Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture? How To Protect Furniture From Your Groodle

Do Goldendoodles chew furniture? A friend asked me this recently, and I thought I would answer this question for our readers as well.

Goldendoodles are sure to impress their owners with their love-filled eyes and designer bodies. It is a hybrid breed of the cute poodle and fabulous Golden Retriever; Goldendoodles find many fans among dog lovers. Their owners cannot stop talking about how much they adore them and love to have them around.

However, one flaw associated with these four-legged pets is that they are big chewers. Their owners claim that these Goldendoodles can chew anything and everything. Though their preferences can vary from dog to dog, they are enthusiastic chewers, as per dog experts.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

These dogs are intelligent and are known by names such as ‘hybrids’ or ‘toy dogs.’ People love them a lot as they are considered an intelligent dog breed as per the experts. However, these dogs come with two personality issues, mischief, and stubbornness. Since it is a mix of two species, the cocktail can get dangerous!

There is nothing that you cannot overcome with practical dog training! Thus, the need of the hour is patience, and you can teach your Goldendoodle to stay away from those expensive pieces of furniture!

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture?

Definitely, Goldendoodles are significant chewers and can chew on any range of things, even your furniture. If you are a new pet owner, this can come as a surprise. But, as per experts, even if you are an experienced pet owner, you would know that it is not safe to leave your Goldendoodle alone in a room filled with furniture for two to three hours.

Though many people assume that this chewing habit may go away as the Goldendoodle ages, it is advisable not to take any chances. You can make sure that this chewing habit can be channeled or redirected in the early ages of the puppy.

When a Goldendoodle is no longer a puppy, this chewing habit can be tough to change. However, training and socializing can lend a helping hand in changing this behavior. You can also seek help from a professional trainer in this scenario. They will teach you effective methods to be the ‘leader’ in your relationship with your Goldendoodle. 

Why do Goldendoodles have a Chewing Habit?

There are many reasons why Goldendoodles have this chewing habit. These reasons can have a link with both emotional health as well as usual behavior. They are significant chewers when they are still puppies, and this habit grows as they grow older because of various mental, physical, and emotional reasons.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

As an adult, a Goldendoodle often chews because it is boring, needs attention, is lonely, is under stress, or is suffering from anxiety. When you channel this energy, it can help create a positive environment for the dog at home and reduce damage to your precious furniture

Management of Goldendoodles

Owning a Goldendoodle means that you have your hands complete. They can chew off anything, can destroy your precious walls, and can nip off your fingers as well. Thus, their management can be a little challenging.

Now picture this, when a Goldendoodle is born, it speaks the language of its parents and siblings. However, when you adopt it, it comes to a house where everyone speaks a new language that it does not understand. Well, this is when it starts chewing your furniture and things kept around.

The best way to deal with this situation is to take the help of a professional trainer who can help you learn the correct way to communicate with your dogs. This training includes the usage of body language and voice tones to give instructions to the dog. The best time to train your dog is when it is still a puppy.

Also, since these dogs have extra energy, they constantly need something to keep them interested. Dog toys can assist them in this task. You can also take them for long walks to help them get tired and channel their energy from chewing to physical activity.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

Also, as per experts, you must establish yourself as the “leader of the pack during the training period.” The Goldendoodle will not give you this control with ease and will be more than ready to take over the power the moment you become weak. Thus, it would help if you learned ways to establish your supremacy, no matter what the situation is. 

Tips To Train Your Goldendoodle To Not Chew 

Raising the Goldendoodle can be an incredible journey. Though you may get many bandaged hands and painful nips in the process, it is worth the effort! But have you been getting rude shocks with the Goldendoodle chewing off your valuable furniture?

Are those chewing marks running your branded furniture? You need to stop, and you need to follow some tips and tricks to do the same. Let us walk through some practical tips for the process:

Be Cautious

Always remember that these breeds of dogs are clever, and they understand your tricks well. Thus, you need to be extra cautious when training them and help them use their intelligence constructively.

Start Early

As per Veterinary Centers of America, the best period to initiate formal dog training is when they reach six months of age. However, since Goldendoodles are smart enough compared to other breeds, you can start this training a little bit early. 

Clicker Training

The best way to train your dog to follow your commands is the clicker training method. You make use of a hand-held device for this training which makes a clicking noise.

As per this method, you command your dog to follow a specific command, such as ‘sit’ or ‘run.’ When the dog follows your order, you should reward them for doing so. However, when you are giving this reward, also pair it with the clicking noise. With time, the Goldendoodle will start recognizing the clicker noise and start following it for commands and tips!

Food Rewards

Another method to train the dog is giving it food rewards. When the clicker reward system works fine, this food reward system remains only occasional. Goldendoodle gets easily inspired and attracted to dog food scents. Thus, you can make use of their love for food as a training method. Whenever it is time for their snacks, you can ask them to follow a command, and when they do, you can treat them to a delicious dog snack.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

Mix In Lots of Praise

Goldendoodles are just like humans when it comes to praises. They love to be praised, and they can do anything when they know that credit is coming their way. Thus, it is advisable to honor them when they agree to not chewing your furniture or follow your command easily. 

Crate Training

Crate training is also a valuable method to train your Goldendoodle. This method is proper when you want to set a routine for your Goldendoodle. Also, you can teach them things like not to use the same bathroom as yours or not to soil your bed with their dirty paws. 


Multiple walks a day or playing with dog toys can help you keep a check on your Goldendoodle’s extra energy. Once they learn to divert their energy towards something constructive, they will not destroy your house.

Make Sure They Are Never Alone

Goldendoodles like to be around their owners, and thus, they usually follow you around. They do not want to be left alone, and when they do not get attention, they get involved in destructive activities. Thus, it is advisable to leave them with a caretaker or good moves to do if you are going somewhere. Otherwise, they will chew off your couch out of frustration.

Separation anxiety can be a significant cause of stress among the Goldendoodles and can cause them to indulge in destructive activities. Thus, it is not good to leave them alone for long hours.

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How can I get my Goldendoodle to stop chewing my furniture?

The best way to stop your Goldendoodle from chewing your furniture is to start the training early. Training imparted in the early years of the dog’s life goes a long way in making them learn about what it is not right to chew in the house.

Are Goldendoodles destructive?

Yes, if they are not appropriately trained, Goldendoodles can be destructive. They can chew off anything from your couches to sofas. Also, if they do not get attention for long, they can get violent. Thus, it is advisable to do your homework before you buy this dog breed.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

At what age do Goldendoodles stop biting?

Goldendoodles get their adult teeth by the age of 7 to 8 months old, and this is they usually stop biting their owners and chewing things kept in their way.

Why do these Goldendoodles chew at such a high rate?

Goldendoodles chew at such a high rate due to various emotional, mental, and physical reasons. They often chew when they are bored and need your attention.

Glendoodles are Chewers: But You Can Train It Out Of Them.

Goldendoodles are pretty energetic, and when their energy is not used correctly, they can get naughty and destructive. Many pet owners get a rude shock when they find their Goldendoodle chewing off their fantastic pieces of furniture or leaving behind their claws mark on their chairs and tables.

Do Goldendoodles Chew Furniture

However, at the same time, this breed is intelligent enough to learn and understand your commands quickly. Thus, with the tips mentioned above and tricks, you can quickly train them to follow your orders and keep away from things you do not want to chew.