How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed? 10 Simple Solutions

How do you add storage to a bunk bed? Let me show you ten easy ways to do it.

Bunk beds are ideal solutions for children’s rooms and dormitories, where many people need to share limited space. They are incredibly convenient for utilizing a small space while still offering privacy for sleeping.

However, bunk beds have very little storage space. At the same time, the occupant on the lower bed can keep the things on a nearby side table. But the person using the upper bed won’t have a proper place for keeping their belongings. Secondly, if you are using a bunk bed, then that means you are anyways short of space, so adding a bit of storage in there will only help matters.

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed? 10 Simple Solutions

But the big question is: “How do you add storage to a bunk bed?”

I went through the same dilemma last year when I purchased a bunk bed for my kids, and a bit of research showed me several creative solutions to it.

Whether you want to add storage to an existing bunk bed or build a new bunk bed with storage space, I have you covered. I have put together a list of several ways that you can add extra storage to a bunk bed. Let’s have a look at them.

#1 Storage Drawers Under The Bed

You can use the space below the lower bunk bed to make storage drawers. The area beneath the bunk bed is left unused, or kids use it to stuff their toys or other items. Instead, you can build a storage drawer with wheels that you can pull out when needed. 

If you already have a bunk bed, then you can use the existing space beneath the bed. But if you are building a bunk bed, you can conveniently increase the height of the lower bunk bed. It will create even more space beneath the bed that in turn will result in more storage drawers.

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed? 10 Simple Solutions

The storage space under the bed helps keep the rest of the room empty without any messy storage box or rack scattered around the whole room. Your kids can use the space for playing with their friends.

#2 Storage Unit At The Head Or Foot Of The Bed

Using the area beside the head or foot of the bed to create a storage unit is another ingenious idea. If your room plan allows you to have leftover space at the foot or head of the bunk bed, then using it wisely to create storage space for your kids would be great. 

You can build a multi-rack storage unit beside the bed that will solve the problem of not having enough space for storage. It is more beneficial where the bunk bed and the storage unit are constructed along the entire length of the wall. This design gives the room a neat look, and kids can use the rest of the room to play.

#3 Adding Shelves On The Wall Beside The Bunk Bed

If you don’t know your way around tools for making furniture, then instead of building elaborate storage spaces, you can add simple shelves on the walls. The wall along which the bed is lined is mostly empty. You can utilize the space on that wall by adding some shelves there. It will help the person using the bed to store their necessities nearby.

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed? 10 Simple Solutions

Ensure that you do not put bigger shelves. The person sleeping on the bed might get hurt by bumping into the shelves at night. Also, hang the shelves high enough to have sufficient seating space for your kid.

#4 Storage Boxes As Steps Instead Of Ladder

Most of the bunk beds have a ladder built at the side for accessing the upper bed. One of the intelligent ways to have a way to reach the top bed would be to add steps instead of a ladder. Beneath each step, you can build pull-out storage drawers.

You can build the steps at the foot of the bunk bed, and the drawers underneath the steps can be used for keeping extra pillows, quilts, and other items.

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed

#5 Shelves Built On The Side Of The Top Bed

The topmost bed in the bunk bed has safety railings built on the side to avoid falling during sleeping. What you can do is, instead of the safety rails, you can create storage shelves that act as a safety wall beside the top bed.

Use a wooden frame in place of the railings. The structure is built with inlet shelves to avoid the person bumping into the corners of the shelves. These storage shelves can act as a nightstand for the top bed to keep phones, chargers nearby.

#6 Inlet Or Recessed Shelves Built Into The Headboard Or Footboard

The headboard or footboard of a bunk bed is another such place that is generally left unused. The only purpose they serve typically is to offer a place to rest your back while sitting comfortably. Why not use that space to add some inlet shelves?

Yes, you heard right. I am talking about building recessed shelves into the headboard or footboard. Your kids can use these shelves to store books, toys, alarm clocks, or other items. 

It will help if you level the edges of the shelves with the headboard. If any edges of the shelves are outside, then the person sleeping in the bed won’t get hurt while waking up.

#7 Floating Racks Or Shelves

If your bunk bed does not have room for modification, you can put some floating racks on other room walls for more storage space. You can take multi-tier shelves that you can hang on the walls. Your kids can use the shelves to keep their books, toys, and other stationery. 

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed

#8 Hanging Storage Pockets On The Railings

If your requirement of storage space is minimal and you want some space to keep essentials nearby. Then, instead of wasting your money and time on building storage, you can buy storage pockets. 

These storage pockets are made up of solid and durable material and come with a strap that attaches them to the bed railings. These pockets fit almost all bed sizes and thus won’t be an issue in putting over your bunk bed frame.

They have multiple compartments that would be more than enough for your kids to have their necessary things close to them.

#9 Metal Hanging Storage Basket

If you need a storage space that you can put or remove as per your requirement, a hanging storage metal basket would be a better choice. 

These baskets have hooks that go over the bed frame. You also have the option to move them as per your requirement. 

These metal baskets are sturdy and can hold heavy items too. They are available in different sizes with separate compartments. You can choose one better suited to your need.

#10 Adding Storage Box Or Trunk

If any of the solutions didn’t work out for you, you have no choice but to add a separate storage box or trunk to solve the less storage problem. 

If the room is big enough, additional storage in the form of a storage box or a trunk won’t be an issue. But for rooms with less space, having an additional storage place would only make the room much smaller. 

Use innovative ways to incorporate a multi-purpose storage box inside the room. You can add a storage box or trunk that can also act as a separate seating space by adding some throws and pillows above it.

Final Thoughts

Bunk beds are a functional piece of furniture that is ideal for kids sharing a bedroom. Having limited storage space has always been an issue with the bunk beds. Use the ways mentioned above to add extra storage to your kids’ room.

How Do You Add Storage To A Bunk Bed

I hope this article helps you increase the storage space. Do share your experience in the comment section if you tried any of the methods mentioned above to add storage space in a bunk bed. If you liked this article, do consider sharing it with your friends and family.