Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand in 2021?

 Is Catnapper a good brand? We scoured the internet for Catnapper reviews online, talked to actual customers, and put together this review for your benefit.

Furniture is the soul of your home. Your personality is reflected in the style of furniture that you buy. Therefore choosing the right brand that matches your inner style quotient is important.

Jackson Catnapper is an American furniture brand that has been selling furniture for the last 90 years to millions of people. It sells everything from comfortable sofas to stylish chairs. 

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

But is Catnapper a good brand? We scoured the internet for Catnapper reviews online, talked to actual customers of Catnapper, and then put together this review for your benefit.

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Jackson Catnapper: Who Are They?

W.Ray Jackson founded Jackson Catnapper in 1933 by investing just $33. The company grew and hired many skilled artisans, and by 1970 it became one of the largest furniture brands in the United States. 

The dedicated and experienced artisans fabricate everything from the frame to upholstery. They help create fantastic furniture at affordable prices. Jackson Furniture has been making millions of customers happy for more than seventy years.

In this article, I will discuss a detailed Catnapper review with almost every piece of information about this company.

What Is Good About Catnapper Furniture?

The people of the United States love to have Catnapper furniture. There are various reasons for it. I have described them below.

#1. Wide Range

Catnapper furniture offers you products for the entire home like chairs, tables, recliners, sleepovers, dining tables, loveseats, and other products that add style to your house.

#2. Comfortable And Stylish

If you want to purchase a matching set of furniture for your living room, Catnapper furniture can be a good option. It manufactures products that easily blend with any living room decor and any taste.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

#3. Product Quality

The construction of Catnapper furniture is exceptional. The wood used in the furniture is machine cut to maintain accuracy. Apart from this, they use glue and staple to keep all the pieces securely in place.

Catnapper uses 12-gauge steel on the back of all seating furniture and heavy 8-gauge steel on the seat to maintain excellent durability and support.

They use foam and fiber padding on the edges of the furniture to give a smooth finish. They also use pocket coils on their seating furniture to provide all comforts while seating.

The 100 percent gel-infused memory foam inserts provide superior comfort, a cooler seating experience, and reduced motion transfer.

Learn more about Jackson Catnapper’s build quality here:

Jackson SteelTechFraming

#4. Ease Of Buying

While Jackson furniture is not direct to consumers, there are 2,500 authorized retailers across the US from where you can easily buy their product. 

Their website provides an easy tool to find their retail shop near your location. But if you cannot find the local retailer shop, you can also purchase Catnapper furniture from all major e-commerce retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and even Walmart.

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#5. Made In the USA

All the products of Catnapper furniture are manufactured only in the United States. The artisans have experience for more than 20 years, and they always try to make new design furniture that adds charm to your house. 

They test the products thoroughly after manufacturing so that the customer will not face any problems after buying.

What May Stop You From Buying Catnapper Furniture?

  • Their sofa armrests are not very durable; they break quickly.
  • The customer service of Catnapper is not that good. They do not respond to emails and phone calls as per many of their customers.
  • The color of the furniture tends to fade after using it for a few years.
  • Many customers complained that the recliner footrests do not work properly.
  • The limited warranty period for only three years compared to other competitors.

How Much Are Catnapper recliners?

The price of Catnapper recliners varies. You need to check the price of the furniture after visiting the retailer nearby your location. It varies by shop and trading area. 

When you buy online from Amazon, the range available varies from $699 to $1199.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

If you have a low budget, then Catnapper furniture is not for you. Their basic range starts in the hundreds, but if you want a high-quality recliner with high-end features, you will get nothing below a thousand dollars. 

How Can You Clean Catnapper furniture?

You can clean the Catnapper furniture with water-based shampoo or detergent. You should avoid washing thoroughly with water. You can use a brush to bring back its bright appearance.

You may also use little water and detergent to clean the Catnapper furniture. But I will advise you not to use too much detergent or soap to clean the Catnapper furniture as it may damage the quality.

If your furniture has leather upholstery, you should keep it at least two feet away from any heat source. You should avoid keeping them in direct sunlight.

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Catnapper Warranty

This brand provides a warranty period but only for three years. But there are some products which have a warranty for only one year. The warranty will not include if there is a defect in upholstered fabrics or for improper maintenance.

Catnapper Furniture Reviews

#1. The Ultimate Lift Chair Catnapper Recliner

The Catnapper recliner is soft with a heavy steel frame and a footrest where you can keep your legs while sitting on the recliner. The height of the recliners is not so tall. So, you will find comfort while taking a rest on the recliner. It has soft and spongy cushions, which may put you to sleep anytime you put your head on the cushions.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

It is excellent for the person who suffers from lower back pain. New mothers will also love this chair as this chair provides support while nursing the little one.


  • Steel frame.
  • Weight is 154.7 lbs.
  • Product dimension: 42×37×46 inches
  • The capacity is 300 lbs.


  • The gel-infused foam in these chairs will provide you all types of comfort as soon as you sit.
  • The rich and elegant look of the Catnapper recliner will add pride to the homeowner.
  • Printed padded faux leather fabric
  • Roll arm panel with decorative nailhead trim


  • Extremely comfortable
  • A bit tall in comparison to other recliners
  • You can keep your legs up while sitting straight
  • Comfortable to sleep
  • No tension of falling from the chair
  • The construction of the seat is excellent


  • Some people complain that the reclining portion does not work intermittently after using the Catnapper recliner for a few years.

 #2. Reclining Sofa

The Catnapper reclining sofa is made in the USA and has a sturdy and robust construction. There is a modern and traditional Catnapper sofa. You can choose anyone according to your preferences.


  • It consists of faux leather, which is economical and not prone to crack like normal leather.
  • The chair has a reclining mechanism, which provides you all types of comfort.
  • It has a plush padded arm that can comfort your arms or head while taking a nap.
  • Sewn tufted back treatment with backstitching


  • The triple recliner in sofa provides all sorts of comfort
  • You can sleep on this recliner. So it’s best for the guests who want to stay at your home overnight.


  • Some people complain that quality decreases with time.

#3. Catnapper Sectionals

The Catnapper sectional enhances the beauty of your living room. There are various Catnapper sectionals with a wide variety of colors available on the market, and you can choose anyone according to your preferences.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand


  • Farmhouse casual style
  • Includes pillow
  • Reclining feature
  • Modular motion sectional
  • It has a USB charging port
  • Steel seat box
  • Arm design is slim transitional

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Answers To Other Common Questions Related To Catnapper

#1. Who manufactures Catnapper furniture?

Jackson furniture manufactures Catnapper furniture in factories located in the USA. This company has been in business for ninety years, and it aims to provide good quality long-lasting furniture to the customers.

#2. Is Catnapper furniture made in the USA?

 Yes, all the Catnapper furniture like reclining sofa, sleepers, lift chairs, accent chairs are made in the USA. They have six factories, and all these furniture manufactures are in these factories.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

#3. Where is Jackson furniture manufactured?

The Jackson furniture is manufactured only in the USA. There are six factories of Jackson furniture with 1,500 dedicated employees and vendors who always commit to producing comfortable and long-lasting furniture for years.

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Catnapper Is a Good, Albeit Expensive Brand

To summarize, Catnapper furniture is versatile, well made, durable, and can be procured easily offline (through their retailers) and online (through e-commerce websites).

Customer reviews show that while the core furniture is typically very durable, the footrest and armrests may not be as durable. Secondly, this is not a value-for-money brand. And customer service does not seem to be their strong suit.

Catnapper Reviews: Is Catnapper A Good Brand

So, if you are looking to buy Catnapper furniture, you need to keep these things in mind. I would suggest you do your own research on the specific product you are looking for and certainly visit their store before making a purchase.

If you plan to purchase furniture after reading our Catnapper reviews, please share your experience in the comment section. I am sure our readers will benefit from your experience.

Happy Furniture!