Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Furniture Polish works well inside the house, but can you use furniture polish for car interiors? Let’s find out.

For most car owners, cleaning car interiors is a part of maintaining their vehicle. But did you know that these small actions of washing and detailing our cars lead up to a $12Bn industry

The way we keep our engine and battery in shape, keep our wheels aligned and get our car service every three months, it is also equally essential to keep the interiors of the car clean. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Some of us put our best efforts into cleaning interiors. There are many products available in the market that claim to be best at reviving the shine of seats, dashboards, plastic surfaces, and mats. But what if you wanted a simpler, cheaper alternative?

The way we use furniture polish to bring out the shine in our furniture, one might wonder: “Can you use furniture polish for car interiors?” Is it safe for interiors? You would not be the first to ask that question; it is a popular one on our forums. In this article, we will answer this question and also give you some great tips on taking care of your car.

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors? 

To put your mind to rest, yes, furniture polish can be used to clean your car interiors. In fact, if you are looking for the perfect thing to clean your dashboard or console, nothing is as great as furniture polish. 

Furniture polish can bring back the shine of your car interiors. It reduces static and also attracts accumulated dust, whisking it away. When applied to the dashboard’s plastic, furniture polish gives a conditioned look to it. Furniture polish also provides a shine to rubber or plastic parts of the car’s interior. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Some cars may have special surfaces like wood trim, metal, and more. If your car has a wood trim surface, furniture polish can work wonders. Using furniture polish on wood exactly does what you might expect: give it a unique shine while cleaning it thoroughly. 

What is the best Furniture polish for Car Interiors?

The most common furniture polish that can be used for car interiors is Pledge

Pledge is a multi-surface furniture cleaner that works amazingly on hard surfaces by removing dust and provides glossy coating. It offers an easy shine and cleans up multiple surfaces like car interiors, furniture, leather, and more. 

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Can we use Pledge Anywhere on Car interior?

The first thing about Pledge furniture polish is it is a safe product for car interiors. This furniture polish can be used on leather, vinyl, and wood panels, which means you can use it for the entire interior of your car. 

Many car dealers use a trick of using Lemon pledge furniture polish to give a clean and shiny finish to your car interiors. They charge a considerable amount for it in the name of expensive detailing. You can do the same at home with this fantastic furniture polish, Pledge. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Dashboard, seats, steering, door panels are common interior parts that you can easily clean with the help of appropriate furniture polish. Pledge not only gives a radiant look to your wood and fine furniture, but it also spruces your car. 

How to Put Furniture Polish On Car’s Interiors? 

Here are steps on how you can apply furniture polish on interiors: 

# Shake The Bottle 

Before you start applying furniture polish to interiors, you need to decide where you will use it. You can apply it on vinyl, leather seats, dashboard, or wood consoles without any worries. You can also use it on the exterior part of the car to clean and polish the stainless steel parts or outside walls of wheels. And once you know the areas, shake the bottle well before you use it. 

# Keep Maximum Distance at the Time of application 

As we know, furniture polish contains harmful chemicals, so it is recommended to spray the polish from 8 inches away and start with a bit of polish. 

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# Buff the Excess Polish 

If you realize you have applied extra polish, buff the extra polish immediately by using chamois. If still, you get a slippery surface, buff it until the surface cleans and shines out. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Using chamois can help you clean surfaces that are harder to reach, like cup holders and more.  

Cleaning Car Interiors: By Parts

Plastic Surfaces 

Cars come with many plastic surfaces, like a console, dashboard, door panels, and more. Plastic is that material that picks up grease from the hands of passengers or drivers, and then dust builds on them. So the essential part of cleaning the car’s interiors is cleaning the plastic surfaces. It is never wrong to apply furniture polish on plastic surfaces to clean the surface and allow it to shine for a long time. 

Steps To Clean Plastic Surfaces 

  • You must start cleaning the plastic surfaces by taking the help of a damp cloth. You must wipe the surface with a damp cloth, and it is advisable to get a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is ideal as it removes most of the grime and grease. 
  • Get a small amount of mild detergent with some water. Then rub the cloth that is dipped with mild detergent on the surface to remove stains and marks. 


While you clean the car’s interiors, it is also vital to clean trims. In today’s Time, many cars have trims made up of carbon fiber, brushed metal, or wood. So when it is about cleaning trims, furniture polish is an ideal option. If your car has real wood trim, nothing is better than furniture polish. Remember to use it on cloth first, so that it does to get to areas where you don’t want it. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Brushed metal is hard to clean; you must start with mild detergent with water and a damp cloth. 

Seats And Upholstery 

Car’s interiors comprise seats and upholstery. There are many fabrics available for seats, like different cloth or leather. 

You can take the help of a vacuum with a soft brush attachment or an upholstery attachment. You must fold the seat fully back so that you can clean the cracks and crevices. If your seats have fabric cloth, it is better to vacuum them and not use a wet cloth to clean them. 

Otherwise, leather seats are better cleaned with furniture polish. So whenever you think can you use furniture polish for car interiors, especially leather seats? Then yes, leather seats are thoroughly cleaned and then get the amazing shine to give a new look with the help of furniture polish. Furniture polish helps in keeping leather seats supple and conditions the leather seats. 

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Cleaning the car’s glass from inside is a tricky part. As all glass cleaners present in the market leave residue on the glass after cleaning, it is okay to ignore such cleaners. So using a damp microfiber cloth to clean an interior glass is the best way. You must spray some water on the cloth and then wipe the interior glass. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Car Carpets 

Cleaning the car’s carpet is a pain as seats come in the way. You must get a vacuum and brush attachment to clean carpets. Carpet stains can be washed with mild detergent and water. 

How To Clean Car Interior? 

With the following steps, you can clean your car’s interior like a professional. 

Equipment You Need 

  • Trash Bin 
  • Microfiber Cloth 
  • Vacuum Cleaner 
  • Sponge 
  • Scrub Brush 
  • Bucket 
  • Spray Bottle(optional) 

Materials Required 

  • Furniture Polish or Spray 
  • Water 
  • Paper Towel 
  • Mild Detergent 
  • Upholstery Cleaner 


Collect Trash and Debris 

The first step to clean the car’s interior is collecting trash from cup holders, mats, floors, or door pockets of the car. 

Remove the car mats and clean them. 

The dirtiest part of the car’s interior is car mats. Remove all of them for cleaning the car through and more accessible way out. You need to give a wash or big vacuum to every mat before you start cleaning the car from inside. You must place the mats out of the car in a dry cloth and not put them on the dirty ground. To clean mats, you must use carpet or upholstery cleaner, and then you must follow the below instructions. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

If your car has rubber or silicone mats, you must use a hose to remove the excess oil. Mix it with warm water and add some mild detergent to a bucket to make the solution. Use a brush to apply the solution and clean mats. Before you apply the mats back in the car, make sure you rinse and dry them well. Now start cleaning other interior parts of the car. 

Some car mats are machine washed, so you must check the label before you clean them. 

Clean the interior windows and mirror 

To clean inside glasses, it is crucial to use a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner. Put the glass cleaner in a spray bottle and then spray the liquid on the windows and mirrors to remove the dust and haze. 

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Clean the Console 

The center console usually has a cup holder, and that quickly gets dirty. If the cup holder is detachable, you can remove and clean it by soaking it in warm water and mild detergent. Now scrub the cup holder with a sponge. Finish its cleaning with the help of a damp cloth, then dry it and re-attach it back to the console. 

When it comes to cleaning the console, the gearstick, and other controls, you must use a microfiber. To reach the tricky corners, use a toothbrush to remove all dirt. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

Clean dashboard

To remove the dashboard’s dust and grime, you can always use furniture polish. First, get a damp cloth and remove the dust with a cloth. Then apply furniture polish to give a perfect shine to your dashboard. Using furniture polish for the dashboard is a wise decision as it provides a glossy look and removes grimes and fingertips. 

Clean the steering 

You can reduce the grime and dust of steering wheels with the help of a microfiber damp cloth, and to give a glossy finish, use furniture polish. 

Clean Leather Seats 

You must use a vacuum to clean leather seats and use furniture polish to give a glossy look. 


# Can I use furniture polish on my car dashboard? 

Yes, furniture polish is an ideal option for giving the finished look and cleaning the dashboard’s grimes. It provides a conditioned look to your car’s dashboard. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish For Car Interiors

# Can you use furniture polish on plastic? 

Furniture polish is an ideal thing for cleaning and polishing plastic material. 

# Can I use Pledge on my dashboard? 

Pledge is safe for vinyl and leather panels. Pledge is suitable for cleaning the entire interior of the car. 

Yes, You Can Use Furniture Polish On Car Interiors.  

If you are confused about furniture polish for your car’s interior, then yes, you can use them anytime to clean the interiors and give them a new look.