How to Prevent Furniture from Sliding on Tile Floors? A Guide To Protect Your Flooring.

Our readers often ask us how to prevent furniture from sliding on tile floors? This informative write-up provides you with some quick solutions.

Tile floors not only look good but are also durable and do not require a lot of maintenance either. That’s why ceramic tiling is so popular that is globally a $350bn industry! The only issue you may face with this kind of flooring is they are a bit slippery and can make your furniture skid. 

You cannot stop your kid from jumping on the bed. But jumping on the bed can cause the bed to skid and leave scratch marks on your beautiful tiles. It can even damage the bottom of your bed’s legs. 

Now, the question is, how to prevent furniture from sliding on tile floors and leaving scratches or other marks? Therefore, I have put together some quick and inexpensive remedies that you can follow to protect your tile floor. Scroll your mouse and find the ones that suit your style the best.

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How to Prevent Furniture from Sliding on Tile Floors: Tips & Tricks

#1 Rubber pads

Probably, the cheapest way to protect your floor from scratches is to attach rubber pads with all your furniture legs. Just visit any of the home improvement stores and pick the rubber pads to protect your floor.

Remember, you should measure the area of your furniture legs before purchasing those rubber pads to get the right size.

#2 Furniture Grippers

Those who want a minor upgrade can choose furniture grippers. Furniture grippers are available in various textures that you can buy according to the color and texture of your furniture set. You will also need to accurately measure the area of your furniture legs to get the right ones for you.

Though furniture grippers are more expensive than regular rubber pads, they are durable and provide more support.

#3 Dust the Hardware Floor

If there is dust on your floor, it can make your furniture slide even more. Therefore, dust the furniture well and regularly to keep it clean. Dusting will reduce the chances of your furniture sliding a little bit.

Most importantly, the furniture grippers or rubber pads also wear out quickly if there is a lot of dust. Therefore, if you are planning to use furniture grippers or rubber pads, you also need to clean the dust well to reduce the chances of your furniture sliding.

#4 Rugs

Those who have closely positioned furniture can choose rugs to safeguard the furnishings from sliding. The rug fabric not only helps the table from sliding but also brings your living room or bedroom alive with a splash of color and fine texture.

It would be best to choose a rug whose design will go well with your room decor and style. If you find that your rug is slipping slightly, you can keep an anti-slip pad under your carpet to make the furniture stable.

#5 Stop Blocks

Those who have large-sized furniture or recliners can choose to stop blocks from stopping furniture from sliding. Stop blocks are more expensive than furniture grippers or rubber pads. But you can prepare the stop blocks in your own home using a simple method.

You just need cardboard to trace the furniture legs. Then you can cut these wooden blocks. Keep these blocks between the furniture and the wall to best reduce the chances of your furniture sliding.

#6 Leg Felt

Furniture sliding on a tiled floor can damage your floor irreparably. You can purchase furniture leg felt to safeguard your flooring. The cut-out felt pieces might not prevent the table from sliding but protect the floor from developing scratches.

Felt works best for the furniture that requires regular movement, like chairs. 

#7 Silicone Chair Leg Cap

It is the most common and affordable method to reduce furniture sliding. There are various types of these caps available. Peel-and-stick caps come with long tape that you can easily pull and fit securely up to the bottom of your furniture legs. On the other hand, cup pads and screw-on caps are very user-friendly, that you can attach them to the furniture legs with ease.

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How to Prevent Furniture from Sliding By Furniture Type


You can use both a rug along an anti-skid rug pad to safeguard the lounge from sliding. This rug will also reduce noise for those who live directly underneath you. Moreover, it will keep your floor clean and free from dust.

Those who do not like to place a rug can keep an anti-slip pad to minimize sliding.


Generally, sofas skid whenever you are leaning on them. That indicates, as soon as you put some weight on the sofa, it will start sliding. Hence, you can place a rug under the couch to safeguard it from sliding.

In addition, you can also use a rubber grip or furniture grippers to prevent the sofa from sliding. But you must be careful when you are purchasing furniture grippings. Some cheap quality furniture grippings are available in the market that may end up damaging or discoloring your tiles.


If your child loves jumping on the bed, it is very much possible that your bed will skid or slide. It may even change the placement of your bed with time. 

To protect your floor from scratches, you can use stop blocks or rubber pads. Also, you can place a carpet in your bedroom to make it cozy. A rug is suitable to prevent your bed from sliding as well.

Sectional Couch

Sectional couches slide due to the one-sided seating. Each section slides in a way to create a hole in the middle part. Therefore, you can attach rubber pads with each leg or lay a carpet on the floor to minimize the sliding.

How to Prevent Furniture from Sliding on Tile Floors


When you lean continuously on a recliner back-and-forth, it will start sliding. It would be best if you put round-shaped rubber grippers on the legs of these recliners. These rubber grippers will provide stability and reduce sliding. 

Therefore, you can easily customize your position to receive maximum comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should you put on the chair to prevent sliding?

You can use furniture grippings on each of the chair legs to minimize the sliding. These are made with rubber material and are thicker than the portion felts. Therefore, the furniture legs stick on these grip pads, and this ensures stability. Chairs don’t need to move regularly, and armchairs or recliners go well with these furniture grip pads.

What to use to prevent the furniture from sliding?

You can use an invisible mat to safeguard your furniture from sliding. Even the rubber-based car mats are also helpful to minimize the risk of your large furniture sliding. You can also put coffee tables and bookshelves on mats to protect your tile floor.

How can you stop the bed from sliding?

You can place a rug along with an anti-slip mat under the carpet to prevent your bed from sliding. Also, you can use furniture grippings or rubber pads to ensure stability and stop sliding.

What can you use to prevent the couch from sliding?

You can take cardboard and cut it out according to your furniture leg pattern. Then place these cut-out pieces between the wall and the furniture to prevent sliding. Thus, you can also protect your floor from scratches.

How to Prevent Furniture from Sliding on Tile Floors

To Protect Your Tiled Flooring, Add A Gripping Layer in Between.

Here you have got all the tricks to prevent your furniture from sliding? You only need to consider your furniture leg measurement before purchasing any of these suggestions. But remember, you should not compromise with the quality of these furniture grippings or rubber pads.

There are some poorly made products available in the market that may discolor or stain your tiles. I hope you will find these ideas worthwhile and add a few of your own in our comments section.

Happy Furnishing!