Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch? 10 Places To Buy Movable Furniture

Moving can be stressful, harrowing and a downright pain in the you-know-what. Let’s look at some easy to move couch options that will help reduce your troubles.

People who live in rented apartments and work jobs that require frequent relocation make different choices when it comes to furniture. Furniture breakage and huge moving fees because of heavy furniture are easy to inflict upon yourself if you aren’t careful with what furniture you buy. This is exactly why the moving industry makes $17.7bn every year

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

But if you are smart, you will purchase inexpensive furniture that you can quickly dispose of at the end of the stay. If you can’t find disposable stuff, you will at least look for lightweight furniture that is easy to transport. 

This is why a lot of people ask us, “where can I find the most easy to move couch” on our comments board. Well, we are here to answer this question and help you make the best choices when it comes to moving furniture. 

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Brands That Make Easy To Move Furniture

If you hunt for an easy-to-move couch, here is a list of brands that make moving home easy.  

#1 Fernish

Fernish is a renowned furniture rental brand. The company offers customers the choice of retaining a piece of furniture if so you wish to. The brand offers you the choice to purchase the furniture if you happen to like it way too much. 

The duration of your furniture subscription can be anything between 2 to 12 months. If you are wondering about the numbers, the minimum payment for the same is 49 dollars per month. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

Fernish offers the freedom of swapping furniture when you want to by paying a swap fee. If you are looking into experimenting and swapping furniture time and again because that is something you enjoy, you must hop on to the Fernish website right away. 

What kind of furniture can I find at Fernish? 

At Fernish, you can find bed frames, dressers, mattresses, nightstands, sofas, sectionals, ottomans, poufs, accent chairs, media unit, dining tables, chairs, benches, bar stool, office chairs, outdoor furniture, accessories for your home, TV sets, lighting solutions and even luxury bath and bedding. 

What do the reviews say about Fernish?

The reviews about Fernish are mixed. On Trustpilot, multiple reviews have five-star ratings and excellent experience with the brand and its services. 

However, some reviews on the same website highlight that the products are relatively expensive because they are second hand and the brand also charges a certain late fee which might look like 25$. Some reviews also mention that the bed frame broke in no time, and then the brand charged the customer a hefty amount of money for repair.

#2 Campaign

Campaign is a modern furniture company based in the Bay area and offers a wide range of seating options. The furniture is designed such that it can easily be moved whenever and wherever required. Campaign furniture reaches you in compact boxes; it is thoughtfully packed to reach you utterly quick and stay with you for many, many years. 

What kind of furniture does Campaign sell? 

Campaign is renowned for sofa sectionals, loveseat, loveseat sectional, ottoman, and chairs. The brand also offers pillows, pillow sets, and leg sets. 

What do the reviews say about the Campaign?

As per Amazon, Campaign has multiple five stars rated reviews. The product reviews are pretty good in all aspects except for one or two, which mention the sofa steel frame arrived bent. 

A specific review also highlights the brand’s unreliable delivery promises. Due to the same, trouble and inconvenience are bound to arise since they might need to be home specifically to receive the shipment. 

#3 Feather

Feather is a furniture rental that has been in the market since 2017. The brand offers hundreds of furniture rental options and currently offers services in LA, NY, and the Bay Area. Feather’s website states that their products are designed to be easy to clean and simple to refurbish since they are developed using performance fabrics and part systems. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

As part of its commitment to producing environmentally friendly products, the brand claims to use sustainable materials such as FSC certified wood, natural and water-based finishes, and others.  

Which furniture is available for rent at Feather? 

You can browse between categories, item types, packages. Categories include space-wise options such as living room, bedroom, dining, home office, decor, lighting, and outdoors. 

In the item type dropdown, you can search for products by typing the product name, which comprises an extensive range of products: sofas, sectionals, sleepers, coffee tables, side tables, stools, benches, beds, mattresses, nightstands, dressers, dining tables, chairs, cabinets, consoles, desks, desk chairs, rugs, and artwork. Not only this, Feather has thoughtfully curated packages for one bedroom, living room, dining room, and home office. 

What do the reviews say about Feather? 

Talk about Trustpilot, and the overall rating for the brand lies between average to good. The product quality has tonnes of positive reviews and seems utterly reliable. However, changes cannot be made to the order once placed, you will have to write a mail to the company, and they take a long time to reply. Hence, the customer care service is not very smooth. Consistently incorrect billing is another common problem highlighted in multiple reviews. 

#4 Akron Street

Akron Street designs the utmost thoughtful, comfortable furniture so that the user does not have to compromise with comfort, no matter wherever they are. Two Harvard alumni started Akron Street. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

The brand is named from Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the two shared their first apartment. Akron Street offers fine quality furniture, which comes with the added advantages of being easy to move. 

If natural wood furniture is your thing, Akron Street is where you need to be. Akron Street works with hardwood oak lumber harvested from the Appalachians. Owing to this, you get a hands-on character, warmth, and enduring quality of wood. 

What furniture can I find at Akron Street? 

Akron street makes beds, case goods, tables, low tables, seating solutions. 

What do the customer reviews say about Akron Street?

We could not find many reviews on Akron street furniture, and hence, we find it unfair to judge a brand’s hard work and produce with little literature. 

#5 Burrow

Burrow is an affordable furniture brand. It offers a good quality finish, mid-century inspired designs, and has a build to last quality. You can quickly move the furniture hither and thither. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

Burrow gives customers the freedom of customizing sofas. You can do your living room beauty in the leg material you chose; you can also add lumbar pillows and chaise. If you are not getting the perfect sofa of your dreams, likely, you have not checked Burrow yet. 

Burrow makes modular furniture in easy-to-move designs. And, the best part is that they offer free and fast shipping. 

What furniture does Burrow make? 

Burrow offers a wide range of seating, storage solutions, rugs, accessories, and lighting. 

Burrow customer reviews

Customers on Reddit seem not to find Burrow’s cushions suitable. While some reviews mention that the cushions give off a pungent industrial smell, some talk about their poor quality and appeal. 

#6 Floyd 

Detroit-based furniture brand Floyd makes durable furniture with added thought and concern towards ease of assembly and disassembly. The same makes moving to various places relatively smooth. Floyd has gained immense popularity with its modular and timeless pieces. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

The Floyd Living Room Bundle is a massive hit, which offers the customer the ease of getting your entire living room done in a few clicks. However, if you do not have the time to individually hunt and match furniture items for a specific area in your house, you must check out Floyd furniture’s bundles. 

What all can I buy from Floyd?

Floyd makes storage solutions, beds, sofas, tables, rugs, mattresses, outdoor furniture. If a platform bed is what you are looking for, go no further. Shop it from Floyd because it comes with a ten-year warranty promise. 

Floyd Customer Reviews

The customer experience is not good. According to some people’s experience, they were not updated regarding the shipment for as many as five weeks. In addition, customers mention they do not even receive any product confirmation notice and have termed their customer support non-existent. 

The Floyd desk, in particular, was typical in many reviews. Since it is susceptible to scratches, people mention that even everyday activities create scratches on the surface in no time, which is a significant downside.   

#7 Tylko 

Poland is the headquarters of Tylko. Designed for easy assembly, Tylko offers high quality and durability. Tylko will be a good option if you’re looking for a storage solution. It is also possible to customize the product with the brand. The user interface is designed to show the results of your choices on your phone screen as you click and design. Not only this, but Tylko also offers 100-day returns with no questions asked. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

What are Tylko shelves made of?

The wood for Tylko comes from sustainable finished birch forests. 

What all can I buy from Tylko?

You can buy bookcases, wardrobes, sideboards, TV stands, shoe racks, wall storage, chest of drawers, and vinyl storage solutions from Tylko.

Tylko Customer Reviews

Tylko has excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot. The quality, customer experience, particularly the Tylko bookshelf, has won praises from multiple reviews. Although a few reviews mention bad experiences where customers had troubles with the product assembly. 

#8 Albany Park

Albany Park offers three models- Albany, Park, and Kova, which make the decision-making smooth. With this, the brand is bringing a radical change to the world of sofas, where the market offers a hundred sofas in so many fancy names and designs; 

Albany Park has kept their brand strategy. Albany Park’s couches are easy to move and come in space-conscious packaging. This thoughtful sizing of packages eases maneuverability in staircases, narrow corridors, and other cramped spaces. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

One exciting part is Albany Park’s promise that you can assemble their products in 15 minutes. In addition, the brand stands true about not using any chemicals and offers a lifetime warranty on its merchandise. 

What does Albany Park make?

Albany, Park, and Kova- Albany Park offers sofas, sectionals, loveseats, armchairs, and ottomans in each of its collections. 

Albany Park’s customer reviews 

Well, reviews have an imperative factor in deciding whether investing in a brand is worth your money. Most of the reviews for the brand read excellent products, happy with the purchase. Nonetheless, a set of customers on Amazon wrote that the color in the product photographs and reality differ quite a lot; the color for many customers turned out lighter than they expected. 

What Is the Cheapest Way To Move a Couch?

The cheapest method to move a couch is bound to differ from location to location. It depends on not one but numerous factors. The factors can be anything from the current fuel prices, the price of services in your area, the size, and the amount of furniture being moved. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

Not to forget, it will also depend on the extra services like packing and installation, and the distance between the two locations. Read on to discover some options you can choose from for moving a couch. 

Packers and Movers

Packers and movers securely wrap your belongings into perfect-sized cartons and the likes with utmost care. With packers and movers, you can quickly get all your belongings wrapped up securely. The packaging and moving company will transport your perfectly wrapped belongings to the location you chose with utmost care and safety.

You reach out to a packing and moving company at the ease of a phone call. They will come to your place at a time suitable to you, and you are all ready to go in a matter of hours. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

Self-moving service

What better than doing your things on your own? With self-moving services, you can do precisely the same. It allows you to securely wrap up your couch and load it into a vehicle or container. A seasoned driver will now take care of the couch; they will conveniently transport it to the location you chose.

The significant advantage here is that you need not exhaust yourself from driving long hours, and you have packaged all your belongings with your own hands; this removes the room for any negligence or mishandling whatsoever. 

Furniture Delivery Companies

Furniture delivery companies can also help you move your couch. Not all, but many furniture delivery companies offer the option of helping you relocate your furniture. Such companies charge you based on the distance and services. You can choose to have services provided at your location, such as picking, handling, and installation.

The downside to this method is that the furniture may have to swap vehicles multiple times in transit which might cause minor to significant damage to the product. Hence, this might not be a good option when you have to relocate your belongings hundreds of miles away. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

Truck Rental

A rental truck allows you to rent out a truck, load your furniture into it on your own, drive it to the destination you are headed. In this scenario, you have to pay for the truck and the fuel. While this method may be convenient for a few miles, traversing large distances can be very heavy on the pocket and an exhausting experience for the driver seat. 

What’s the Easiest Way To Move a Couch?

Well, an easy way to move a couch depends on the shape and size of the couch we are referring to. The costs of moving and packing services in your area play a part in the process. A detailed analysis of the above can help determine which method will turn out to be the easiest for you.

In our opinion, packers and movers are the most convenient option for traversing long distances. On the other hand, using a flat furniture dolly or furniture slider for moving furniture within your house would help. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

How Can I Move My Couch by Myself?

Moving things seems easy until you get out there and give a push. A push is enough to make you realize that some more hands and effort are needed. Let us look at ways to move the couch by ourselves.

  • Disassemble the sofa: First, transform the sofa into its most compact form if possible with the one you own.
  • Cover it up: Securely wrap the couch into a plastic sheet or in a carton with bubble wrap.
  • Slide: Furniture sliders are a good investment if you are someone who has to swap homes multiple times. They assure that the floor doesn’t get destroyed. 
  • A flat furniture dolly is another option. It is designed to help you move large furniture. With furniture, straps secure the furniture into place, and all you are to do is push. The dolly’s wheels will handle the rest. 
  • Move into the truck:  Now that you are done, the final step is to move the packed couch into the truck. Heavy lifting is not everyone’s cup of tea. Keep your limits in mind, and do not shy away from asking for help if you can’t handle the weight yourself. Squat, and do not bend. If you stay in a high-rise building, try using the lift because that would be even more hassle-free. 

Is It Worth the Effort To Take Furniture Along With You?

Google and you will be shocked to discover that 10 million tons of furniture end up in landfills each year. However, when you invest in high-quality furniture, you prevent your furniture from ending up in the furniture landfill.   

Types of Easy To Move Couches & Other Furniture

The market has umpteen modular furniture pieces, making a living in small spaces and rentals utterly easy. However, if you know what to buy before you step into the store, you can save a lot of time and effort. 

Below, we have curated a list of furniture for you that move quickly. Check out the same and let us know in the comments below what you think about it. Also, do your research, and you will undoubtedly have easy-to-move furniture at your place.  

Modular Sofa 

Most modular sofas are certainly easier to move compared to their three-piece fixed counterparts. 

Modular sofas from brands such as Joybird can be converted into loveseats, making them extra versatile and worth the price. If you consider investing in a modular sofa, you should certainly look for versatility and ease of handling. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch?

Sweet Seat

Not everyone needs a full-fledged sofa. Invest in a sweet seat, and you have an equally classy and easy-to-transport and assemble a piece of furniture. It comes in a variety of material finishes and color options too. The Campaign has excellent options for this one. So we highly recommend checking the same out. 


You do not always need all sofas and all chairs seating arrangements. Consider a mix and match of seating styles which may comprise poufs, chairs, stools, sofas. Try matching the color scheme or design language to achieve a homogeneous look. This combination looks good and is easy to move at the same time. Poufs are compact and occupy less space. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch?

Platform Bed  

Platform beds have been around for a while now. They look as though you are floating and are very comfortable and classy. Furthermore, their moveable platforms ease transportation. 

Stackable Bed

A stackable bed can function as a sofa in the day and a comfy bed at night. You can pull out the bottom platform for two levels of bedding, all set for two people to sleep conveniently. If space is also a significant concern to you, investing in multifunctional pieces like this one will be super 

Stacked Shelves

Stacked shelves are the most remarkable thing these days. Very minimal, yet very chic stacked shelves look utterly classy and are very functional too. They are a very convenient storage solution that you may expand and reduce whenever required. Some options come with tool-free assembly, which makes the installation bit even more smooth.

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

In addition, they come with the freedom of arrangement in multiple patterns. One piece of advice from our end to those swapping rental homes utterly frequently would be not to look for conventional cupboards and instead invest in contemporary. Compact storage options since transporting ample cupboards is not a cakewalk. 

Retractable Tables

Retractable furniture is easy to transport and can also be beneficial for small spaces. Tables with a contemporary design yet minimal space requirements reduce the visual clutter. In addition, you can easily disassemble them to accommodate extra guests. Multiple furniture brands such as Ikea offer retractable tables.

Folding Chairs 

Now that we have talked about tables, it is imperative to mention chairs too. Investing in folding chairs is highly recommended. With the market having so many options, you are sure to find a comfortable, folding chair. 

Some folding chair designs look like they can’t fold, and when the salesperson does it for you, you are left amazed. Consider investing in retractable chairs, too, unless, of course, you would want an office chair for your workstation. Target is highly recommended for folding chairs. 

Small Chest of Drawers

Let us face it; there is nothing like ample storage. A chest of drawers can turn out to be functional. It can be used as a kids’ changing station, mini bar, side table, and whatnot. It gives so much freedom to experiment. 

You can designate a new use and a new space in a different room every couple of months. Invest in one from a quality brand that complements all your furniture, and you are sorted for years. We want to tag this one as a ‘must-have.’ 

Media Unit

While some tend to ignore this since they find installing a shelf beneath the television a far more convenient option, those of you who wish to invest in one continue reading ahead. 

Start by investing in a media unit with ample storage for your cables, wires, pen drives, remotes, and other items that become essential for TV viewing. Also, look for a not-so-wide, two-drawer unit with thin legs to reduce the visual clutter without compromising the storage bit. 

Where Can I Find The Most Easy To Move Couch

What Should I Look For In Furniture For Rental Places?

Here are three essential points we feel one must keep in mind when shopping for furniture for their rental. 

Retractable Furniture

It is no secret that furniture that can easily be assembled and disassembled is utterly convenient and space-friendly. 

Ease of maintenance

Do not end up investing in leather or other materials that demand utmost care and maintenance because damage in transit is widespread and sometimes unavoidable. It is hence advisable to be wise with your material choices. 

Sturdy and tough

There are chances that the journey from one rental to another is not so smooth; this may damage your newly bought items. Therefore, always look for tough and durable materials in furniture if you want them to last you a while. 

Wrap Up

Did you enjoy reading the article or learn something new? If you did, leave us a comment down below. Also, do share the article with friends and family who are likely to find it helpful.