How To Get Furniture Through RV Door: Ultimate Guide

One problem that all Van Lifers face is how to get furniture through RV door without damaging it or causing chips and cracks. I will share some pro tips in this write-up.

I love camping and spending my holiday outdoors in my RV. Recently, I spent a month off doing a sort of camping tour of America (I planned to visit national parks and camping grounds across multiple states). 

The thing about an RV is that it can carry a lot of stuff; you can make a home for yourself. You can add a table and chair, a bed to sleep in and of course a small kitchen. 

How To Get Furniture Through RV Door

The only problem is that getting all my stuff into the RV is a real problem. Some of the stuff I wanted to add was quite big (I wanted to put in a couch and a largish table to eat on, I wanted to entertain some of my other camper friends). 

Have you, too, been wondering how to get furniture through RV door for your next trip? RV doors can be anywhere between 14 to 70 inches wide, so I am betting that there are many people out there who must be in a similar position as I am.

I figured some of this stuff out by talking to other Van lifers and visiting forums, but I wished I had all the info in one place. So this is why I have put together this write-up for others searching for the answer just like me.

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How To Get Existing Furniture Through RV Door?

  • Step 1: Take measurements of each piece of furniture (Length, width, and height), the length and width of the door, and the distance from the door to the back wall (I am assuming there is nothing between the two)
  • Step 2: Compare which furniture edge can go inside the width and height of the RV door. Also, compare the distance between the door and back wall with the third edge of each furniture. If it’s too large, you can’t carry the furniture straight. You will have to pivot it in the middle. 
  • Step 3: Not all furniture fits through the RV door necessarily. Based on the measurements, replace any item that doesn’t fit with something more compact. 
  • Step 4: Create a small diagram for each item to remember how it will fit in the door. It seems like an unnecessary effort, but believe me, you will thank me for it! 

How To Get Furniture Through Rv Door
  • Step 5: Also, create a list to remember the order in which you want to move furniture. Start with the items that will go into the back of the RV first. This way, you won’t have to rearrange stuff later.
  • Step 6: Now start with the actual move. If the furniture is small enough to fit straight through the door, take the help of a friend or hire a helper and move it in. Make the helper stand on the other side from you and maintain communication throughout.
  • Step 7: If the furniture needs to be moved in at an angle, then along with your helper, hold the furniture either vertically or horizontally and move it in. You might have to move in some items diagonally. In any case, the diagrams you made at the start will come handy here.
  • Step 8: For furniture that is too big to move in directly, disassemble the parts and move them piece by piece.

Pro Tips:

  • Taking the correct measurements of the RV door will make things very easy for you.
  • Some furniture can be heavy. Assess how many helpers you will need. Sometimes, it is easier to just disassemble heavier furniture and then assemble it when it’s inside the RV.
  • I prefer moving the furniture horizontally or vertically first as it is easier; you should keep the diagonal option for later.
  • Wearing gloves and having tools in hand will help you better through the moving process.

How To Buy Furniture That Fits Right Through RV Door?

If you have not bought your furniture yet or are in search of one which will fit through your RV door precisely, then follow these instructions. 

Before purchasing the furniture, measure the width and height of your RV door and the distance between the door and the back wall of the RV using a tape measure. 

Based on these dimensions, choose furniture that will fit your RV door; it will make it easy for you to get the furniture into your RV. Most home furniture easily fits into the RV except for your bed and couch

How To Get Furniture Through Rv Door

If you need some things that are not fitting into these dimensions, buy products that you can disassemble. IKEA will be a great place to look for this kind of stuff. REI and other camping sites also carry camping gear which is usually foldable.

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Pro Tips:

  • If you can buy flat-packed stuff, it’s easy to just carry them inside and assemble them in the RV.
  • Choose light furniture because it is easier to carry. If you choose well, you might not even need a helper, saving some money for you.
  • Look for furniture with a bit of storage space. RVs are always short on space, so the extra storage space will help later on.
  • Look for multi-purpose products. For example, your couch might also have a pull-out bed.
  • Choose furniture that can be disassembled and assembled easily. 

Frequently Asked Question

Is it ok to use my home furniture in an RV?

Yes, it is ok to use your home furniture in an RV. You need to consider the tips and processes that I outlined earlier. The furniture you use in an RV has to be of small size, easy to maintain, and light in weight.

As I often use my RV on rough roads, what should I do to keep my furniture in place?

There are two ways to secure furniture in an RV. If you are looking to keep it permanently in the RV, you can use screws, bolts, and angles to keep them tight. 

If you plan to shift it often between your house and RV, use bungee cords and Velcro straps. 

How To Get Furniture Through Rv Door

When you do this, remember to check them often as screws can wear out over time, and straps may lose stickiness after a while.

Where can I get RV furniture at affordable prices?

RV furniture, in general, is expensive. They are designed to weather the wear and tear of off-road life. Usually, they are easy to disassemble, and the material is easy to maintain. 

You can buy RV furniture on online platforms such as Amazon or CampingWorld. These sites always offer discounted stuff, so you might want to wait for their big sales, such as Black Friday or Clearance sales. 

Many local stores sell second-hand furniture at reasonable and affordable prices. Another cool way is to get on RV forums and talk to experienced Van lifers. Some of them might be replacing old RV furniture, and you can get some really good stuff for cheap (although slightly worn out).

How To Get Furniture Into A Travel Trailer?

Most of the furniture like tables, chairs these days comes boxed rather than pre-built ones. It is easier to carry the boxes and to assemble them inside the trailer. 


I hope I have been able to help out fellow van lifers who want to move their home furniture into their RV. I know it was quite a struggle for me the first time I did it, but you will not have the same problems if you follow the steps that I have shared.

How To Get Furniture Through RV Door

To summarize:

  • Measure stuff properly
  • Make diagrams for each large piece of furniture.
  • Make a list of the order in which to move stuff.
  • Get help because doing it all yourself is going to be tough.
  • If you can’t fit something in, don’t force it. Either disassemble or find a smaller option.

Do let me know if these suggestions worked out for you.

Happy Van Life!

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