How To Change Furniture Color Without Paint: Ultimate Guide

Here are some simple and easy ways on how to change furniture color without paint.

Painting furniture is the perfect way to give a new look. However, this is not the only way. Don’t limit yourself with paint and brush. Rather than going through a lengthy painting process, where you have to start with sanding and stripping, you should go for alternative ways to change furniture color without paint to give a new appearance. 

How To Change The Color Of The Furniture Without Paint

Transforming your furniture has become easy with the ways we have mentioned below. Here we are providing you with a complete guide on changing furniture color without tape in this write-up. 

Unique Ways To Update Furniture Without Paint 

Here are some fantastic and proven ways to change your furniture’s color without removing the old paint. 

# Washi Tape 

If you are bored of your old furniture, or you need to change the appearance of an antique piece of furniture, you would be wondering how to update or alter its color without getting involved in the long painting process; this is where Washi tape comes to the rescue. 

Using Washi tape is a fabulous way to change the look of your furniture. Washi tapes are perfect decorative tapes that come in millions of colors and patterns. They are made up of rice paper, and they do not spoil the surface when it is removed. So while you want to change the color of your furniture, you can always select the washi tape color as per your decor and choice. 

How To Change The Color Of The Furniture Without Paint

Not only color, but you can also add a pattern to your furniture by fixing washi tape on it. Whether you want to cover the chair’s legs or change the tabletop, washi tape provides you a perfect look and a temporary makeover. 

Using washi tape is one of the best alternatives to painting furniture; it is a removable and cost-effective option. 

Tip: You can customize the look by fixing one solid color tape with one patterned strip of tape. 

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Supplies You Need 

  • Washi Tape that you can buy from Amazon or any stationery store like Target or Walmart. To lighten the color of furniture with the help of Washi tape, you must get a lighter shade of tape. 
  • And a Scissor 

# Contact Paper 

Contact paper is one of the affordable ways to change the color of your furniture; it comes in a decorative surface on one side and an adhesive material on the other side. Whether you want a lighter or darker tone in your furniture, you can always select the contact paper according to your choice and then place it in your furniture pieces to enhance its look. 

It sticks to the surface with very little effort and time. The best part of Contact paper is you can cut it yourself according to the size of the furniture. Also, you will get various colors and designs on contact paper. 

How To Change The Color Of The Furniture Without Paint

The traditional use is for covering stained or damaged furniture, and it is also perfect for changing the look of your old furniture. There are different types of contact paper, they are: 

  • Vinyl Contact paper 
  • Adhesive contact paper 
  • Glass contact paper 
  • Stainless contact paper 

So, when it is about DIY methods of changing furniture color, contact paper is an excellent option. Also, it can be removed at any time as per your requirement. You can use different solid colors of contact paper to give a playful touch to your furniture. 

Supplies You Need 

  • Contact paper- Color or design as per your choice 
  • A scissor 
  • Measuring Tape 

# Furniture Wallpaper 

While you wonder how to lighten furniture without painting? The best you could do is get a lighter shaded furniture wallpaper. It is a simple and affordable technique to update your furniture. 

Furniture Wallpaper

Usually, they are handmade papers that give another look to your furniture. Usually, you will find two types of wallpaper, one with adhesive and another you have to glue and paste it yourself. 

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Supplies You Need 

  • Furniture Wallpaper 
  • Scissor 
  • Glue 
  • Measuring Scale 

# Fabric 

It is never a bad idea to cover your old furniture with specially designed fabric for furniture. When you want to lighten the tone of your furniture, you can always select the lighter-colored fabric and then paste it on your furniture pieces. 

You will get several types of fabric used on furniture, like faux leather, linen, or polyester fabric. Usually, people think that you can only change the sofa or chairs covered with fabric, but this is not true. We can always cover or update the furniture with fabric. 

Supplies You Need 

  • Fabric as per your choice 
  • Scissor 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Fabric Glue 

Other Ways To Update Furniture Without Paint 

There are many more ways to update furniture; they are the following: 

# Furniture Tacks and Nailheads 

If you don’t mind getting a hole in your furniture piece, go for nailheads or pushpins. It is a great way to update your furniture. You can find furniture tacks in the hardware aisle from any home improvement store and get decorative push pins from office supply stores. Get decorative and different colored nail heads of different shapes for giving a new look to your furniture. 

Furniture Wallpaper

# Use New Hardware To Update Your Furniture 

Here is a perfect way to change the look of your furniture without paint by getting new hardware. Hardware works as a piece of jewelry to your furniture pieces. 

# Use Baskets to Update Furniture 

Another easy way to change the look of the furniture is to replace the drawers with baskets. If your furniture does not have drawers, then you can try adding accessories to give an updated look to change the furniture whenever you want to. 

Wrap Up 

When you are looking for perfect ways on how to change furniture color without paint, the above are proven and easy ways that you must try to update your furniture. As per my opinion, contact paper or wallpaper is a simple and great way to go ahead with. 


# How can I refinish my dresser without paint? 

To refinish your dresser, the first step you need to do is remove the drawers and clean them up properly. Now you can use any alternatives to painting furniture on it, like wallpaper, duct tape or more. It will give an enhanced look to your dresser. 

Furniture Wallpaper

# What are the best ways to update furniture without paint? 

While you want to update the furniture without paint, you need to follow any of the below ways: 

  • Use washi tape to enhance the look of your old furniture. 
  • It is never a bad idea to use furniture tacks or nail heads to update furniture. 
  • Use different accessories to change the look of your furniture. 
  • Getting different colored fabric or paper is also a great way to update furniture. 

# What should I use to cover wood furniture? 

If you are looking to cover your furniture and give it a new look, get fabric or paper and update furniture without altering wood. 

# What is the difference between Washi tape and regular tape?

Washi tape is made up of rice paper, and regular tape is a standard decorative tape that you will get quickly in every stationery shop. But to buy washi tape, you have to visit a hardware store. 

Wrap Up

We hope these ideas would save you time and money by removing the need to paint furniture. If you liked some of these ideas, please do not forget to give us your love in the comments section.

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