How to Reset Code on Hotel Safe

Often, when you stay at a hotel, the hotel offers a safe that helps you keep your valuable items. Hotel safes are an excellent way to quickly and easily store your valuable things.  However, one risk with using a hotel safe is that you may run the risk of forgetting the unlock code for the … Read more

Statistics Smart Locks (Market Size Infographic)

How Many People Use Smart Locks In general, people are purchasing more smart home devices such as speakers, displays, lights, cameras, and locks. In 2020 smart locks statistics show devices owned by householders are increasing. Many homeowners decided to purchase a smart lock as their first smart home device.  In the USA 13 to 15 … Read more

Are Smart Door Locks Safe & Secure?

When everything is getting digitized, how can your door locks be left behind? Smart locks have long replaced deadbolts and performed fair enough ever since. But despite being technologically advanced and smart, smart locks aren’t flawless. A few instances of power outages and lock picking have left the users wondering if these smart door locks … Read more

5 Best Kahuna Massage Chair Reviews [2021]

Massage chairs were developed to make traditional massages more comfortable for the client and easier for the masseuse. The first model was invented by David Palmer in 1968 and was quite a simple affair. Since then, massage chairs have come a long way. They are no longer made for passive comfort but go all the … Read more

Are Smart Locks Water Proof?

With the current technological development, there has been a rapid rise in the use of smart locks. Most owners prefer to use smart locks to enhance the security of their homes, as they offer the appropriate security features. However, it’ll be vital to consider if they are weatherproof when choosing your smart locks to enhance … Read more