Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar? Ultimate Guitar Polish Guide in 2021

“Can you use Furniture polish on a Guitar?” The short answer is no. Read on to know what you can and cannot use.

Are you a Guitarist? If yes, I am sure that you love your Guitar and want to take care of it to give it a longer life. When cleaning or taking care of a Guitar, people consider using various things like oils, and furniture polish. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar

There are many guitar polishes and liquids present in the market to clean and refinish guitars. But one question often crops up in our comments section and in forums: “Can you use furniture polish on a Guitar, is it safe for your Guitar?” In this write-up, we will explain how to clean a guitar and whether furniture polish is suitable for fretboard or not. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Guitar? 

When cleaning the Guitar yourself with different DIY methods, we strictly recommend not to use furniture polish on the fretboard

Furniture polish is not meant for guitars as it may contain harsh chemicals, and guitars are made up of softwood which is susceptible to these chemicals. 

Wood polish contains chemicals like ammonia, acid, and abrasives that can damage your Guitar. Furniture polish is also not suitable for the ideal humidity level of the Guitar’s fretboard. 

Furniture polish dries out the Guitar’s exposed wood and takes away the natural sparkle of the Guitar, leaving permanent stains on its surface. 

So it is advisable to use different Guitar polishes, rather than considering furniture polish. Guitar polishes are specially meant for the Guitar’s humidity level and provide a new look and sparkle to your Guitar. 

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Things To Consider When You Buy A Guitar Polish 

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when you buy a guitar polish. 

Match the Polish To Your Fretboard Type 

Not all polishes are meant for all wood types. Some of the polishes are meant for lacquer, whereas some are best for acoustic guitars made up of fine wood. And most polishes are versatile that work for every guitar type. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar

Some polishes contain harmful chemicals designed especially for offering long shine, but they are not suitable for guitars made up of delicate wood. Few can even damp up the sound of the Guitar as they build up over time. 

Most of the polishes come with these details on the bottle, like which wood is suitable for the same polish. Check if your guitar wood is not ideal for the polish, then it isn’t for you. 

Silicone or Silicone Free? 

Many guitar polishes contain silicone. Silicone is an essential element of a guitar polish that enhances the shine and revives glossiness. When people ask, Can you use furniture polish on a guitar? Then the first thing you need to know, whether it contains silicone or not. 

Silicone has some downsides when it comes to using it on a guitar. It leaves a residue that is very hard to remove from the Guitar. Although it gives a better look to your Guitar, it can cause problems when repairing. If you use a polish that contains silicone, you need to be sure that you don’t apply it to such areas where it affects its future repairs. 

Gloss Or Matte? 

Usually, poly finished polishes are meant for glossy finished guitars, whereas others are ideal for matte finish guitars. Generally, all of them are suited for a shiny look until it is stated otherwise on the bottle. But before you get one, you must keep this in mind, whether you need a glossy or matte look. 

All In One Cleaner or Just A Polish? 

Is it just that you need a polish to revive the shine of your Guitar? Or want some other treatment? Few polish works as scratch removers, while some have wax to protect the Guitar further, and some even have UV protection features. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar

If you want all features in a guitar polish, like wax for protection, prevents scratches, and more, it is advised to get something solely not a guitar polish. You can choose anyone that works as all in one cleaner polish. 

Why Do You Need To Polish Your Guitar? 

To increase the lifespan of the Guitar, it is essential to give proper care and attention to your Guitar with cleaning and polishing. A polish helps maintain an ideal humidity level of the Guitar’s wood and further helps in better sound and play. 

Polish helps in preserving Guitar’s life by preventing dust and dirt. It is essential to remove dust from the Guitar regularly to ensure the dust does not get trapped; while you polish the Guitar, it prevents unnecessary signs of aging or damage. Polish not only cleans the Guitar but also gives it a new look and revives its shine. 

Secondly, if you apply polish on the Guitar regularly, it will undoubtedly give you a fantastic sound experience. Polish that is specially designed to treat the fretboard and remove dirt will help your fingers to run on Guitar smoothly. The best and easiest time to maintain your Guitar is when you change the strings. And don’t forget to treat your Guitar with a special fretboard oil often. 

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Tips On How To Keep Your Guitar Clean

Here are a few tips that you must consider to keep your Guitar clean and prevent its damage. 

  • To reduce gunk on your Guitar, it is always recommended to wash your hands before you put on your guitar strings. 
  • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean or wipe the Guitar. You can also use a lint-free cloth. 
  • Don’t forget to store your Guitar in a case after its use, and it will prevent dust and dirt on the Guitar. 
  • Don’t use furniture polish or household cleaners to clean the Guitar, as they contain chemicals that can damage the delicate wood of the Guitar. 
Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar
  • Please don’t keep your Guitar in damp areas, as it will affect the humidity level of the guitar wood. 
  • Only get specific and specially designed guitar polish to clean the Guitar, as it may affect the performance and life of the equipment. 

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Answers To Your Questions About Polishing Guitars 

# What can I use to polish my Guitar? 

It is always recommended to use polishes that are specially designed for guitars. There are numerous guitar polishes present in the market; you can choose any one that meets your glossy or matte look. 

# How often should we polish guitars?

It is advisable to polish the Guitar every six months; it eliminates the chances of cracking or drying out of the fretboard. Also, often polish gives a new look to your strings and fretboard. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar

# Why is silica harmful to Guitar? 

When we say never get silicone-contained polish for your Guitar, it is a fact that it further damages the Guitar as it dries out the wood and also leaves stains. That is why it is said that you should not use furniture polish on Guitar because it contains silicone. 

# Can I use any cloth to clean Guitar? 

You must use microfiber or lint-free fabric to wipe the Guitar. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish on A Guitar

Never Use Furniture Polish On a Guitar 

As we explained above, you should not use furniture polish on Guitar due to harmful chemicals present in them.