 days for getting a discount after the payment is cleared. Suppose the same product is available at a lower price during a discount period at Ashley’s. In that case, customers can demand a price reduction on their previous purchase under the 30-day price match offer.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's

Customers need to keep themselves regularly updated with upcoming offers and discount times after their purchase for the next 30 days. 

However, Ashley’s will not accept the Price change or update if the product purchased by the customer is damaged without a valid warranty and official payment slip by Ashley’s.

Trade Program

The Trade Program offered by Ashley’s is only applicable for individuals like Interior Designers, Architects, Home Developers, Set Designers, and people working for Hospitality Trade. Any customer working under the given titles who purchase products for business use is eligible to register for Ashley’s official Trade Program.

  • Customers registered under the Trade program can claim benefits on products and furniture with an additional discount of 20%.
  • The Trade Program offers quick Express Delivery of orders to a resident or business address.
  • Customers require no minimum purchase amount under the Trade Program, and the program comes with additional services like Assembly Included by Ashley’s In-Home Delivery Team.
  • You can use the unique discount code provided to customers registered under the Trade Program multiple times without restriction.

The Trade Program becomes highly beneficial for people working under client orders. But Ashley’s does not initiate the Trade Program under the following circumstances:

  • The Trade Program’s unique discount code is valid only on the official Ashley’s HomeStore’s online retail store:
  • The unique discount code cannot be combined with any additional benefits or promo codes available at Ashley’s HomeStore.
  • The Trade Program does not apply to specific products like Style your way custom furniture, HomeStore Specials, Online Specials, Event Featured Items, Bonus Deals.
  • The offers included in the Trade Program are non-transferable, and the discount is exclusive of taxes and shipping charges.
  • Shipping, In-Home Delivery, and Assembly are not included in the Trade Program.

To know more about Ashley’s Trade Program, visit their official Trade page.

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Refer a Friend

Ashley’s offers an additional discount to those customers registered under the Refer a Friend Program. 

  • Customers who provide their email ID when registering for the program will receive a personalized referral link. 
  • This link remains unique for each individual, and the benefits are added to their account.
  • The customer can send the referral link to their friends and families. Those who use the referral link will get an additional discount on their order at Ashley’s, and the person whose reference link was used gets added discounts and bonus offers as well.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's
  • Each time a registered customer shares their referral link and a purchase is made from the link, the opportunity to save up and avail of bigger discounts increases for all of them.
  • The coupon code is sent to the customer’s registered email ID and can be used only on purchases made at

To register under the Refer a Friend Program, check out Ashley’s official website.

Ashley’s Clearance Sale

Ashley’s offers clearance and price cut sales on a variety of their products frequently. Customers can avail of major discounts on bulk orders or individual furniture products. Ashley’s Clearance Sale usually comes around the end of 6 months, a year, or during stock clearance from warehouses for new furniture stocking.

Customers can avail of discounts on all major furniture products at a slashed price with a discount of around 25-30% from the usual selling price.

Ashley’s Black Friday Sale

During their yearly Black Friday sales and deals, Ashley’s offers products and furniture at a great price with a discount on maximum products. 

  • Customers who register and pre-qualify for the Sale get benefits and discounts before the general public.
  • Ashley’s Black Friday Sale can offer more than 40% discounts on most of their products with added benefits like 12 months no-interest special financing plan included on select orders and products.
  • The 12 months no-interest special financing plan included can be used with online discount offers.


Ashley’s Memorial Day Sales

  • The Memorial Day Holiday in May brings in a variety of offers and discounts that Ashley’s offers. Majority of the products available at Ashley’s get discounts that range to 50% off or higher.
  • The Memorial Day Sale also offers a 12 month no interest financing plan that you can include with additional discount codes.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's
  • A customer registered via email on Ashley’s Online Retail store will receive regular updates to offers and discounts under various products.
  • Customers under the Orange Rewards Program will receive updates about Memorial Day discounts and offers before the general public can access them.

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Ashley’s Spin. Win. Shop Deals

  • Every customer who registers with their email ID on Ashley’s official online retail store will get a pop-up option of “Spin. Win. Shop.”
  • Customers can spin the wheel on the website and avail of discounts that range from 5 to 10%. 
  • A customer who gets a surprising square will get offers and discounts that are higher than expected from any of the offers on the wheel.
  • This becomes a fun, interactive, and easy way to save up on your furniture products. However, the offer won in the Spin cannot be combined with additional coupon codes, discounts, or offers.

The offers provided in the Spin do not apply to Shipping or In-House Delivery Services. They can only be used for furniture products and goods unless specified in the offer or discount description.

Now, if we refer to the question “Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley’s?” The answer is simple. Yes, a customer can negotiate at Ashley’s to get an additional discount on their furniture products that ranges between 20-25% off on the selling price. A registered customer can also avail of additional discounts under various schemes by Ashley’s HomeStores.


We hope this article answered the most popular question among customers “Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley’s?” The answer has been provided in detail with additional options that customers can explore. Suppose we summed up all aspects in the article. In that case, we understand that negotiating on discounted products and individual products rather than a bulk order can help you save a lot while purchasing furniture and goods from Ashley’s.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices at Ashley's

A customer can also get great discounts and offers under various schemes offered by Ashley’s like Advantage Credit Card, Orange Rewards Program, Refer a Friend, Trade Program, and more. Ashley’s also brings in discount schemes and offers throughout the year that customers can enable during the discount period.

Let us know if this article helped negotiate a deal at Ashley’s and share this with people in need of discounts and offers from Ashley’s.