Emoor Futon Review: Should You Buy This Shikibuton?

In this article, I will share my Emoor Futon review for people seeking a comfortable way to sleep in a small room.

Have you learned recently about the Japanese bedding style, also known as Shikibuton, and want to give it a try? 

Well, the Japanese enjoy a reputation of being a nation of long-lived people, and the secret to their long life is a goodnight’s sleep. A sound sleep is why Shikibuton forms an essential part of their culture. 

Emoor Futon Review

Emoor Futon is a Japanese bedding piece that has become quite popular in the USA. When my friends come over, I never have to think twice about where to spend my night. I just pull out my Japanese Futon and sleep peacefully! 

This Emoor Japanese Futon set review brings you all the good points you should know about these.

In this review, I will discuss:

  • What is a Shikibuton, and what should you look for when buying one?
  • Emoor Futon: Pros and cons, and why you should buy it?
  • A few alternatives to Emoor
  • Answers to a host of questions that customers ask online about Emoor Futon & Futons in general.
  • My personal rating of Emoor Futon is based on my own experience and online reviews.
  • Hopefully, an answer to the question that landed you here: “Should you buy Emoor Futon?”

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What Exactly Is A Japanese Futon (Shikibuton)?

Shikibuton is a floor mattress that you can roll easily, and Japanese use it for daily sleeping. However, due to its thin design, many people would believe that it is uncomfortable, but this is not the case. 

Traditionally, Japanese homes only possessed one room, and all the family members had to sleep, eat, and work there. This was when these Shikibutons came into the picture. These mattresses have longevity, are easily foldable and can be removed to make space, are very comfortable, offer better airflow, and have a cleaner sleeping surface than a traditional mattress. 

Emoor Futon Review

While reviewing the Shikibutons, I came across different models and learned about many facts. Do you know that the word ‘futon’ refers to ‘bed,’ especially organic bed in Japanese? 

These futons are like thick cushions that you can easily convert into a bed when you place them on a flat surface.

What to Look for in a Futon?

Suitable Size: Measure your space before you buy your futon—the reason being that these futons are available in full, twin, and queen sizes.

Purpose of usage: How do you plan to make use of your futon? Do you want to use it primarily for sitting, for sleeping, or both? Well, this will help you select the kind of frame and the quality of the mattress required.

Mattress Type: Select a mattress type that suits your desirable firmness quotient as well as your purpose of usage. Traditional mattresses come filled with textile batting, whereas modern beds come filled with cotton, foam, springs, or a combination of these.

Rigidity: Rigidity refers to the mattresses’ ability to remain square-edged along the mattresses’ length. The more the rigidity, the fewer are the chances that the cover will sag or buckle when you use them.

Firmness: The mattress should be firm enough to give your back proper support.

Flexibility: This flexibility quotient refers to the ease with which the mattress will unfold when it switches from a sofa to a bed.

Aesthetics: Another aspect to consider when buying the futon is aesthetics. What do you want your futon to look like in some time? Foam-filled, solid mattresses for futons possess the ability to hold their shape even after frequent use. However, coil-filled mattresses lose their shape after some time. 

Thickness: Sleek futon frames are much better than thin mattresses, while wooden frames need thick mattresses to match their frames. Thus, it would help if you thought about the mattress you would prefer to use. Adults usually require a 6 inches thick mattress.

Emoor Futon Review

Size of the futon frame: You should also think about the size of the futon frame. While a queen-size structure would be spacious and comfortable, it implies that you will also have to purchase a queen-size futon frame. Thus, you need to consider your space constraints and then decide upon the size of the mattress and futon frame.

Comfort: The futon mattress should be comfortable for both sleeping and sitting for long hours. Thus, when you are purchasing the mattress, get rid of lumpy mattresses. 

Versatility: The futon mattress should be versatile enough to play the roles of a sofa and a bed with ease.

Durability: The futon mattress should be made with cotton or wool filling and a strong outer cover.

Sleeping position: If you are sleeping on your side, you need a soft futon mattress, while if you sleep on your back, you need a more firm mattress, and if you sleep on your stomach, you need the firmest futon mattress.

Emoor Futon Traditional Futon Mattress Review

Emoor is a reputable Japanese firm based in Tokyo, dealing in futons for the past many years. Emoor offers only the best-quality, flawlessly designed bedding and furniture. Thus, you can find Emoor products being sold in different corners of the world! 


  • Perfect for minimalists, as this mattress doesn’t take much space. 
  • These are versatile as you can convert them into couches as well.
  • You can enjoy a multi-functional space as you can fold it in one place.
  • Futons are known to be safe bedding for kids as they will not slip off anywhere while sleeping.
  • The online reviews indicate that these futons are more comfortable with frequent usage.
  • A good night’s sleep with Emoor improves your physical and mental health.
  • These are lightweight as you can carry them easily.
  • The Emoor mattress is not thick but compact enough, implying that you will not be too close to the floor while sleeping.
  • The mattress is firm and does not move quickly under your weight.
  • The Emoor futon is of excellent quality.
  • The mattresses’ filing comprises TEIJIN MIGHTYTOP(R) II ECO material, which brings along anti-tick, deodorizing, and anti-bacterial properties. 


  • Some users complained that the mattress is firm, and they faced back issues while sleeping.
  • Some users also mentioned that the mattress was too thin for big and tall sleepers. 

JLife Futon

Features & Benefits: Emoor Futon

Space Saving 

The best aspect of the Emoor futon is that it does not take much space and any bed platform. Thus, you can fold it and keep it in one corner if you have space issues or are a minimalist.

High quality

Another point that goes in favor of the Emoor futon is its sound quality. Made in Japan, the futon brings only high quality to your sleeping area. 

Perfect For People With Back Problems

The mattress has three layers. The firm pad in the middle of the mattress lays between quilted pads, which are fiber-filled on both sides. Well, this makes the mattress perfect for people facing back problems. The Japanese futon offers complete support for your entire body, thereby reducing soreness and back issues.

Antibacterial, Anti-Tick

The Emoor futon consists of only safe chemicals which are safe. The mattress consists of Quaternary ammonium salt for giving anti-bacterial properties, while Pyrethroid offers anti-tick properties. 

Deodorized material

The Emoor traditional futon uses deodorized material that implies that it does not get smelly when you sleep on it. Odor is a common problem among low-quality futons.

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Alternatives to Emoor Futon

#1 FULI Shikibuton

FULI Shikibuton can be a perfect alternative to Emoor Futon. Developed by expert Japanese craftsmen, FULI Shikibuton is a three-layered mattress that only gives high quality and nothing less. 

You can easily fold it and keep it in one corner as it is lightweight and is easily foldable. You can also set it up on tatami mats and enjoy airy and firm back support.

If you seek a Twin XL futon, you can go for this brand as Emoor is available only in Twin long.

You can see this product in action here.

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#2 MIINA Shikibuton

Another alternative to Emoor Futon can be MIINA Shikibuton. Well, this is a five-layered mattress that consists of cotton and polyester. 

Since the mattress is thick and high quality, they do not wear down quickly and offer excellent support for your back. 

Unlike the Emoor futon, which you can use only for sleeping and sitting, this futon has multiple uses, such as a yoga mat, nap mat, floor sofa, and floor bed.

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#3 Luxton Shikibuton

Another option for the alternative for Emoor futon is Luxton Shikibuton. Well, this is a twin set of futons that offers you a firm surface that aligns well with your back when you sleep on it. 

Despite having a thin mattress, the Shikibuton is highly comfortable to sleep in, unlike the Emoor futon, which has a thick surface. Also, the futon is made up of organic cotton and polyester and thus has no bad smell at all. 

As Emoor futon is based in Japan, Luxton is based in the USA and thus keeps in mind all the requisites of a USA sleeping bed in its formation. 

You can check out the product here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Japanese futons recommended for guests?

Yes, you can use Japanese futons for guests if you do not have that extra space in your house. Well, this is an excellent choice if you are seeking furniture that you can use both as a couch or a bed. Also, they are perfect for minimalists who face space constraints at home. 

What Are Japanese Futons Made Of?

Futons are made up of natural fibers such as feather, wool, feather, and cotton. You can also find chemical fibers in it, such as polyester. The Japanese quilts consist of feathers, and the mattress contains wool. 

Emoor Futon Review: Should You Buy This Shikibuton

What Are Japanese Futons?

Japanese futons can be defined as sleeping pads that are quilted and are stuffed with fiber or cotton. You can spread it on a bed, wooden mat, or a tatami mat. The futon is furniture that can serve multiple purposes, such as a sofa, floor mat, or yoga mat. Also, these futons are highly hygienic as they do not harbor any germs.

How to Pick the Best Japanese Futon Mattress for You?

You should select a Japanese futon mattress that should prevent any overheating, should be eco-friendly, affordable, and allergen-free. Also, there are some essential points to consider when you want to purchase a Japanese futon mattress. It should be space-saving, firm, comfortable, have an ergonomic design, and should improve your health.

Are these comfortable to use every day on a Japanese floor?

Yes, you can use these futons every day with ease on the Japanese floor. The foam present in the mattress and the floor beneath offers ample support to the person sleeping. As long as the futon is comfortable and offers great cushioning, you can easily sleep on it for as many nights as possible. 


  • Design: 8.0/10
  • affordability: 7.0/10
  • Space-saving: 9.0/10
  • Comfort: 8.9/10

Overall Score: 8.75/10

If You Have Back Pain, Throw Out Your Mattress and Buy An Emoor Futon!

The Emoor futon is designed well to offer ample support to all the sleepers. The mattress can easily conform to the user’s body shape to ensure a goodnight’s sleep.