How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture?

In this article, we will discuss if and how we can ask the landlord to remove furniture and what can be possible if they don’t agree to remove their things.

No one likes trouble with the landlord, especially if you are new to the building. But when the landlord does not bother to remove their old furniture from your apartment, something must be done. How to ask the landlord to remove furniture from the rental is a common question on the internet and chat boards. There are so many threads discussing the many possible ways to deal with this furniture situation. 

Can I ask my landlord to remove the furniture?

Yes, of course, you can ask the landlord to remove the furniture. The best time to ask about this is before moving into the rental. Well, first things first, this should be agreed upon mutually and before signing the tenancy agreement. 

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

Both parties should discuss the following in writing to avoid any trouble for either party. Situations where someone is swaying from what they said by word of mouth, are relatively common and arise often.

Removal of furniture

You can find detailed information on whether you can remove all of the furniture in a document. For example, a landlord may want to prevent moving a particular chest of drawers. This piece of information must contain a checklist of all things to remove, under the columns to remove and not to remove. 

This advice is for the tenants; always decide once and for all you wish to remove. Don’t bother the landlord by writing emails asking to remove the bed or chest of drawers. The landlord has got other things to do, so don’t trouble them with the same thing.   

Furniture Removal Costs

The landlord and agent shouldn’t trick you into paying for furniture removal unless there is no other option and you are okay with it. Before moving, it is always good to get such statements in writing from the agent and the owner.

Tell the agent your tentative moving date and ask them to remove the furniture before you move in. Once you have moved in, the agent and landlord often refrain from doing so. Don’t invite such trouble.

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

Privately owned property or Housing Association’s property

When you choose to move into a privately owned property, the owner is likely to have their wishes and rules. 

However, housing associations have a uniform set of rules and will not trouble you since it is detrimental to their overall reputation. These are businesses that earn their living from rent.

Therefore, they are likely to allow tenants to decorate and paint their rooms according to their tastes. Use this information the next time you wish to swap houses and move into a good reviewed housing association’s property for relatively less hassle.   

In either case, you need to be smart enough to read all terms and conditions carefully. 

Know the Tenancy Agreement

It is essential to read every word on the tenancy agreement carefully. For example, there might be a statement in the contract that you should not damage or shift any of the furniture within the space. In a situation such as this, there is little you can do.

You have already signed the contract and are now stuck with it. Therefore, it is utterly imperative to be extra cautious when signing a tenancy agreement. When you move into a rental through an agent, they should inform you of the same. You should, however, read the document carefully on your own to be aware of any such rules or terms mentioned therein. 

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

However, if removing and storing furniture is not mentioned in the tenancy agreement, you can ask the landlord to do so with an explanation. Try explaining that- Considering the landlord and the agent said nothing about moving or removing the furniture, you presumptively assumed that you’d be able to do so.

It is unlikely that you would be able to convince the landlord in such situations. However, if they are in desperate need of the rent, they can show some flexibility. 

How willing are landlords to remove furniture?

Generally, landlords are unwilling to remove the furniture since they are mainly concerned about bearing the moving and storing costs for furniture. But, once in a while, you can cross paths with people who won’t want you to shift or forget to shift, even touch their belongings.

As I mentioned earlier, talk about such things beforehand and always take that in writing. You can also make a voice recording of them agreeing to the same; it might help a little.

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

Some landlords are willing to remove the furniture since they are mainly concerned about the rent. Such people would make for the best landlords.

What to do if the landlord isn’t letting me remove the furniture?

Some landlords won’t agree. In situations like this, you can try doing the following. If they work, you got lucky. And, if they don’t, you will have to figure something out. 

Try working out a Mutual Agreement.

How about finding a mutually agreeable solution? When you think your landlord is nice and can be convinced and you’re willing to put up with it, ask, “Would you mind removing the furniture partially?” (Do not forget to be extra sweet). If they agree, you can have some room for your belongings while letting some of the owner’s belongings sit in the rental.

Try splitting the moving costs.

A landlord’s most important concern is getting the furniture removed and stored and paying for the same. Try to figure out only a specific sized big thing removing which can make sufficient room for you, for example, just the sofa. Discuss with your landlord your willingness to bear part of the moving expenses. 

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

You need to know the reason behind the landowner not willing to give up on the furniture.

Storage issues

There may not be enough storage space in the owner’s garage or store to accommodate the furniture you want them to remove. Depending on the reason for the move, you may be able to arrange for storage on your own. You can carry this out by getting in touch with one of your acquaintances who are willing to store the furniture at their place.

Of course, you will have to ensure that the landlord’s property is taken care of and protected in such situations. Furthermore, if the owner is okay with giving up the furniture, you can sell it on eBay or otherwise since this will give the landowner at least a little income.

Why is the owner not willing to remove the furniture? 

Regardless of the situation, find out why the owner isn’t willing to give up the furniture. The answer is why, so you can find a method to deal with the same and convince the owner into your solution. Or else, you can wait until your agreement ends so you can move out into a better rental. 

How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

Furthermore, if you haven’t moved into the rental yet but are planning to move, be smart enough to ask this question in advance. Go on and ask- Are the owners okay with removing the furniture? And, don’t forget to take this in writing. 


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How To Ask Landlord To Remove Furniture

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