Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture: A Definitive Guide

Furniture rental is a growing industry and trend. In this article, we will discuss- Is furniture rental worth it? When to use Rented Furniture

Furniture Rental: Is It Really A Thing?

Renting or buying furniture is a common dilemma when moving into a new space. T

The market for rental furniture is approximately $670mn which is a fairly high share of the overall furniture market. Rental furniture is here to stay, and there are many brands to choose from if you want to rent furniture. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

When To Use Rented Furniture?

Living alone

You can cut down on multiple things when you live alone. For example, instead of a king-sized bed, you can manage with a single bed. Also, until you can own your place, you can save money and work with rented furniture.

Moving with family or friends

If you’re moving with your partner and have a toddler or two, you cannot ignore certain aspects of furniture, such as rounded edges. You might find it imperative to have a bassinet. You can rent everything else and buy the essential stuff for your child. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

It is best to rent most things and buy only a few items when necessary for university students because they will probably have to leave their current town at the end of their studies. 

A short period of stay

How long will you be staying in the rental? Are you planning to stay there for a long time? Ask these questions to yourself. It is worthwhile to invest in your furniture if you plan on moving for a few years.

It is good to invest in rented furniture when moving in for a short period. On the other hand, it makes more sense to rent furniture if you don’t need these things for a rental and would prefer to buy things according to your taste when you move into your own home.

You don’t want to spend too much on furniture in a rental.

Budget is the most important and deciding factor of all. Use it to determine what to buy, when to buy, what quality it will be. Accordingly, plan what and how much to rent. Tremendous expenditures mark the initial weeks and days of moving into a new place due to travel and all the new things you need.

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Why Rent Furniture?

Here are a few reasons why you should rent furniture. We will also discuss whether renting furniture is worth it?

Check with your landlord or roommate.

The furniture may already be rented, and all you have to do is split the monthly expenses with your roommate. Double-checking is always a good idea. 

It cuts down on time and hassle.

Moving to a new place already comes with a lot of worries. For example, when you rent furniture online, it will be delivered to your location very quickly. Therefore, you do not need to run errands for the same; if a product malfunctions, you can also have it repaired. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

Are you moving far, far away from home?

Whenever you have to move back home, you will need to decide whether you would like to give away those things or pay for their transportation when you are moving a long distance. Spending on transportation makes no sense since both of them will lead to money being wasted. Or you can choose to sell your furniture when moving to another place. 

You have a transferable job.

When you move into a new home, you can live worry-free and have new furniture styles and shapes. Additionally, you do not have to worry about packing and wrapping it securely whenever you must leave the place again. The furniture company will do it, and you can pay them and move on to your next destination. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

Furnish your space in as many ways as you like.

Renting furniture gives freedom of experimenting. Your room is your canvas, and you can try various permutations and combinations. Have you always wanted to own, say, a large leather recliner sofa? You can call for it into your space at a meager cost. You can enjoy it for a month and call for another exciting thing you wanted to try out for the other month. 


Charity begins at home. Why add to the already full landfills of furniture waste when renting is an option. Consider the benefits of renting and the costs of buying to come up with a responsible mix based on your needs. You can rent some and buy some to achieve a middle ground.  

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When To Not Use Rented Furniture?

You are permanently moving out of your house.

Having moved out anyway, you will need the essential ingredients that make a house a home. You can’t ignore them. Paying for the rent each month is one day anyways, going to equate to the amount you need to buy new furniture. It is therefore recommended that you avoid using rented furniture when leaving your house permanently.

Instead, consider online stores that allow you to pay in easy installments for the purchase. Also, whenever you move to a new place, you won’t have to think about renting out furniture repeatedly. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

Second-hand furniture

Purchasing second-hand furniture is a more affordable option for the time being if the new furniture prices are too high. It will do the job; you can do some DIYs on weekends to make it shine. You can get your hands on orange oil or lemon oil polish and work it over the surface. 

Maintaining furniture

When you have toddlers and pets, maintaining rented furniture isn’t easy. If your child spills something on the upholstery, you will have to do all sorts of things to remove the stain, or you will have to pay for the compensation. 

Purchase the necessary

If you are hell-bent on buying something for yourself and you know it won’t affect your budget, get yourself just enough that fits into a full-size car so that you can move hassle-free whenever you need to. As a result, the moving costs will be reduced significantly. 

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? 

You can comfortably reduce furniture transportation time and costs by renting furniture; the very act of doing so is a luxury. However, it is not so heavy on the pocket and allows switching to any desired choice in a few clicks. 

It is important to take into account all these expenses before deciding what works best for you. Furniture Rental can also get expensive for those renting it out for longer periods. Always read the instructions and terms and conditions laid down by the rental company properly.

 Certain things may vary from company to company, and it is best to compare prices and ease of rules before finalizing such things. Call for home delivery if you have a busy schedule.

Budget And Durable Of Stay Matters When Choosing To Rent Or Buy

Considering essential factors such as your budget and the duration of your stay at a given place will help you decide whether to buy or rent. However, if you consider factors other than those mentioned above, do let us know in the comments section below.

Is Furniture Rental Worth It? When To Use Rented Furniture

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