How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

Want to know how much does the Bedroom Furniture weigh but have no idea how to find it? Follow my instructions, and you have all the details in your hand within hours.

We design our house with lots of thoughts and ideas. These ideas are what transform the house into a home. Every small and big piece of furniture has a specific function in the overall decor. But when it is time to move to a new home, you need to pack it all up for transportation.

While it may seem like a simple pack-and-go concept, the reality is a bit more complicated. The size and the weight of every piece of furniture count. Movers and packers have weight limits on everything that you need to strictly adhere to.

While it is easy to size up objects in terms of length, breadth, and height, weighing them is not as simple. The material, framework, and size contribute to the weight of the furniture. 

For most of us, the biggest and most important items in our home are probably in our bedrooms. Since our bedrooms are often an extension of our personalities and the place we spend most of our time, there are often far too many things here. So if you are asking yourself: “How much does bedroom furniture weigh?” then you are in the right place.

Weighing Household Goods – Why Do Movers Insist On It?

Moving from one place to another is impossible to do by yourself, especially when you have years of collectibles to take along. That is where movers and packers and moving trailers come into play.

Every trailer carrying your household goods has a designated weight capacity and size specification that you cannot cross because there are road safety regulations that limit the weight that a cargo trailer can carry. That’s why it is crucial to be very calculative and detail-oriented while estimating the weight of household goods.

Bedroom Furniture – Taking Stock

Before weighing things, let us first take stock of what all is there in the bedroom.

Apart from the necessities in and around the bedroom, depending on its usability and size, there may be a few additional things. Say you have a large spacious bedroom that also is your working space, then there are bound to be other tables, chairs, and accessory units to accommodate all your equipment. 

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

In case it is small, most often it will just be able to have a queen-sized bed and a wardrobe. However, these days’ estimations can vary because modular room designs maximize space by creating fusion furniture and multipurpose units. Anyways that’s a story for another time.

Since we humans tend to collect things, there are bound to be a lot of different things that also have to be included while weighing. Let me help you understand how to calculate the weight of the bedroom furniture without worrying about the hassle of actually lifting them on a scale!

Furniture Weight: All Things Are Not Made Equally!

Assessment of wood quality

There is a specific reason why weight estimations are never prefixed. A queen bed made of solid wood is always heavier than the one made out of particle wood. Sawdust is added to plyboards to give them sturdiness and width without adding to the weight. This makes particle wood furniture much lighter than solid wood. For the same size and dimensions, particle wood beds might weigh upto half that of solid wood beds. 

Checking for metal frameworks and glass additions

In addition to wooden furniture, sometimes bed frameworks, wardrobe enclosures, etc., can contain extra support. Similarly, dressers and multipurpose wardrobes can have a large glass or mirror attachments.

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

We all know that neither glass nor metal frames are lightweight. Hence, it is safe to assume that metal and glass are additional weights that we cannot neglect and consider extra weights.

So, How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh According To Movers?

Calculating the weight of the furniture

Most movers and packers have a fixed chart based on which the weights of furniture are calculated. Below is a simple sample chart with self-explanatory prefixed measurements to help you assess the weight of your bedroom furniture. For a more detailed analysis of your move, you can use online calculators such as the one at or

King Size Bed (Solid Wood)
Double Dresser (Solid Wood)
Double Wardrobe
Armoire (Medium Size)
Futon (mattress)
Large Mirror 
Desk (Computer Table)
Night Lamp
Curtains and Blinds (with rod)
60 cu ft
40 cu ft
45 cu ft
50 cu ft
30 cu ft
7 cu ft
22 cu ft
2 cu ft
7 cu ft
420 lbs
280 lbs
315 lbs
350 lbs
210 lbs
49 lbs
154 lbs
14 lbs
50 lbs

Calculating the weight of the packaging

Keep in mind that the weight limit is inclusive of the packaging. Foam, crates, bubble wrap, cardboard protections, etc., are all included, along with the weight of the furniture.

On average, most shipping companies use packing material weighing anywhere between 80 lbs (36kg) to 110 lbs (50kg) approximately. The amount of packaging used is equivalent to the weight of a small dresser unit.

Knowing the Household goods weight limits

It is essential to know the maximum transportable weight limit before packing and moving everything. According to the Federal Law, the permissible legal weight of household goods should never exceed the maximum capacity of 18,000 lbs (8 tonnes, one ton= 1000kg) net weight.

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

On average, the estimated weight of furniture in each room is approximately anywhere between 1300 lbs (580kg) to 1500 lbs (680kg) regardless of the size of the room. So multiplying the estimated value with the total number of rooms in the house will approximate the goods’ overall weight.

How Can I Weigh Furniture Myself?

While the traditional method of estimating the weight of household goods is a convenient and the preferred choice of all movers and packers, sometimes house owners may want to estimate the weights themselves. Here is a small lifehack that I found quite helpful.

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh
  1. Measuring scales are readily available in any home. Get two of them. Find two long pieces of wood that are at least a few inches thick and a few feet long.
  2. Place the scales along the length of the furniture you want to weigh on the opposite ends.
  3. Carefully place the boards on each scale to precisely position the furniture bottom or legs on the board.
  4. Align the wood piece and the scale on each end so that the furniture is supported solely by the wood and scale only.
  5. Add both the weights as seen on the measuring scale and deduct the weight of the wooden pieces, and there you go!
  6. For very large items, you can do the same trick by using four wood pieces and four weighing scales. 

Make sure to use sturdy scales because you are going to be lifting heavy objects there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a typical dresser weigh? 

An average full-size single dresser can weigh between 100 lbs (45kg) to 165 lbs (74kg), depending on the type of wood used in the making. Similarly, a full-size double dresser can weigh as much as 270 lbs (120 kg).

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

How much does a queen bedroom set weigh? 

A Queen size bedroom set primarily consists of a bed frame (350 lbs), headboard (175 lbs), footboard (70 lbs), Double dresser (280 lbs), mirror (49 lbs), and night lamp (21 lbs). The estimated weight of the entire set is 945 lbs (428 kg).

How much does a solid wood bedroom set weigh?

Solid wood furniture is always heavier than composite material and particle wood goods. A complete Bedroom set made of solid wood consists of a bed frame and dresser unit with or without a bedside lamp and mirror. Solid wood furniture made from Pure Oak or Teak can weigh anywhere between 150 lbs (68kg) to 200 lbs (90 kg), depending on the size.

The final pack-up!

Every home needs to have furniture, not just for the sake of esthetic appeal but also for comfort and ease. Yes, the thought of moving can be daunting each time you buy something new.

How Much Does Bedroom Furniture Weigh

The idea of estimating the weight and then the cost of packers and movers is not going to be a tough job if you have read my blog up until the very end.

Happy Moving!