How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Read here to know how to refinish Mexican Pine furniture at home.

Refinishing your Pine furniture has become a popular hobby for many and has grown in interest over many years. Refinishing is a creative DIY project that gives you elegant and high-quality pine furniture for your home.

But there is a lot to know before you take the project. There are essential steps to learn and many factors to take care of while refinishing your Mexican pine furniture.

Whether you want to restore the heirloom or you have found a rough patch in your furniture piece, the following content that contains essential tips for refinishing your pine furniture will help you best in your next project. This complete guide will instruct you on how and when you can refinish your pine furniture pieces. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Things You Need 

Before you start refinishing your Mexican pine furniture, it is essential to get all supplies to complete your job efficiently and in order. Below is a helpful checklist to follow to complete the refinishing project. 

  • Dish sponges and towels 
  • Dish soap
  • Sand Paper of multiple grits 
  • Paint scraper 
  • Paint Stripper 
  • Thinner 
  • Epoxy Putty 
  • Gloves 
  • Eye Goggles 
  • Wax Coating 
  • Wood stain or paint 
  • Wood Varnish 

Other essential supplies 

  • Paint Brushes 
  • Glue for repairing 
  • Plenty of clean cloths 
  • Stir Sticks 

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Choosing How to Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture 

Refinishing pine furniture is not the only option to bring back your furniture’s life. Rather than refinishing, you can also choose to repair or rejuvenate. Here are three main ways you can restore your projects. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture


You can revive the piece by simply cleaning and waxing the surface, and it will keep the existing finish of the furniture. It is the simplest way that works well on pine furniture that is still in good condition. 


You can quickly repair dents and cracks by giving a touch-up to some worn-out regions, and to repair, you don’t have to strip the finish of the pieces. By using particular products, you can keep the finish intact. 

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Using powder sander and finish stripping product, you can refinish your Mexican Pine furniture, make necessary touch-ups, and then apply a new finish. 

Signs That Shows It Is A Time To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

With the above options available, you may still think refinishing pine furniture is the right way or not. If you are confused, you must know the signs indicating it is time to refinish your pine furniture.

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Many signs show it is a time to refinish your Mexican pine furniture. Here are some signs that tell you that it is time to refinish your furniture pieces. It includes different items to look for and methods you must use when you look at those signs. 

  • The surface of the furniture is sticky even after you clean it properly. 
  • If there are watermarks or noticeable rings under the finish, then it is time to refinish. 
  • Worn-out patches and blemishes call for refinishing. 
  • If the finish is chipping or flaking, then refinishing is a great option. 
  • The existing finish has cracked down. 

If your furniture pieces show any of the above signs, you must refinish your Mexican Pine furniture. 

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Best Tips For Refinishing Your Pine Furniture 

If you have finally decided to refinish your furniture pieces, here are a few guidelines. I have listed six essential tips that show how you can refinish your pine furniture and strip finished wood. 

Clean The Piece 

The first step of refinishing your furniture is to give pieces a good and adequately clean. It is essential if the piece has been in storage or kept untouched for a longer time as it must be covered with a layer of dirt and dust. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Many of us think heavy-duty cleaners will work effectively on dirty pieces, but it is not true. The simplest method to clean your pine furniture pieces is using a mixture of dish soap and warm water. 

To start the cleaning process, you must begin with scrubbing down the surface with gentle strokes of a soaped-up sponge, or else you can use a paintbrush if there are carvings or moldings. Once you have cleaned the surface, now you have to rinse it with fresh water. Once the soap is washed away, use a dry towel and pat the piece. 

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Access The Current State of Furniture 

Once you are done with the cleaning process, you will get a clear idea of the overall scale of the furniture piece. If you have old furniture, then there is no wonder you get dents, stains, and cracks. 

Now you have to take an overall assessment of the piece and determine how much repair is needed and what has to be done to fix such maintenance. This step will help you to know what all supplies you need to refinish the pine furniture piece, such as epoxy or wax filling and more. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Remove Old Finish 

If you don’t know how to strip the old finish of the wood, then we are here to help you. There are two basic ways to strip off the old finish. The first is to use sandpaper for sanding it off, and another way is to use a chemical stripper. 

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Send It Off 

To remove the old finish with the help of the sanding process, you need sandpaper and a power sander to strip the finish until you get a smooth surface. Once most of the finish is removed, bring medium-grit sandpaper to remove the shine.

Further, you have to use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out the piece until you get rid of the complete finish. Never forget to check at the end whether you have reached the right sanding job to get a perfect finish or not. 

Chemical Stripper 

The chemical stripper method is all about using chemicals to remove the old finish effortlessly. You need to choose a chemical liquid that must not contain methylene chloride. You need to spread the chemical over the piece’s surface with the help of a bristle brush and use the brush evenly to get efficient stripping-off results.

Allow the stripper to stay on the piece for some time till the surface gets wrinkled up, and then you can peel it off with a scraper. Use the scraper continuously until the complete finish is removed. So when it comes to how to refinish your Mexican Pine furniture, people mostly use this method to remove the old finish to start with the process. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Tip: Don’t forget to wear gloves while applying a chemical stripper. 

Apply A Coat of Sealant 

Once you have stripped the finish, let the piece dry, and now it is time to coat your furniture. If you have removed an old finish with the help of a chemical stripper, then you have to sand the surface to ensure complete residue is removed; use grit paper.

Get a sealant product that protects your pinewood and makes a base for your stain. You need to apply a thick coat of sealant and allow it to get entirely soaked into the wood. You can also wipe off the excess with the help of a clean rag. Once the glue is dried up, get a grit paper to sand down the surface. 

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Stain or Paint The Wood 

After applying the sealant, the next step is using paint or stain your furniture. Well, it is your call, whether you want to paint or stain. Choosing between two ways depends on the below factors: 

  • If you have an antique piece, then you must not paint it. 
  • If you don’t like the existing color or grain of the furniture, prefer painting it with a color of your choice. 
  • If you are going to use the furniture in a crowded area like the office, it is recommended to paint it. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

There are many ways to stain, like water-based stains or gel stains. Also, you can have different options for paints, like oil-based or latex paints. Latex paints are a more durable coating for pine furniture. 

Tip: Don’t forget, only use Chalk Paint for Mexican Pine Furniture. 

Apply a Final Coat 

The last step of refinishing your pine furniture after painting or staining the wood pieces is applying a finish coat. As you will get different finish products in the market, and you have to choose the one depending on the below factors: 

  • Look you want 
  • Durability you need. 
  • How the item will be used and how frequently. 


Is it ok to paint pine furniture? 

Pine is well made and solid wood that is worth updating with chalk paint that can stick to any surface. 

Can you sand Mexican Pine?

You need to sand the scratch of Mexican Pine gently with a fine-grit sandpaper. 

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

How can you restore Mexican Pine furniture?

To restore your Mexican pine furniture, you can use furniture wax. Clean the surface area, sand it, and then apply a sealant before you apply a final coat. 

Wrap Up 

With the above steps and tips, you can give a new look to your furniture to enhance the decor of your house.

How To Refinish Mexican Pine Furniture

Refinishing your Mexican Pine furniture is not tough if you follow the above content correctly, and you will get efficient results.