Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

In this article, we will look at Century Cornerstone merchandise and walk you through Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews.

Have you ever looked at furniture online or in a furniture store and said to yourself: Ha! I can do better than that! Well, that’s what Century Cornerstone is all about.

Century Furniture

The renowned furniture company Century Furniture was established in 1947 in Hickory, North Carolina, the United States. RHF Investments Inc owns it. Various subsidiaries of RHF Investments Inc. include CHC and LLC.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

Cornerstone by Century Furniture

Cornerstone is an upholstery collection by Century Furniture. With Cornerstone, you finally have the freedom to create sofas, sectionals, and chairs in a style, size, and with other seating options that you would like to choose. Two throw pillows come with each furniture piece you purchase. Let us look at what the Cornerstone range by Century Furniture offers.

Design Your Own

Cornerstone furniture is customizable and gives you the flexibility of picking fabrics, frame, sizes, seats, and cushion filling of your choice. With Century Furniture, it is all about infinite possibilities.

Select your frame and fabric

Cornerstone frames are available in three sizes – 36″, 38″, and 40″ depths. However, Sleeper Sofas, Two-Piece Wedge, pods, hex sectionals, and Sleeper Sectional Pieces are not available in the depths. Nonetheless, the arm sizes you chose also influence the width and, hence some of them are likely to cause alterations in width.

Select your depth

If yours is a sleeper sectional piece or sleeper sofa, remember that it is available only in 38″ depth. So you can skip reading other information in this pointer.

20″,22″, 24″ are the inside depths of 36″, 38″, 40″ depth frames, respectively.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

Select your arm

You have the option of choosing from a range of widths that fall under 5.5″-9.5″ approximately. In addition, Cornerstone offers the freedom to choose among 15 arm styles.

Lawson, dropback Lawson, pleated, sock, drop back sock, track, broad wave, English arm, the nailed panel are some of the options the catalog offers for you to choose.

Select your base

A crucial step is choosing the base. Finalizing on the furniture base comprises selecting among some 29 options. It is best to make these decisions with your family or seek advice from an expert because, with things like these, you need not prioritize aesthetics solely. The comfort and safety of your little ones are equally imperative.

Select your back  

Loose knife-edge or tight scroll; choose whichever appeals to you. In case you are wondering, a standard back rail measures around 31.5″.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

Select your edge

Edge detail can break or make the aesthetic. Ask an expert what would complement your chosen specifications as yet best. Edge can comprise self-welt seats and backs or saddle-stitched, weltless. If so, you please, you can also opt for a top-stitch.

Select your seat cushion fill

Most of the standard seat cushion fills in Cornerstone furniture is spring down medium.

Select your back cushion fill

Your back cushion fill is typically fiber down. However, you can opt for a duraloft (the standard variant with a high back option).

Select your finish

Checking the price list for this one is highly recommended.  

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

Free Design Help

Many online websites that sell Century Furniture offer free design help for all of us struggling with finding the most appropriate furniture piece. It can’t get better! An investment like furniture has to be well thought of since it will stay in your house for as many as one or two decades.


The range of fabrics is fantastic; the brand employs 18 fabric finishes, all denoted by a one-letter code. For instance, A is acetate, C is cotton, J is vinyl.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

Clean and care instructions must play a crucial part in deciding which furniture piece to purchase. Because, if you can’t clean it, do not end up buying it. Once the furniture gets dirty, it won’t do any good to your home.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

The brand offers specific cleanability codes, which you can access through their website. First, click on the documents section on the right of the product you are viewing. After that, click on product care, and depending on the fabric code, you can read through all the instructions given for the aftercare by Cornerstone. 

Let us walk through some rather basic and universal instructions for all furniture.

Careless Smoking

Be mindful of careless smoking on or around your furniture. If you are tipsy, avoid smoking indoors. The slightest of ignited butts can cause upholstery fires which leads to irreversible damage. In fact, certain fabrics catch fire very quickly and can prove fatal to you and your family. It is simple- if you keep things with care, they last. They do!


Vacuum and light brush is appropriate for most kinds of upholstery and, if done regularly, prevents soiling and dirt buildup. However, dirt buildup over prolonged periods can demand the time and attention of a professional cleaner.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

No cleaning products with toxic chemicals

Say no to random upholstery cleaning products that contain chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride or others.

Cover it up

If your toddler and pet love playing on the couch, get your furniture covers or get them custom stitched in your sofa sizes because prevention is better than cure. Or else, you can train them to be careful in the living room.  


I know you were waiting for this part. Here it is. So, what do the users say? 

Build Quality

Solid hardwood frames in Century furniture’s signature line ensure excellent quality, durability, and product strength. However, some pieces in the cornerstone collection employ the use of plywood frames. 

In one of their recent articles, The Spruce featured Century on their best furniture to buy used lists. That is how good it is. Let alone brand new; people don’t recommend letting go of a second-hand piece from the brand. 

Yes, the internet has threads that mention that their leather throw cushions are falling apart after two years, but we can’t go by the same until we know if the user followed all the care instructions given by Century (Source: Houzz). 

The care instructions for Century’s Cornerstone range clearly state that there is no need to wash the two throw cushions that come with it separately.  

Price Point 

The Cornerstone Sectional with the upholstery and everything will cost you between $4500-$5000 or more. This is certainly a high price to pay, considering that mid-range sectional costs somewhere between $2000-$3500. But, having all the quality hallmarks of a good furniture company along with. 

International Shipping

Online stores such as the Hickory Furniture Mart, Furnitureland South, the world’s largest furniture store, Sprintz Furniture, and many others offer your favorite Century Furniture Living Room Cornerstone Sectional and many other options. The best part is they ship to anywhere in the world. Worldwide shipping makes the brand reach very strong and noticeable. 

Final Word On Cornerstone

All in all, would Century Furniture be considered a good brand? Based on its modern, customizable, and thoughtful branding and product quality, brand reach, presence- I would say yes. 

What is the best quality sofa manufacturer?


Cornerstone by Century furniture makes for an excellent buy given its build quality and variegated and detailed customization options. So what is keeping you waiting? First, visit the Century Furniture website and locate your nearest store.

Century Cornerstone Sofa Reviews

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