Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy: Who Is The King Of Recliners?

In this article, we will compare Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy on key features such as quality of product, service, pricing, delivery experience, and other parameters.

People love resting on a recliner after a long day. According to statistics, recliner usage is going to increase tremendously by the year 2024. If you want to buy a recliner you might be debating two companies: Flexsteel vs. Lazy Boy. In this article, we will give you a honest comparison of these two brands


Before we talk about Flexsteel, we have to talk about Rolph & Ball. This furniture company started to manufacture upholstered furniture in 1893 before they sold it off to tradesmen who laid the foundation for Flexsteel in 1901. Flexsteel went on to become one of the top recliner brands in the world.

To begin with, they started building steel bases that are riveted in all the upholstered furniture. This move laid a standard that was never matched for years by any other furniture manufacturing company. 

They slowly started employing more workers, bought trucks, started new manufacturing facilities to meet up the demands of the customers and ensure quicker delivery. Their famous blue steel spring guaranteed the product’s life, and after this development, their company was renamed Flexsteel. 

By the 1960s, they publicly traded their stocks in the market, which shows their success rate. They also started trying new and even started manufacturing furniture with exposed wood seatings. 

When the 1980s approached, they started adding lumbar support to the recliners addressing the issues customers faced and increased their comfort levels. 

They celebrated their 100 years of journey in the 1990s and ensured that they would give the best service and remain committed to the customer needs. When Flexsteel entered the 2000s, they succeeded to a higher level where they manufactured different furniture pieces to suit other rooms in a house.  


  • Flexsteel has been one of the top brands for years
  • There is a wide range of fabric, power, and leather options.
  • You can customize your furniture based on your choice. 
  • It is a versatile furniture option for the home. 
  • Their Blue Steel technology guarantees that the furniture is durable. 
  • The furniture is wrapped with high-quality leather and fabrics. 
  • There are many color options, and dyeing is done to give a neat finish to the furniture.


  • The mid-priced products come with non-removable cushions making them hard to replace or repair. 
  • The recliner furniture is heavy, making it challenging to move around. 

Watch a video below on Flexsteel Quality

What Makes Flexsteel Furniture Special - (w/ BarrowFurniture)

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Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy is another brand that is famous when we talk about comfortable furniture. They are renowned for their recliner chairs. Well, this is because they have been making high-quality recliners now for ninety years. 

Their heritage started in 1927 when they started designing a wood-slat chair that had a reclining function. Though the brand is famous and sets standards for home furniture, they are highly praised for their recliner chairs. 

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

Well, this is because they are committed to manufacturing a comfortable recliner chair of high quality with efficient craftsmanship. 

Their recliners are famous because they have seven unique features; these are employed to give out the comfortable recliner in the furniture industry. These are popularly known as the seven La-Z-Boy Only’s. 


  • Setup instructions are straightforward. You need just two people to build their furniture and almost no tools.
  • They have a large number of retail outlets. You can also purchase some limited furniture models at Wayfair and Amazon. 
  • The year-wide promotions will help you buy their furniture at a reasonable and affordable price. 
  • These recliners last for more than ten years. They have a limited lifetime warranty.


Watch a video below on why La-Z-Boy is better than its competition:

La-Z-Boy Recliners vs Competition: Are La-Z-Boy Recliners Worth The Money?

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Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy


Both the brands deal in many types of furniture. However, most commonly, they deal in recliners. Now, talking of the quality of these recliners, Flexsteel is surely a winner when it comes to maintaining the quality of recliners. 

As per many user reviews, the recliners built by Flexsteel are built really well, and they do not break easily even after wear and tear. Also, they mostly use microfiber for their recliners. This makes it easy to clean the fabric and also adds to its durability. 

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

Lazy Boy, on the other hand, does offer good quality recliners, but they are not considered stylish by many users. This often leads to Flexsteel winning the race when it comes to good quality recliners in the market. 

Winner: Flexsteel


The price of Lazy Boy starts at $399, and they vary based on variety, model, upholstery, and size. Lazy Boy high-range recliners go up to $2999.

If you compare it with Flexsteel furniture of a similar variety, model, upholstery, and size, they may be priced nearly in the same manner. The Flexsteel recliners also start from $399 and vary based on the preferences going up to a range of $3299. 

Winner: Flexsteel

Quality of Service Delivery

Though Flexsteel offers durability and quality craftsmanship, the delivery quality may vary based on the third-party retailer for returns, delivery, and shipping, which might turn off some customers.

Similarly, Lazy Boy recliners are durable, but they do not offer trials, returns, and free shipping. Some customers may not like this.

Winner: Flexsteel

Ease of ordering

Flexsteel recliners are sold entirely through retail, so the time taken for shipping and prices will vary based on your nearby retail outlet. The setup, return, and delivery depends on the retailer you are placing an order at. 

Some of the models offer a warranty for one year.

You can purchase Lazy Boy recliners online as well as from the store. Shipping of the recliners varies between 8-10 weeks, but this entirely depends on the retailer and your location. 

The warranty offered by Lazy Boy is limited and varies based on the material. 

Winner: Flexsteel

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Frame Construction

When we talk about Lazyboy recliners, they come with four-sided frames. These frames on four sides are made of wood-sides, front, and back. The frame on the fourth side has structural integrity that will not bow or bend when you try to push or get off from the recliner. 

The Flexsteel recliners have frames on three sides. Out of three sides, wood is on the back and sides. But on the front side, there is a space instead of a frame. 

When you push the armrests, the three-sided frames will bend to support the weight. But this will strain the mechanism of reclining, and the recliner may break soon. 

Winner: Lazy Boy frames are stronger


Meeting the space constraints remains an issue often with Lazy Boy recliners. The reason is that most of the users find their furniture, especially recliners, to be big enough for small spaces. However, this is not the case with Flexsteel. Their recliners can easily meet any kind of space constraints, and you can even customize them as per your requirement.

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

Winner: Flexsteel 

Reclining and Rocking Simultaneously

Lazy Boy recliners come with this mechanism to allow you to recline the back, and you need not lift the footrest for this purpose. 

In regular recliners, when you want to recline, you would need to put the feet up as well, and when the footrest is up, you will not be able to rock on the chair until you keep the footrest down. 

Lazy Boy is the only recliner that will let you recline as well as the rock at a time. 

However, the feature of simultaneously reclining and rocking is not available in the case of Flexsteel recliners.

Winner: Lazy Boy

Dual Locking Footrest

We come across many recliners with a spring-loaded footrest, and they will fall when you put some pressure on them. 

But in the case of Lazy Boy, it comes with a dual locking footrest which will go down only when the handle is released. So, the Lazy Boy recliner’s footrest will go down when you want to put it down. 

But in the case of Flexsteel, this feature is not available.

Winner: Lazy Boy


Both Lazy Boy and Flexsteel recliners use leather and also bonded leather. They even have a wide range of material options if you want any customization to your recliner. 

However, in the case of Lazy Boy recliners, you can face an issue of fabric pilling (Pilling is where the excess fabric used in the furniture comes off and results in the formation of small balls, known as pills). 

This is not the case with Flexsteel furniture.

Winner: Flexsteel

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

Contour Cut Foam

The cushions of Lazy Boy recliners have a filling of contour-cut foam. This foam will let you get a customized packing to the recliner giving the utmost comfort when you use the recliner. It will not shift away when you apply pressure on it. 

Also, the shape of the cushion stays longer in the same way, and it gives a decent look to the recliner. 

Whereas in the case of Flexsteel, the cushions of the recliner come with stuffing which may move away when some pressure is applied on them. 

Winner: Lazy Boy

Answers To Common Questions About Flexsteel and Lazy Boy.

What is comparable to Flexsteel?

You can easily compare brands such as Lazy-Boy, Klaussner, and Elran to Flexsteel in terms of quality, price, and performance.

Why did Flexsteel go out of business?

Flexsteel got out of the Recreational Vehicle business and the Contract/Hospitality business but is still in the Residential Furniture business.

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

Who makes the best quality recliner chairs?

Flexsteel is renowned for manufacturing high-quality recliner chairs.

What is the best recliner sofa brand?

Lazy-Boy enjoys the reputation of being the best recliner sofa brand in the market nowadays.

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Parting Words

To conclude, recliners are the best for those who love relaxing in the hall or a room and are also happy to sleep in it. Also, it is a good option if you are planning to spend your weekend watching a movie and enjoy your family time. 

Though both Lazy Boy and Flexsteel are famous as the best recliner manufacturing units- you can opt for Flexsteel if you are a fan of their brand and looking for a durable recliner for you. 

Flexsteel Vs. Lazy Boy

But if you are looking for a recliner that has new features like a locking mechanism, contour foam cushioning for long-lasting comfort, then you can pick Lazy Boy recliners.

Both brands are excellent, and in the end the choice is really up to you. 

Happy Furniture!