How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

Many of our readers are unsure about how to clean outdoor umbrella after it gets dirty. This guide is designed to help you clean any type of outdoor umbrella.

While lounging under the sun is great, you would need some protection from the harsh sun rays. And sometimes, the rain can be a big damper on your outdoor fun.

Outdoor umbrellas are an essential thing to have if you have a backyard or a patio. They offer shade on hot sunny days and protect you from other vagaries of the weather. You can find outdoor umbrellas at beaches, patios, poolside, and even over the outdoor dining tables.

Outdoor umbrellas are constantly exposed to various elements for a long time, sometimes even for months. They get dirty from pollution and dust. Sap from trees and bird poop is extra cherries on the top.

How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

Most outdoor umbrellas are made of vinyl, canvas, or other strong fabrics. You can also find several outdoor umbrellas for home use with treated materials resistant to stains and mildew. But even these fabrics, when exposed to dirt and dust for a long time, can get dirty, and you need to clean them. In this article, we will discuss how to clean an outdoor umbrella and why you need to do it regularly.

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#1 Why Should You Clean Your Outdoor Umbrellas?

We all like staying in the backyard when the weather is nice. Lounging under the outdoor umbrella with your favorite book and a cool drink is relaxing.

After staying outdoors for some time, the outdoor umbrellas will start to collect dust and look dirty. It won’t look appealing. Many factors like dust, dirt, bird droppings, mildew, or tree sap are responsible for this.

Even the excellent quality umbrellas with a superior fabric resistant to mildew and fading will collect dust and soil and are not immune to bird droppings. You would need to clean your outdoor umbrella every once in a while to maintain its neat and clean look.

How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

Cleaning the outdoor umbrella is an easy task that doesn’t require much effort. You can increase the life of your umbrella by cleaning it at the proper interval. Your outdoor umbrella will look its best even after years if you clean it during the summer season at regular intervals and more so before you store it for the off-season.

#2 Equipment Required For Cleaning An Outdoor Umbrella

Before you start cleaning your outdoor umbrella, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment required for cleaning. You will need these for cleaning an outdoor umbrella:

#1 Tools Required

  • Bucket 
  • Tarp
  • Water Hose
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Scrub brush or Sponge
  • Soft-Bristled Broom
  • Clothes for cleaning
  • Spray bottle

#2 Cleaning Agents Required

  • Powerful detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Warm Water
  • Dish Soap or Liquid detergent
  • Chlorine bleach

You can find most of this equipment in your house, and if anything is missing, you can get these at a shop or online. Once you have collected all the equipment on the list, you can start the cleaning process.

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#3 How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella

#1 Cleaning An Umbrella With Unremovable Fabric

  • Start by moving your outdoor umbrella with an unremovable fabric away from sunlight to a shady area.
  • The second step is to remove the dirt or loose soil from the umbrella. You would need a soft brush for it. A soft brush will ensure that the soil doesn’t drive deep into the fabric while you brush it.
  • Next, you would need to prepare the cleaning mix or solution. Take a large bucket, and mix water with the dish soap or powerful detergent depending upon the condition of the umbrella. You can use either dish soap or liquid detergent. However, liquid detergent would be best as it is specifically designed to wash fabrics. Liquid detergent also works better on stains.
How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide
  • Rub the solution over the fabric of the outdoor umbrella using a soft brush in circular motions. Apply some pressure on the areas with stains or spots that look dirtier. Some of the oily stains would need to be rubbed twice with the solution.
  • Once you have rubbed the solution all over the umbrella properly, let it remain like that for about 20 minutes. It will allow the detergent to work on the stains and soak properly into the fabric.
  • Now it is time to clean off the umbrella. Take a water hose and spray water on the umbrella to remove all the detergent from the fabric. Ensure to rinse it off properly as residue soap will attract even more dust and dirt than you began with.
  • Again move the umbrella to direct sunlight and let it dry completely. Remember not to close the umbrella before it is dried thoroughly.

#2 Cleaning An Umbrella With Removable Fabric

Cleaning an umbrella with a removable fabric is much simpler and easier if the material is suitable for machine wash.

  • Start by removing the fabric from the frame and shake it vigorously to remove loose dirt and dust from it. Otherwise, you can also use a vacuum to suck out loose soil.
  • The second step would be to treat the stains before you put the fabric into the washing machine. Use a strong detergent for stain remover to pretreat the stains. Take a soft brush and rub the detergent into the stained area in a circular motion and let it sit idle for 15 minutes.
  • Set the temperature setting of the washer at cold and use strong detergent. Add in the umbrella fabric and let the washer complete its cycle.
  • One of the things you need to keep in mind is never putting the umbrella fabric into the dryer. After the wash is complete, place the material on a drying rack, or you can put it back on frame for drying.
  • Maschine wash can lead to wrinkling of the fabric. You can use a low heat setting on iron to straighten it.

#3 Removing Sap Stains And Mildew From An Umbrella

If your umbrella has tree sap or mildew, you need a much more robust solution for properly cleaning it.

  • Move the umbrella to an area that is safe for using strong cleaning solutions. You can also place a tarp on the ground to protect it from bleach.
  • The next step is preparing the cleaning mix. Mix chlorine bleach and detergent into the water.
  • Use the spray bottle to spray this mix on the entire umbrella, or wear gloves before using a brush to clean the umbrella.
  • Leave the solution for about 10 minutes, and then scrub the stains with a soft brush.
  • Rinse off the fabric using a water hose and let it dry completely. If the stains are not removed properly, then repeat the same steps once more.
How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

#4 Cleaning An Umbrella Frame

Apart from cleaning the fabric, you will also need to clean the frame of the umbrella.

Wooden Frames

  • Mix dishwashing liquid into water and use a cloth to wipe the frame with the solution. 
  • Rinse off the solution by wiping it with a wet cloth and let the frame dry completely.
  • Make sure not to use running water on the frame.

Aluminum Frames

  • Mix dishwashing liquid with water and use a cloth to wipe the frame with the solution.
  • Rinse off with water, and then use a soft cloth to wipe the frame to dry it.
  • Make sure never to use any material that will leave a scratch on the frame.

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Answers To Common Questions

How do you get mildew out of an umbrella? 

To remove mildew out of an umbrella, you would need a potent cleaning agent. Use the cleaner and a small brush to scrub away the mildew from the umbrella. 

Another solution is to use a homemade cleaner. Take water and white vinegar and prepare a solution. Take a brush and use it to rub the solution all over the umbrella in a circular motion. Keep rubbing till you remove all the mildew, and then rinse the umbrella with a hose. 

How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

How do you clean a patio umbrella? 

If your patio umbrella fabric is removable, then remove the fabric for cleaning separately from the frame. For mild dust and dirt, you can use any detergent with water to clean the umbrella. If the umbrella has stains, then use a powerful cleaning agent to remove the stain. For the frame, use detergent and water and wipe the frame properly after washing it.

Can you machine wash an outdoor umbrella? 

If you have an umbrella with removable fabric, then you can wash it in the washing machine. Make sure that you keep the settings at a cold wash. Do not put the umbrella in the dryer.

You would need to air dry the umbrella. If the fabric is not removable, use a hose to clean the umbrella after rubbing with a cleaning agent.

How do you clean a cantilever umbrella?

Cantilever umbrellas are highly durable and don’t require much cleaning. Cleaning them once a month is fine. Use a mild detergent and water to clean off dust and dirt. To remove debris from the umbrella, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a simple brush. 

If your cantilever umbrella has sap or mildew buildup, you need a potent cleaning agent and then scrub to remove the stains. For cleaning the frame portion, use mild soap and water and make sure that you wipe the frame properly.

Always let the umbrella dry before you put it back or store it.

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Cleaning An Outdoor Umrella Is Easy, If You Know How To Do It Right!

Exposure to dirt, dust, and pollution can lead to a dirty-looking umbrella that is not appealing to look at, and you won’t even want to sit under it.

How To Clean Outdoor Umbrella Of Every Type: The Ultimate Guide

It is essential that you clean your outdoor umbrella every once in a while and mainly before you slip on its cover and store it for the off-season. Follow the steps mentioned to clean your outdoor umbrella properly and increase its life.