How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

Let us discuss how to get the furniture delivered to the apartment in detail.

Are you planning to buy new furniture for your home? Why not, after all, it’s a $65bn industry, and everyone loves buying new furniture! Now, you might consider several things before purchasing furniture, like cost, color, texture, type of wood, grain, etc. Some may prefer to buy online, whereas others visit local shops to purchase furniture.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

But I guarantee that very few people will include “hot to get furniture delivered to apartment” in that list! Well, you should. After all, you are investing a lot of money. If it doesn’t reach safely, or you end up not being able to bring it up to your apartment, then of what use is it? 

Getting furniture delivered to your apartment can be complex. If you have ever bought furniture or moved a house, you would know that there are many costs and calculations involved. In this article, I will discuss how to get the furniture delivered to your apartment both safely as well as cheaply.

What Issues Do You Face While Delivering Furniture To Apartments?


After selecting your favorite furniture, you are worried about its delivery. You may be staying in an apartment where there may not be a lift, or the elevator is too small to carry what you want. Apartments have size restrictions on the stuff you can put into your elevator, which you should find out and ensure because you might otherwise be liable to pay fines to your building management.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

When you don’t have a lift or your lift is too small, it becomes difficult for your guys to shift the furniture, especially if it is a high-rise. So you may have to shift furniture up the stairs. That’s not only going to cost you more but there is also always the possibility that your furniture might get damaged, making the whole exercise moot.

Delivery Days/Timings

Some local shops may take an interest in moving your furniture inside your house and assemble it. But they deliver only on certain days of a week or some specific hours in a day. So you have to leave all your work and stay at home just for shifting furniture which is quite inconvenient.


Again, if you order online, most companies deliver at your door but don’t take an interest in unboxing. So, you may face problems while assembling the whole furniture. Secondly, you should have the right tools in your home to assemble the furniture. Sometimes you may not have the right wrench to do the job, or the instructions may not be so clear. In such a case, you might have to hire a professional to do the assembly, which again costs money.

Things To Consider About Furniture Delivery

#1. Get the Dimensions Perfect

You need to measure the size of the space where you will place your furniture, the length and width of all doorways and halls you will pass in order to get there, and of course, the dimensions of the elevator that you will use to bring the furniture to your apartment. If you don’t know these dimensions, you should first find out before making any purchase.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

#2. Delivery Of Furniture

You need to consider how much effort is required to shift furniture into your house. Will, the seller, take care of the delivery, or will you have to do it yourself? Will it require extra men, or can you manage on your own? What kind of vehicle will be needed to carry the furniture?

#3. Assembly

Do you know what tools are needed for assembly? Are the assembly instructions in English, and are they easy to understand? What is the weight of the product? Will you need help to lift it up or put it together?

#4.Protect Your Furniture

Does the retailer offer a warranty on the delivery? Do they cover damages during transit? How hardy is the furniture, and what kind of transportation will be used to send it to your place?

Benefits Of Professional Furniture Delivery Company

  • Deliver and set furniture at your home.
  • The company handles the furniture with care.
  • These companies directly pick the furniture from the warehouse, which saves you valuable time and, of course, money.

Furniture Companies With Delivery Service

Most people don’t like to take their old furniture into their new home because they think that they may not fit properly in their new dwelling. Again shifting may cause damage to their furniture. So, they invest money in new furniture.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

Luckily there are so many furniture companies which deliver furniture to your home. You don’t have to spend a lot of hours assembling the furniture.

Let us discuss some of the furniture companies with delivery services.

#1. Ashley Furniture Home Store

It is an American furniture store chain that sells living room furniture, sofa, study table, center table, and various others at an affordable price. You can get a good discount if you purchase from Ashley furniture home store. They deliver furniture to home in two ways, either from the Ashley store near your location or by shipping.

#2. Crate And Barrel

They deliver furniture to the home if you order many furniture items. But you do not have to take tension about unwrapping and placing your furniture in your room. They charge the fee depending on your location.

#3.Ethan Allen

You can purchase anything, right from a modern bed to a couch at Ethan Allen’s. This company offers their customers a home delivery service which is quite good. The delivery boys inspect your furniture before packaging. Even they unwrap the package and assemble it at your home. Well, they might take some delivery charges, but it’s pretty nominal.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment


You can get an excellent range of furniture from Wayfair. If you order large, heavy items, then they deliver at home. The delivery boys will place the furniture in your room and assemble it. 

#5. Rooms To Go

They sell excellent furniture but are limited to certain cities for home delivery, i.e., Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and a few others.

#6. Pier 1 imports

It is a home store where you get a variety of products for home décor and furniture. If you want to purchase a sofa, couch, or any other heavy furniture, shipping options automatically pop on your screen. They deliver to your doorstep and assemble the furniture, which saves you a lot of time.

#7.Room And Board

The room and board offer furniture which is made in the United States. They deliver the furniture to your door and assemble it in your desired space. Secondly, they also clean the packaged materials.

You can order unlimited products from the store, which is 100 miles from you, by paying $89.But those people who stay more than 100 miles have to pay $149.

IKEA Furniture Home Delivery By Dolly APP

IKEA is well known for keeping modern furniture which can give your dwelling a new outlook. If you have purchased the furniture from a local IKEA store and are worried about the delivery, then you can get your furniture on the same day by booking on Dolly. 

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

You need to sign up in Dolly by entering all the essential details. It will connect you to the helper in a few minutes. The helper shifts the furniture from the store to the apartments.

What About Online Furniture Stores Other Than IKEA?

It has stylish and better quality furniture in comparison to IKEA. Again you will get furniture starting from bed to sofa, dining table, coffee table, and various others in

Talking about the delivery services, they have introduced contactless services, i.e., they will deliver your furniture right on your door. The delivery boy will wear a mask and maintain a distance of 6 feet. For contactless delivery, you have to pay just $49. But f you choose for in-room delivery, then you have to pay $99. The delivery boy will keep the furniture in your desired room.

Now, if you want your furniture to assemble, then you have to pay $169. The team will come to your home and assemble the furniture.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment


Floy keeps a wide range of furniture and delivers it to your doorstep. All the furnishings are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble.

#3. Albany Park

The Albany park keeps all the modern and stylish furniture to give your dwelling a new outlook. Well, they are directly delivered to the front door of your apartments via UPS in three to five business days. They are very hard to assemble. You have to attach the arms and back to the base, which will take around 10 minutes.

4.All form

 It offers a lovable sofa, armchairs and other furniture. They ship directly to the door of your apartments.

How To Move Furniture Into An Apartment?

If you have some expensive furniture, it’s obvious that you don’t want to leave it in your old house. Instead, you want to take it with you to your new apartment. But heavy furniture is quite difficult to move from one place to another.

So I am sharing with you a few tips for moving your furniture into apartments.

#1. You can use the elevator

In most of the apartments, you find a service elevator to carry large bulky furniture. You may contact the building manager before one or two days to reserve the elevator on a particular day. Even if you need to confirm the weight limit and time, they will use the service lift.

Once all these things are done, you need to check the height of the elevator so that your furniture can easily fit inside it. If possible, use a moving Dolly on the shifting day to quickly load your furniture at home.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

If you have large furniture like a bed or dining table, you have to dismantle them and wrap them with a blanket so as not to damage your elevator. Even your furniture will remain safe. You can cover the fragile parts with bubble wrap to prevent them from damaging.

#2. You Can Take Your Furniture By Stairs

Sometimes the service lift does not work in apartments. So you have to carry your furniture by stairs. Well, that is not the work of one man. Well, you have to take the help of your friends, relatives or any professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Does UPS deliver the furniture into your apartment?

The work of UPS is to deliver the furniture to your door. But they will not assemble or unbox your furniture.

#2. Does IKEA deliver to your apartment door?

If you are staying in an apartment, then IKEA will deliver to your doorstep. But if in your apartments there is no lift, then their service is limited to the fourth floor.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

#3. Will FedEx deliver to my apartment door?

Yes, they deliver to the apartment door. But FedEx doesn’t leave any package at the door if you are not at home. They try to deliver a maximum of three times. After three attempts, you may get a message to pick up your package from the FedEx office near your location.

#4. What happens if I forgot to put my apartment number on a package FedEx?

You must put your correct apartment number on your package. But if you have not written correctly, then the courier boy will contact you on the given mobile number or inform the customer about the wrong address. 

Customer care will contact the recipient for correct information. The delivery person will make the same effort another two times. If it is unsuccessful, then the package returns to their warehouse.


I hope I have been able to open your eyes to the importance of understanding your delivery options before you purchase furniture.

How To Get Furniture Delivered To Apartment

Anyhow, please share your suggestions, tips, and tricks for this article, especially how you were able to get the furniture delivered easily, quickly, and cheaply.