Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Macy’s

If you want to know whether can you negotiate furniture prices at Macy’s or not? Please read this article to find out.

Like every other big furniture store, Macy’s is also open to negotiation. Even though some stores of Macy’s do not promise any negotiation, there are some loopholes to get your way with discounts at Macy’s. 

I will tell you about my friend’s incident at Macy’s. She had her eyes on a coffee table, but the price was double her budget. She always went and inquired about the coffee table. She made sure that they know that she is extremely interested in the table and is ready to make a sale on that very day if they agree to give her a good deal. 

The price was $2000, and they offered it to her at $1500 excluding delivery. Delivery was not a problem as the table was not that large and could fit in the car’s back seat. She told them that she only had a budget of $1000. Of course, they did not agree at first, but when she was about to leave, they agreed, and she got a 50% discount. Isn’t it amazing!

Here are some tips and things to keep in mind when you plan to negotiate at Macy’s. Let’s get started, shall we?

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#1 Check Online

The initial step is always to search online first. Macy’s has a well-organized and user-friendly website. All of their products are divided into categories, yet you can find all of their services in one place. Here comes the useful stuff, they have a list of products with their price range arranged in a table for the ease of the user to compare. 

Detailed information about the return policy and delivery services and alternative delivery options can be found easily on the website’s home page. I don’t need to repeat how you should do your research about furniture before leaving the house for furniture shopping. You will require information to base your bargain. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Macy’s


#2 Checkout Sales

Along with the sales in their store, they also have Macy’s sale section on their website. I doubt you would find something exceptional in their online sale, as they provide a large range of products from clothes, footwear to furniture. They do put their furniture on sale but that often, keep an eye on your favorite furniture set. Because the sale section does not have much to offer, Macy’s makes it up with other money-saving options at their furniture outlet. We will look into it further.   

#3 Price Adjustment Policy at Macy’s

They have a policy that if you find out that the purchased item’s price reduces by any percentage within 10 days of your purchase, Macy’s will refund the difference in price through the original form of payment. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Macy’s

Terms and conditions are that the purchase should not be made with a promo code. You should save up the receipt for furniture bought from Macy’s as they will ask for the order number. 

That’s how you know that a company stands by its product and quality when they offer such policies. 

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#4 Comparing prices  

If you are convinced that you would find something similar to what you are looking for in some other store at a cheaper rate, you should always look around and let them know that you would come back after looking around for some better deals.  

Don’t let their 10% off fool you. With the overpriced labels, a 10% discount will only take off taxes, and you would end up paying the full price. 

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#5 Try Credits Cards or Cash

Macy’s offers you an extra discount if you purchase something for the first time and make the payment with a credit card. They sign you up for a free membership and an extra discount. They also allow you to use this credit card discount with any other coupons you have. 

You might also ask them for some extras like cushions or free delivery when you pay with a credit card, as the salesperson gets some commission on every new credit card opening. They might even tell you about an offer that is going on, but you are unaware. Just try out your luck. 

#6 Wait for the Right Time

This tip came from a former Macy’s employee; they have their Thanks For Sharing Program around the end of August. You will get 10% back on your purchases from the day you enroll till the 31st of December. You will receive this 10% back in the form of a rewards card that comes by February. If you purchased something for $1000, you would get $100 back in later months; also, 25% of the charge is donated to charity. If you can wait for a purchase, it is worth the wait.   

Another way to earn rewards at Macy’s is to sign up for a Plenti card and use it with Macy’s reward cards. It will convert every $10 into $1 as in your card that can be used at gas stations(Mobil/exxon), Hulu, and rite aid as well.    

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#7 Asking wouldn’t Hurt 

We have already discussed how you can get 30-40% off if you overcome the hesitation to ask. Here is an incident that happened to me at Macy’s. I was looking for a small wooden stool for plants and also to match my room’s aesthetics. I found one, but it was a little above my budget, but I had a coupon. When I went to the counter, they told me that the coupon was expired, but they still accepted it because they don’t consider this timeline at most stores, and also, I was totally unaware that it was expired. 

Even if you realize that the coupon is expired, ask if they could do something about it; otherwise, try talking to the manager to convince them that you really want to make a decent deal. 

Parting Words

I hope this article helped you to know whether you can negotiate furniture prices at Macy’s or not. Don’t be afraid to call the general manager to discuss the discount, as you already know 95% of the time they are not available to talk. Calling the manager gives the salesperson that you are determined to buy the piece of furniture. Beware of the 10% discount that they offer. 

Can You Negotiate Furniture Prices At Macy’s

Share your Macy incidents with us in the comment section below and share this article with your friends and families, who have eyes for any Macy’s furniture.