Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture? Expert Answers

Do carpet fitters move furniture? Read on to know the answer!

So you bought a new carpet for your home, you must be wondering how to fit it. Your next step is installing it correctly; that probably means removing all furniture from the area and then placing them back when the carpet is fitted. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

Here comes the need for carpet fitters, who are professionals that specialize in installing carpets to ensure a seamless fit. But before you hire one, many questions come to mind, like why is it necessary to call a carpet fitter? Can they fit a carpet with furniture on it? Do carpet fitters move furniture? 

To answer all questions, we are providing you detailed information about carpet fitters in this write-up. 

Do I Need To Get a Carpet Fitter?

Installing a carpet requires professional fitters. Since cutting carpet is easy enough that you can do it yourself, you may wonder why installing carpets requires a professional. 

Before you move ahead with installing a carpet yourself, you must know carpet fitters are trained and experts in doing it. Carpet fitters have technical skills, know where to make precise cuts, snugly fit the carpet with baseboard and stretch the carpet to appropriate tension. 

Indeed, it is not comfortable to walk over a bumpy carpet; it is better to get it done from a carpet fitter for perfection. 

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Do I Need To Move My Furniture To Install a Carpet?

To get the proper fitting of the carpet, you need to remove the furniture to ensure precise fitting. The weight of the furniture drastically affects how the carpet is stretched. Carpet fitters always need a clear space without furniture to stretch the carpet efficiently and place it effectively. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

Keeping this in mind, carpet fitters often require that furniture be cleared from the room. Now moving furniture is not easy, starting from disassembling to reassembling furniture, moving heavy items from tricky places and within doorways.

Can You Lay Carpet With Furniture in the Room? 

Fitting carpet is a job that requires finely tuned precision. However, it is possible to fit carpet with furniture in the area by piling and shifting your pieces from time to time, but it is not recommended as per experts. If you add another shifting weight to the complete process, it will affect the tension of the carpet, which is a key to the adequately fitted carpet. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture? 

Now coming to the most important question that we want to answer in this writeup: “do carpet installers move the furniture?” If yes, do they charge anything for it? 

The answer varies; it depends on the installer who is fitting the carpet. 

If you buy a carpet from a large chain home improvements store like Ikea or Home depot, they tend to move the furniture free of cost. As you choose a large and reputable chain, which offers excellent customer service, they prefer completing every task that completes the process at no charge. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

Also, carpet fitters are responsible for removing your old carpet and dispose of it before they start with the process of carpet installation. 

To speed up the carpet installation process, you must remove small items like lamps, decor items, or other fragile items yourself before the installer comes in. 

The average cost of moving furniture ranges between $2 to $4 per yard or $14 per square foot. Some stores do not cover everything in moving furniture, like taking apart bed frames, wall units, or detachable mirrors attached with dressers. In such cases, carpet installers may charge a minimum fee to do the work.

In most cases, carpet fitters do not move a few items like fragile pieces, heavy furniture, antiques, pianos, pool tables, or any exercise equipment, even at extra cost. 

So it depends on the furniture you have; it is worth paying an extra cost to carpet fitters instead of putting yourself under stress. 

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Do Carpet Fitters Work Around Bed?

Are you willing to install carpet in your bedroom? The very first thing you wish to know is, do carpet fitters work around the furniture? If you want to get a carpet fitted in your bedroom, it is not possible to move a complete bed, so don’t worry, fitters work around those pieces, though they charge a higher price for that. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

They cut the carpet around the parts to make sure it looks perfectly fit. Before you get it done, they always remind you that if you remove the bed in the future, you have to bear the unfinished floor, and it is not sure you will get the exact carpet to fill the hole. 


# Can you keep furniture in the room while fitting a carpet?

Most professionals advise against keeping the furniture in the room while the carpet installation process is going on. It does not allow a proper fit of the carpet. 

However, there could be many situations where it is unavoidable. For example, if you have large furniture which is too difficult to move on your own or perhaps you want to fit yourself, you may want to keep the furniture in the room itself. 

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# Do carpet fitters move furniture in the UK? 

Most carpet fitters in the UK ask their buyers to clear the space and move furniture before carpet fitters arrive. Also for a small fee, you can take the help of carpet fitters to move furniture before carpet installation takes place. 

# How much time does it take to install a carpet? 

In general, 14 meters carpet is fitted in one hour by a carpet installer. You must ask a carpet fitter about the time they would take to complete the process. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

# How easy is it to fit to carpet? 

Installing a carpet is a challenging task, it requires the right tools and patience to do it yourself. 

# How much do carpet fitters charge? 

The average rate of carpet fitters is between $2 to $4 per square foot.  

Wrap Up 

Getting a new carpet for your home is a wise investment for your now and future house’s potential value. You would want to make sure the work is done appropriately; then, it is essential to get it done with the help of a carpet fitter. 

Do Carpet Fitters Move Furniture

And if you are thinking, do carpet fitters move furniture? So there is only one answer to this, it depends on where you buy a carpet and do they provide a carpet fitting facility or not?

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