How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor: Tips & Guide

We are often asked: “How to level furniture on uneven floor?” I will share my tips and tricks in this write-up.

If you are dealing with uneven floors, you are not alone. Struggling with leveling bookshelves and tables is a relatively common issue. This article will look at some methods you can try for balancing furniture on an uneven floor. 

Should I Be Concerned About Uneven Floors?

Before we begin, let me get this out of the way first: it is critical to take care of uneven floors as they can cause damage to lives and property. Here are the whys and hows:

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

Health Hazards

Uneven floors can pose a danger not just to your little ones but to everyone in your family and everyone who visits your house. Stumbling, slipping, and getting injured are all possible. Therefore, you must get all the floors in your place fixed and, if possible, covered with nontoxic and dust-killing wooden flooring so that your child can crawl and play on the floor worry-free as soon as they begin walking.

Know the reason

If this is not a design flaw, it can result from problems with the building foundation. Do you have sloping floors in other places in your house as well? Be aware of these symptoms as they may signal that the structure of your building is becoming weak and prone to damage. 

Preventing damage and hazards can be achieved by addressing and identifying these issues at an earlier stage. You can jack up the floor of your house and concrete the foundation to level the same.

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Spot The Problem

First off, check if the problem is the floor or the furniture. Detecting whether the floor is uneven or the furniture itself is bad is not that easy. 

However, with a bit of inspection, you can figure out whether it’s a problem with the furniture’s build or the floor of your house. 

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

If the problem is with your furniture, then there are two options: if it’s a small problem, then temporary solutions like sugar packets will work. You might also consider sanding off the height of the other legs of the furniture to make all the legs level. If it’s a major problem, you should buy new stuff.

If the problem is with the house floor, your first approach should be to get that fixed since otherwise, you will find yourself struggling with furniture all over the house. However, if you are living in a rental or don’t want to spend that kind of money, then you can consider the next few steps. 

How To Level Furniture on an Uneven Floor

Inspect the furniture

Check the design of your table or couch carefully to see if the loosening or tightening of a screw can help. Check if certain parts are retractable. For example, you can loosen a screw for the legs if it is possible to do so. Alternatively, you can tighten it to achieve the desired result.

Add height wherever needed

This method is meant for situations when giving a certain height to one of the legs can balance the weight. Adding feet to furniture is one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods to deal with the exasperating shaking sound of table or cupboard legs. 

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Use a piece of square wood

You can add height to the uneven surface by using a small flat piece of wood such as ebony. Anything that is sturdy and won’t wear away can deal with this. 

However, if the furniture is in your living room, you might be concerned about the aesthetics. Try matching the color of the piece of wood with the table, or look for another solution if it continues to appear imperfect. 

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

I have seen people place their encyclopedias and all sorts of hardbound books under their bed legs. Would you mind not doing that unless you have no other choice because it looks utterly displeasing? 

If there is a rug beneath the table, adding a heavy piece of wood underneath won’t be a good idea since it can damage the rug. Instead, opt for a plastic shim, which I will talk about next. You can conceal the shim below the rug and then position the table atop to disguise the support from the eye. 

Wobble Wedge

The makers of Wobble Wedge put together what they did after their company encountered a similar problem to yours. As a result, a leveling wedge from Wobble Wedge is a highly convenient and hassle-free way to balance your couch. 

The design features interlocking ridges, which make for a relatively stable and slip-resistant setting. The product is available as a Wobble Wedge mini too, which is perfect for delicate wood. You can find them online on Amazon as well as in stores.  

Rubber furniture coasters

You can quickly get hands-on rubber furniture coasters from a nearby store and attach them to the legs that need them. They can be found at a nearby store or online.

How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

Fasten a leg onto the furniture

In Fact, you can attach a tiny additional leg below the existing leg with wood screws. You can order one in your desired material and finish from the furniture store you made the purchase, or even online.

Walk into a nearby home improvement store.

If you cannot identify the best solution in your particular case, take a picture of the table or couch on your cell phone. 

Then, walk into the nearest home improvement store, show the images, and describe your problem; the assistants at the store will help you with the right product for your case: a brass wood insert, wood screws, or wobble wedge minis. 

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Trimming the legs

Trimming one or two legs a bit might help deal with the situation. You can do this on your own. Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the exact length of the legs you should keep, and trim that off. If you feel unsure about the same and want help, contact your nearest carpenter shop to send an assistant over to assist you. The process will not take long.

Opting for single-legged tables

When the floor is not working out well, seek wall support. However, remember that a single-legged table only works for the table itself; you will still have to deal with the chairs. If the unevenness of the floor is limited to only one spot, then this might work. 


How To Level Furniture On Uneven Floor

Things To Remember

Kiss goodbye to movable furniture if the floor is uneven

When on an uneven floor, be cautious with portable appliances and furniture since they can cause trouble for everyone. It’s unsafe for your toddler to use chairs with wheels and the like if the floors in the space you live in are sloping. Prevention is always better than cure. 

Work as a team

Some household items can be cumbersome, and handling them by yourself can cause damage to the product and you. In addition, not all of us are trained weightlifters. For such situations, it is better to carry out the work as a team. Call over your best friend for some help over the weekend. 


I hope you could find answers related to leveling furniture on uneven floors in the article above. Let us know what method you use to deal with the same. Comment and share the piece with your near and dear ones. 

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