Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth?: Ultimate Guide To Using Norwex

Can you use furniture polish on Norwex Cloth? Yes, you can. Learn how to use furniture polish with Norwex.

Norwex is a fantastic product that makes it easy to clean furniture with no mess or harsh chemicals. Also, it offers a safer environment for everyone. 

Some benefits of Norwex:

  • The Norwex Cloth is microfiber-based. It is a synthetic fiber with features like elasticity and the ability to wick away moisture. Due to its properties, it is used for dusting and cleaning the house. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth
  • Norwex can clean every surface that you would typically clean with water, soap, or chemical cleaners. So there is no need to stock your hands with chemicals or water; all you need is a Norwex cloth.  
  • Having a Norwex cloth saves a lot of money; it is an environmentally friendly and affordable way to dust.
  • Norwex Cloth lasts longer than any other dusting cloth. 

If you want to know more about Norwex, do watch the video below:

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth? 

A lot of people ask us this question in our comments section. Well, thankfully, the answer is yes. As furniture polish contains many chemicals that can be harsh on a microfiber cloth, Norwex has a special cloth designed for polishing furniture.

This is the “EnviroTowel”. Here is a guide to using Norwex Cloth for furniture cleaning.

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How To Use A Norwex Cloth? 

If you want to know how to use a Norwex cloth and use it for cleaning, it is an easy process; you can just clean anything with it. 

Wet Norwex Cloth 

  • When your windows get dusty and creamy due to insects or weather conditions, you can easily clean them with a wet Norwex cloth. The Norwex Enviro Cloth can deep-clean filthy windows. 
  • Norwex Cloth can remove splatters from microwaves. 
  • You can easily wipe off tabletops and countertops
  • A wet Norwex cloth can easily remove marks made by greasy fingertips and handprints. 
  • You can even deep clean your kitchen sink with it. 
  • Any grimy or dirty surfaces are well cleaned when you put a little water and liquid detergent on a Norwex cloth. 
  • Thorough clean of doorknobs or switch plates. 

Dry Norwex Cloth 

When you use a dry Norwex cloth, you can anytime do dusting of your house. Use it for removing dust from dry areas. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth

Different Types Of Norwex Cloth 

Have you ever wondered, are you using the right Norwex cloth for a particular job? So here I am going to tell you what kind of Norwex Cloth is best for what purpose? 

Enviro Cloth 

The Norwex Enviro cloth is a multipurpose cloth that you can use just for everything. You can either use dry or wet enviro cloth to clean every surface. 

Window Cloth 

The window cloth is used for cleaning the windows, mirrors, and any shining surfaces. The Cloth gives a sparkling cleaning surface. 

Dusting Mitt 

The dusting mitt comes in the shape of gloves; you can just wear it and remove dust from fans, ceilings, furniture, and other dusty surfaces. 

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Kitchen Cloth 

It is an extra absorbent Norwex cloth that dries the dishes or sinks effortlessly. The Kitchen Norwex cloth wipes off a messy kitchen. 


Enviro Towel from Norwex is for drying and polishing everything, starting from furniture to granite. The Cloth holds many times its weight in water and also dries quickly. This is the answer to the question: “Can you use furniture polish on Norwex Cloth.” Sadly, this product is no longer available, but you can still find it at some retail outlets and on Craigslist.

Watch this product in action here:

Norwex EnviroTowel - Mini Moment with Linda

Do’s And Don’ts of Norwex Cloth


  • Rinse with warm water – It is important to wash the Norwex microfiber cloth with warm water after every use, to remove the stuck dust that may cause odor. Make sure you dip the Cloth for 3 to 5 minutes in warm water to wash it properly. 
  • Always use Non sudsing liquid dishwasher – It is recommended to use Norwex dishwashing liquid, or else you must use non sudsing liquid to wash your microfiber Norwex cloth. It is advisable to do this every day or so. All you need to do is put a drop of liquid on a cloth, rub it well and then wash it with warm water. 
  • Hang your Cloth – There is a special Blacklock in the Norwex Cloth, a special antibacterial agent that helps disinfection the surface you wipe up with the Cloth. It also helps in removing the odor and self purifies the Cloth. So once you wash it, it is always important to hang it until it becomes dry. Drying is essential as it allows the agent to get back to its work. This will help the Cloth from starting to smell. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth
  • Wash with Liquid Detergent – For thorough and deep cleaning of the microfiber, once in a while, dip the Cloth into Norwex liquid detergent. It gives a deeper cleaning than washing with liquid detergent. This will remove any stains or smell from the Cloth.  
  • Dry Norwex Cloth with lint Free Cloths – Always wash your Norwex Cloth with lint-free cloths; otherwise, lint will get stuck in your microfiber. To keep the right shape of the Cloth, ensure you dry with lint-free laundry. 
  • Soak At Maximum Level – If you still find some dust or smell in your Cloth even after washing it, then it is time for a super soak. To super soak, you must get a large pot, fill it with water and liquid detergent, boil the water, and soak the Cloth overnight. After soaking, rinse it with normal water. This is not what you have to do regularly, but once in six months, you must do this. 


  • Never use Fabric Softener – Fabric softeners are not advisable for cleaning your microfiber; they may add a film to your Cloth, resulting in ineffective cleaning. 
  • Don’t use bleach products – Never bleach your Norwex Cloth; it destroys the Cloth fiber and drastically affects how it cleans the surface. 
  • Cloth with soap or cleaners – Your microfiber only needs water. The silver agent kills 99% of bacteria, so it is better to keep it away from other chemicals. Some chemicals present in the cleaners can weaken the fibers of the Cloth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

# Do you use Norwex Cloth wet or dry? 

Well, you can use both wet and dry Norwex Cloth. You can use the dry cloth to remove dust and dirt, whereas you can use the wet Cloth to eliminate debris and dirt from washable surfaces. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth

# Which Norwex cloth do you use first? 

If you are new to Norwex Cloth, you must prefer Norwex Enviro Cloth. It is a multipurpose cloth that simply cleans every surface. You can either use it wet or dry; it depends on where you are using it for. 

# How often should I wash Norwex Cloth? 

Experts recommend washing your Norwex once a week to remove any stains or odor. Hot water is best for washing the Norwex Cloth as it opens the fibers to release stuck dirt and bacteria. 

# Can you use cleaning products with Norwex Cloths?

All your microfiber cloth needs are water. But you can use soap or cleaners. It contains Blacklock, a silver agent that removes 99% dirt or dust from every surface. 

Can You Use Furniture Polish On Norwex Cloth

You can Use A Norwex Towel With Furniture Polish. 

Norwex Cloths can clean your home in all circumstances. You can use it for various purposes, and if you get the Norwex Towel, you can even use it for polishing your furniture. It is an amazing product that removes dust from the surface and provides a shining, cleaned area.