Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At La-Z-Boy

“Can you negotiate furniture prices at La-Z-Boy?” We get this question a lot. Let’s find out together!

We all have tried to negotiate prices at stores, and when they do not offer a decent deal, you walk away without the purchase so that they can come after you for the discount, haven’t they? Well, so many of us hesitate to bargain prices at furniture stores, as most of it is already marked and especially at big stores like La-Z-Boy. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At La-Z-Boy

Can you negotiate furniture prices at Lazy Boy, you ask? Yes, of course, you can. Like most furniture outlets, they hire commissioned sales representatives who will always try to convince you to pay full price because their product is worth the price. In stores like Ikea, they even have floor managers, and then the commission increases. Don’t fall for the trap of extended warranty and 10% off discounts that barely take the taxes out.  

There is so much to consider while furniture shopping; you have to inquire about the prices, compare them, assure the quality, ask about the delivery, return, replacements, and payment options. Well, I would not say it will get easier, but you can get you the way with discounts and prices with negotiation.  

Try these recommended ways to negotiate furniture prices at Lazy Boys. Let’s get started, shall we?

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#1 Check the website

When I say check online, you can only know the prices and know the product’s specifications. La-Z-Boy offers a vast collection of sofas and recliners. They insist more on designing your living space for you; they have free interior design services. They even provide virtual sessions with designers, and you can even walk in the store and discuss.  

With Lazy Boy, you have to go in the store and try your luck with sales. 

#2 Look for ongoing offer and sales

La-Z-Boy’s online sale section is not much help. I don’t know if my timing was off, but they tell you to go to your nearest store to find out about sales whenever I checked. Their online sale game is weak, and hence you will have to use sources to find about any sales.

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At La-Z-Boy

#3 Call Ahead at the Outlet

Since their website is not much of a help in informing you about sales and discounts, you can to your nearest Lazy Boy outlet store and inquire if there is any sale or offers available at the time. If you are a regular, you can ask them to let you know if a new sale is upcoming. 

New customers can inquire about what usual offers they have and coupons if possible. The next tip is for new customers at La-Z-Boy’s.  

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#4 Beware of the Sales Person 

I do not mean they bite or something, but they are commissioned, workers. They will always convince you that there is no chance for negotiation and that the products are worth it. Don’t be surprised if they say that the pieces were shipped from overseas. It’s part of their tactics to get you to pay for their commission on every piece. 

They would even fool you with a 10% discount, but it will only take away taxes with the overpriced label. You will have to be smart and tell them that you are not willing to pay the full price, and you might find a better deal if you keep looking in other stores. However, they are ready to negotiate, then ask to throw in the fabric protector and those cushions.  

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#5 Use coupons

Although they do not offer any money-saving options to pay, they do accept working coupons. Every store accepts coupons; you have to be aggressive enough to ask. That is the way you will get away with the discounts. You can check available coupons on and Groupon.    

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At La-Z-Boy

#6 Talk cash

Here is what a shopper at Lazy boy shared on Reddit. She was looking for a single-seat recliner, she found the one she likes, but it was priced at $650. She told them that she is interested in buying this product today, but she only has $500, and that is all she feels like paying.

The salesperson ran to the computer, shifted the numbers, and told her they could get them an $11 difference. She again let them know that she will pay for the delivery charge(which was not much, as she lived nearby), but she does not feel like paying more than $500 for the recliner.

They told her that they could not help anymore. So she started the classic walk away and told them how badly she needs one and will buy a recliner today. As soon as she reached the exit, they agreed to make the sale for $500 excluding delivery.

This tactic worked because she showed them the cash and was determined to buy the product, anyhow. They cannot lose a potential customer that easily, therefore the discount.   

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#7 Bargain aggressive 

By aggressive, I do not mean you should start an argument with the salesperson. Since the commissioned workers are super determined to earn the commission (which is over the price for us), you will have to be stubborn and aggressive with your bargain. Start with a large margin of discount and slowly settle for less. Try to settle for a middle ground between what offer you want and what they are willing to give. It portrays the situation of you win some you lose some. 

Final words

I hope this article answers whether can you negotiate furniture prices at Lazy Boys or not. Always keep in mind the overprice due to the salesperson’s commission and store reputation. You can get your favorite piece of furniture at your desired deal if you are informed enough to bargain right. Even if you get a 20% off your complete order, it was worth the try. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At La-Z-Boy

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