How To Attach Furniture In Van

Van life is awesome! But all your great furniture will go to waste if you don’t anchor it properly in a moving van. Let us discuss how to attach furniture in van.

A camper van can provide you all the comforts which you usually enjoy at home. You can have a bed, cabinets, table, chair, couch inside your van to live your RV life like a boss.

How To Attach Furniture In A Van

But having furniture in a moving van means you have to attach it properly. Otherwise, you are only looking for trouble. Your furniture may roll over when you apply brakes or on sharp turns, which may damage your furniture.

Your cabinets may open and spill all the contents on your van and create a big mess. Furniture may spill out of the back door or your van onto the road, which can cause harm to the person driving behind you.

That’s why it is important to learn how to attach furniture in the van so that you can enjoy all the comforts of RV life and safely drive your vehicle without any problems. 

How To Attach Furniture In Campervan?

There are various ways to attach furniture in a campervan. Let’s discuss it one by one in detail.

#1. Attach D Rings with Bungee Cords

Attaching furniture with bungee cords is a temporary solution for keeping your furniture in its correct place. But don’t worry, connecting D rings with bungee cords to your furniture is safe.

How To Attach Furniture In A Van

You need to attach the four D ring bolts to the floor of your van. There should be sufficient space in between the D rings so that you can properly place your furniture and strap it in the four D rings.

You need to remember that bungee cords are elastic. So, when the cord bends, your furniture may move slightly from its place. You should not try to attach smaller furniture with this method, which might slide under the cord.

 #2. By Using Straps

Straps are usually not visible from the outside and provide you good security. You have to follow the below steps to attach the furniture to the wall of your van. The steps are as follows.

  • Try to locate the stud on the wall of your van where you want to attach the furniture.
  • Mark a specific spot on the stud with the help of a pencil. That spot should have the same height as that of your furniture.
  • You need to mark at the back of furniture which will also be of the same height.
  • Attach one bracket vertically to the stud by using screws. You should place it approximately two inches under the pencil mark.
  • Attach another bracket horizontally on your furniture by the screws.
  • Now move the furniture towards the wall of your van, leaving a slight gap between the brackets.
  • Use the straps to fasten the brackets together and tight it with a looped strap.
  • Now push your furniture towards the wall, and they are entirely secured t the wall of your van. It will not dislocate when you drive your camper van or take a turn on the road.

#3.By Using L brackets

There are numerous stainless-steel L brackets available on the market. You can use any of them at the back of your cabinets and drawers with the help of self-tapping screws.

How To Attach Furniture In A Van

#4.Velcro Straps

These straps provide a snug and secure fit when fastened to furniture. The buckle in it allows for tighter bundling and securing fastening. If you have a table on your camper van and you are worried about its dislocation during transport, then you can prefer to use Velcro straps. They are pretty easy to attach to the wall. You need to follow the below instructions.

  • Find the stud.
  • Mark the strap and drill for two straps.
  • Attach Velcro straps to the wall.
  • Move the furniture towards the Velcro straps.
  • Then attach the Velcro straps to your furniture.
  • Now they are secured and will not move from their place.

#5.Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps prevent your furniture from moving during transportation. You have to follow the below steps if you want to use a ratchet to dislocate your expensive furniture on a camper van.

How To Attach Furniture In A Van
  • Open the head of the ratchet entirely so that the cogs will face in an upward direction. You can use the release catch to open the ratchet.
  • Insert the webbing or strap into the bottom of the ratchet.
  • Pull all the straps so that the hook of the strap is close to the ratchet.
  • Now hook the ends of your furniture to be tied down.
  • Crank the ratchet and lock safely.

#6.Using U bolts

The U bolt is the most robust option, and you can use it at the bottom of the cabinet with a seat anchor.

#7. Using Mounting Rails

You can install mounting rails on your cabinets while building so that your furniture will not dislocate during transportation or when you apply brakes on the road.

#8. Using Furring Strip

Furring strips are wood pieces that are attached directly to the wall of the van by screws. It makes it easier to connect any furniture on the furring strips by screwing or using angle brackets.

What Are The Essential Furniture To Be Placed In Campervan?

Follow the below steps before getting the right furniture for your van:

#1. Try To Measure The Size Of Your Camper Van

Size plays a vital role in the van. So, you need first to measure the length and width of the van correctly so that you can estimate what size of furniture you can place in your vehicle.

#2. Try To Make A Floor Plan

Try to draw a rough plan on your paper. You can position your furniture pieces on paper to have an idea about how to utilize the limited space of your van.

#3. Start With Bed

You need first to build your bed. You should try to make your bed in such a way that it will be 24 inches away from the floor of the van. You can utilize the space underneath your bed by keeping some essential things. Try to use good plywood while making a bed for your frame.

How To Attach Furniture In A Van

#4.PlaceTable On Your Camper

If you have kids with you while traveling, try to make a table of 3 ×2 inch tables.

#5. Install Cabinets

You may need to cook inside your van during the campsite. So you should store all the essential things in the kitchen cabinet. So try to build cabinets inside your van. You can use light plywood for making kitchen cabinets.

#6.Install Cupboard

You require a cupboard in the van to keep your clothes, shoes and other essential things. So, try to install a cupboard in the van.


A campervan is the ultimate way to live on the road. You can have a sound sleep on your campsite when you are inside the camper. You can even cook your favorite dishes, place them on the table and enjoy them with your family members.

I hope this article has helped in knowing how to properly secure your furniture in a campervan and prevent them from damage. You can use any of the above methods and try it. I am sure it’s going to help you a lot.

Do share your suggestions for this article. I would love to read your comments and see your pics.

Happy Van Life!