How to Reset Code on Hotel Safe

Often, when you stay at a hotel, the hotel offers a safe that helps you keep your valuable items. Hotel safes are an excellent way to quickly and easily store your valuable things. 

However, one risk with using a hotel safe is that you may run the risk of forgetting the unlock code for the safe. These days, people have so many passwords and passcodes to remember that forgetting the password of your hotel safe is possible. 

If you forget the code for your hotel safe, fear not; you can reset the code with the help of the hotel staff. Safe manufacturers design their safes to be opened using a master code in an emergency. The hotel staff has knowledge on how to reset a code or use a master code for hotel safety. 

You can reset the code on the safe using a Master key, Master card, or an override PDA. However, most people are not experts in locks and safes; they will need help reset the code. You can ask hotel staff to provide necessary devices and codes to reset a hotel safe and secure your valuables.   

What You May Need to Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe

Usually, the hotel staff has knowledge about their safes and have a master code for resetting their hotel room safes. As mentioned above, the hotel staff needs to use the master code reset card, master key, or override PDA to open the safe. 

You can also use an overriding code device to reset the code if you don’t have a master code or key. After successfully resetting the code, you can set a new code for your room hotel safe. If you have the necessary information, device, and key, you can reset the safe without any difficulty. 

Why Should Hotel Staff Have Access to Your Room Safe?

Hotel safes have both cons and pros. Hotel safes offer a certain level of security. However, other people and hotel staff can access your safe even when your valuables are inside. So this can be a cause of concern for you – and we would advise against keeping anything extremely valuable in these safes. 

However, in case the guest forgets their hotel room safe’s code, without any backup code or master code, the guest will lose their valuables. Secondly, the hotel will also not be able to use the safe again after your checkout. This is why it is important that the hotel staff has a master code or key so that both parties are protected in case the guest forgets their safe password.

How Can You Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe Yourself?

If you have forgotten the new code that you set on your hotel safe, take a deep breath and relax. You can get your valuables back by using these two options to reset the code:

  • You can try resetting the code by using the master code or the override code yourself.
  • You can contact the hotel’s staff and request them to reset the code for you.

There is a chance that you may not need to contact the hotel’s staff at all. You might be able to reset the code all by yourself because many hotels don’t change the default master code. Typically, the safe manufacturers provide the safe with a manual containing the default master code or override code.

safety box dial

You can get the hotel safe’s manual online using its brand name and model and look for the words including “override code,” “master code,” “administrator code,” or “master code.” You can find a serial number among these words that you can use to reset the code of your hotel safe. 

However, note that this trick will work only if the hotel staff has never changed the master code of your hotel safe. With the default master code, you will not have to worry about opening the safe regardless of not having a previously set password.

You will need to research online and find the default master code for your specific hotel safe. Here is a table showing some common hotel safes with their default override codes:

Safe BrandDefault Password
Safemark Hotel Safe999999
Mesa Hotel Safe000000
Saflok Hotel Safe999999
Hotel Safe ME Series888888
Burton Hotel Safe000000
Burg-Wächter PointSafe12345678

Some other default override codes include 0000, 1234, 9999, 1111, 111111, 000000, 999999, or 123456. After getting the default code for your safe, try to reset the code, access your valuables, and set up your safe once again by setting up a new code. 

Using the default override codes based on the hotel safe works a surprisingly high number of times. Most hotels overlook the need to override the default master code. 

However, if your hotel safe has a different override code or master code, you will have to ask the hotel’s manager to send a staff member to open your safe by resetting the code. Hotel employees use master keys to reset some hotel safes. 

What Should You Not Do if You Forget the Combination to Your Hotel Safe?

If you forget or lose the code for your hotel safe, you should avoid the temptation of trying to tamper with the safe. You may end up making it more complicated for the staff to open it, and of course, any breakages will be charged to your room.

If the default master code doesn’t work for your safe, your best bet is to call the hotel staff. Speaking about your locked hotel safe with hotel staff is the easiest and most appropriate method. In rare circumstances, if the hotel staff is unable to help you, you might need to call in a locksmith. 

How Will the Hotel Staff Open the Safe?

In the unfortunate case that you forget your code for your hotel safe, you should talk to the hotel staff or manager at the reception and inform them that you lost or forgot your code. Hotel staff will send somebody with hotel safe information right away to your room and reset the code for you. 

hotel staff

Generally, trustworthy staff such as the maintenance, reception, housekeeping supervisor, or security officer will help you in resetting the code for your hotel safe.  

You should not reset the code yourself if you do not have the necessary hotel safe information. Some hotel safes have a high level of security, and only hotel staff would be able to reset your hotel safe for you.

The hotel staff uses these devices and default code to reset the code on a hotel safe, including:

  • Hotel staff may use the master code as it is the most common way to reset the code for your hotel safe. 
  • Hotel staff may use the master key or master card to reset the code. Hotel staff can also open your room with a master card. 
  • Hotel staff may also use override devices. Your hotel safe may require an overriding code device or special PDA.  

Final Thoughts

You can reset the code on a hotel safe by using the advice that we have given above. If you follow the steps carefully, you may not need the help of hotel staff in opening your hotel safe. 

However, you should only reset the code if you’re confident and have proper instructions. In some more challenges cases, you may need a locksmith’s service to open your hotel safe.

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