How To Anchor Furniture With Baseboard

How do you anchor furniture with a baseboard? We get this question often in our comments. Let’s take a look.

The baseboard is the skirting of the wall or, in simpler words, a wooden board that runs along the base of your interior wall. The baseboard acts as a cosmetic addition to your wall while covering the joints between the floor and the wall.

Homeowners, especially parents, find it daunting to anchor their furniture correctly to the walls, especially the baseboards. So the question “how do you anchor furniture with a baseboard?” is a fairly common one. But the answers are unfortunately not that common, which is why we wrote this article for our readers. 

How To Anchor Furniture With Baseboard

Do you know that if the furniture is not appropriately anchored to the baseboard, it can raise the danger of home accidents? Well, let us walk through the process in detail.

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Steps To Anchor Furniture to a Baseboard

Let us assume that you own a bookcase and anchor it to the small baseboard on the wall. However, the cutout at the end of the bookcase would not effectively work when anchoring the bookcase on the wall. Well, here are some solutions that can assist you in getting the work done flawlessly:

Use a Base Cap Molding

If it is your own home, you can use base cap molding applied against the said baseboard and the wall. In addition, keep the wood glued to the cabinet’s side of the baseboard.

Remove the Baseboard

As per another solution, we can remove the baseboard and then ask a professional to prepare a framework to be attached to the wall. Once the framework is added, you can add the bookcase to the said framework and replace the baseboard around the bookcase’s bottom.

Lift the Wardrobe Above the Baseboard

You can also go for brackets that are in the shape of a triangle. These brackets can be fastened under the corners of the bookcase using studs. 

How To Anchor Furniture To Concrete Wall?

Attaching furniture to a concrete wall is simple, inexpensive, and safe. 

  • If you want to anchor furniture to the wall, you need some essential accessories. For strong anchoring, you can use braided steel cables and some nylon straps with metal brackets. 
  • The next important thing to consider is the wall where you will be mounting the furniture. 
  • Before anchoring a piece of furniture, it is essential to find the studs in the wall so that the table stays well. A stud finder helps to find a stud. 

The next step before installation is to measure the height of the furniture. 

Then transfer the height to the wall and mark it. A correct size drill bit that must be of the same size as the shaft of the screw can be used for a stud wall. 

If you are using metal studs, then drywall screws will be best. Mark the hole on the wall, drill the pilot hole into the stud using a drywall screw drill.

 Now put the drill bit/ screw anchor right through the stud into the wall.

Then comes the positioning of anchor to the piece of furniture:-

  • Remember to attach the long anchor to the furniture’s upper solid layer and the smaller anchor to the stud wall.
  • Slide the furniture to the wall and keep snuggling the nylon strap so that the table/or the wood does not move quickly. 

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How To Anchor Furniture to the Wall Without Screws?

Using wall anchors can be difficult as they can either pull out of the wall or, most of the time, seeing that heavy things do not stick to the wall.

Generally, people prefer anchoring furniture onto a stud, but there are chances that the stud is not in the right place. In this case, other types of hardware like hooks and clips are used to keep the furniture well supported on the wall. 

A very affordable option is a mounting plate, especially when the stud is not in the right place. With the help of a mounting plate, you can attach a piece of wood and mount several items on a single piece of wood. It gives you a continuous mounting surface. Using this helps save ample space in the kitchen, garage, bathroom, store, and many more. 

Getting things up from the floor and mounting it on a wooden frame helps you keep your home, garage, office organized. Co-racks are also a perfect solution to mount different things in one place, especially in the kitsch, bedroom, and bathroom. 

To anchor furniture with a mounting plate is simple. 

  • Take a three-quarter thick wood that is almost about 16 to 18 inches long. Find the studs in the wood with a stud finder.
  • After finding the stud locations, mark them with a pencil, take the piece of wood and place it on the wall and drill a couple of holes at the stud locations. Drive three-inch screws, which will be long enough to go through the mounted piece of wood and the mounting plate. After drilling holes on the wood, fasten them with the mounting plate and hang whatever you want. Well, this will help you double your space for hanging things you often need and provide you with tons of options for using it as per your requirement.

  • Rough plywood is ideal for a garage. Using clear pine or hardwood is another option for your kitchen, bedroom, and hallway. 
  • Small mounting plates help install tool racks, rugged racks, shelves, lumber racks, and more.

Anchoring almost all types of cabinets is p[ossible as they have back panels that can be positioned as per the requirement. You need to locate studs and fasten them through the board to create outstanding strength that holds the cabinet well. After understanding using the mounting plates, using them for any DIY projects will become very flexible. 

How To Prevent Furniture From Tip-Overs?

Did you know, according to a report by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, every 17 minutes, someone is injured by furniture or a TV tipping onto them? And toddlers are the ones who get hurt by these types of sudden accidents. 

According to the voluntary safety standards set by the ASTM, dressers over 30 inches tall do not tip over, holding 50 lbs weight. Thus when buying dressers or shelves, make sure they meet the ASTM standards.  

While anchoring the dresser, make sure that it is installed well, and it does fall. When attached to the TV or the Dresser, an anti-tip strap ensures that the TV is right onto the wall.

The strap comes with nuts and bolts, and you may need other tools that will help you install it. 

  • Firstly attach the top two plates at the back of the Tv, and next attach the middle plate to the dresser itself. Well, this will not let the TV fall off. For this, you will need a power screwdriver or drill machine.
  • Then you need to locate the stud on the drywall and anchor the bottom plate to the wall into the stud.

With the steps mentioned above, fixing the TV and the dresser to the wall is highly convenient. You can buy the anti-tip straps online or from a hardware store nearby. 

Final Words

Anchoring the furniture to the wall is an important process that is essential to safeguard your kids and elders against any accident. Furniture standing against the walls or baseboards can tip over easily and is not at all safe. Thus, it is advisable to seek a professional’s help not to face any issues while performing the task. 

Replacing wall anchors is impossible as these are very versatile due to their extensive usage and easy installation process. But, remember, they are suitable for light-duty mounting. 

But one must not rely on them and get frustrated and irritated when the wall anchors do not produce the strength they need. Thus, when you want to amplify your wall hanging space, using mounting plates drastically will help open up many options for you. 

Try incorporating them in your office, home, and garage, and see how you can save a lot of floor space.