The Perfect Guide To Understanding “What Is A Click Clack Sofa Bed?”

What is a Click Clack sofa bed? Read on to know about one of the most versatile, easy-to-use, safe, and cheap sofa beds in the market

In today’s time, when rentals are soaring and tiny apartments are the norm, sofa beds are the go-to furniture for saving space. But one problem with sofa beds is that they can be a bit unsafe because the way the sofa converts into a bed and vice-versa is often not very secure. 

A Click Clack Sofa Bed redefines safety in sofa beds. The Click Clack got its name from the sound of its locking function while converting a couch into a bed or vice versa. 

So, what makes Click Clack Sofa Bed different from a wide variety of sofa-cum-bed? To begin with, the Click Clack factoid I gave you above is not just an interesting tidbit of information; it is an assurance to you that the bed is safely locked into position. 

What is Click Clack Sofa Bed?

The locking mechanism ensures that there are no accidents while you twist and turn on the bed at night. Neither will you be at risk of getting sandwiched between the cushions when it switches back into the sofa. 

Are you excited to learn about the Click Clack Sofa Bed? Read on.

What Is a Click Clack Sofa Bed?

Click Clack Sofa Bed is like having the best of both worlds. Whether you like interior decoration or looking for innovative furniture that proves its utility, the Click Clack sofa bed is your ultimate choice. 

You can fold it up with a simple click when you have guests to make room for them. When you are tired after a day’s long work, release the locks and clack them to transform your sofa into a relaxing bed. The soft fabric will allow you to have a good night’s rest. Wait! That’s not all. 

What is Click Clack Sofa Bed

It is the most adaptable furniture for a small living space. Most Click Clack beds are lightweight as well. So you can experiment with it to get the perfect apartment decor. Having a Click Clack Sofa Bed also makes the room look larger than its actual size.

How Does a Click Clack Sofa Work?

The Click Clack sofa gets its name because of the sound it makes when you convert them from a sofa to a bed. The sofa works on a mechanism that quickly transforms a furniture piece into either a bed or a sofa. However, how the change happens depends upon the type and model of the final furniture. 

In the case of a sofa bed, the sofa’s backrest is pushed to the extent that it becomes level with the seat. You need to push the backrest until you hear a “click” sound, which means the spring mechanism is in place and your bed is safe to use. 

When you are converting the bed back into a sofa, all you need is to push the backrest up until you hear a “clack” sound, which means that the backrest is now sturdily in place.

Though the Click Clack sofa mechanism may differ as per the manufacturer, how it is used remains the same for all models. 

The sofas have a cushion that overlaps the wooden or metal frame having a well-made back and legs. Some models may have extra cushions and armrests, which you can take out when you want to convert them to a bed.

The Click Clack concept is used in other types of furniture as well, such as corner sofa beds, Click Clack chairs, foldouts, wall beds, and futons.

Here is a video explaining how these sofas work in more detail.

How To Open a Click Clack Sofa Bed

Advantages of Using Click Clack Sofa Bed


Since you get two pieces of furniture into one, Click Clack sofa beds are highly cost-effective. As you can convert these sofas into couches when you open them and a sofa when you close it, the furniture is worth twice the price! However, note that the cost also depends upon the material and size of the product. 

Easy To Use

Click Clack sofa beds are easy to use. You can release the locks of the sofa to fold it in half to convert your bed into a couch when you want to lounge during the day. At night, you can just push back the backrest into a horizontal position until you hear a click, and you are all set for the night.

What is Click Clack Sofa Bed


Click Clack Sofas are much safer than other sofa beds available in the market, which are prone to folding up when you are sleeping on them or folding down when you are sitting.

The mechanism behind the Click Clack sound ensures that the sofa bed remains in position even if you twist and turn a lot while sleeping or lean back when sitting.


Most sofa beds are uncomfortable. The foam filling is usually designed from a sitting perspective, so when it comes to sleeping, the cushioning to your back is inadequate. Click Clacks, on the other hand, have high-density foam filling designed specifically for sleeping.

Space Saver

These Click Clack sofa beds are great space savers for people who suffer from space crunches. Since the bed does not take much space when you convert it into a couch, you can easily adjust other objects in your room. 

What is Click Clack Sofa Bed

Can You Use A Click Clack Sofa In A Living Room?

If you are impressed with a minimalist design that stands a class apart, there can be no better choice than planting a Click Clack Sofa in your living room. The Chic Click Clack Sofa is the most practical, elegant piece of furniture with an added space-saving benefit. 

The sofa’s visible legs will create an illusion of extra space if you have a small room. The sturdy metal base and the aluminum frame hold the high-density cushion in place. 

Apart from a reliable, safe locking mechanism, the plush cushions are durable and comfortable to sit on. The Click Clack Sofa adds a style quotient to your living space with its modern touch. 

The absence of a bulky sprung mattress gives Click Clack sofa makes them perfect for living rooms. A Click Clack sofa is a perfect piece of furniture for those who have unexpected guests dropping by for an overnight stay. 

Click Clack Sofa Bed With Storage 

Clutters can take away the pleasant look of your home. The best way to eliminate clutter is to tuck them in a closet or storage space. Some Click Clack sofa beds come with storage space, which makes them an even better space saver. 

Typically storage space is provided in an accompanying coffee table with the sofa or as part of the base of the sofa part of the Click Clack sofa bed. You can put away your bed covers, pillows, and blankets during the day when you convert the bed into a sofa, and at night you can take out everything and create a fully functional bed.

What is Click Clack Sofa Bed


How do you use a Click Clack sofa?

To use the Click Clack sofa, you first need to fold the sofa into a bed position. Then, lift one side of the bed so that you can transform it into a chaise backrest. Continue this process until the chaise backrest gets at your required height and you hear a clicking sound.

Are Click Clack sofa beds comfortable to sit on?

Yes, most Click Clack sofa beds are filled with high-density foam, which makes them comfortable to sit on.

How big is a Click Clack couch?

Average Click Clack couches can reach up to 47 to 50 inches in length. Well, this implies that two people can easily sit on them. However, some Click Clack sofa beds are big enough to accommodate three to four people as well.

How can you make your Click Clack sofa more comfortable?

You can make use of a sofa mattress topper to add an extra layer to your sofa beds and make them thicker and more comfortable to sit on.

Click Clack Sofa Beds Are Perfect For Small Homes!

Click Clack sofas are best when you need a good night’s sleep but are space crunched. Not only are these comfortable and easy to use, but they also give you the benefit of having two types of furniture at the price of one. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Happy furniture!