Joybird Vs Article: Which Is The Best Direct To Consumer Brand in 2021?

Are you confused between Joybird vs Article? Learn more about the defining features that differentiate these two popular furniture brands.

Are you looking for the best furniture or the best direct-to-consumer brand to purchase furniture directly from a manufacturer? Then you would have heard about Joybird and Article. 

They are among the best direct-to-consumer brands that produce luxury and robust furniture pieces. When we talk about Joybird and Article, they manufacture high-quality furniture pieces that come in a wide variety and sizes. 

Both specialize in manufacturing modern household furniture like chairs, couches, tables, bedroom furniture, and more. Joybird and Article both boast high-quality material, handcrafted and contemporary, and elegant. 

If you are confused about the best direct-to-consumer brand for a sofa or any other furniture piece for your living or bedroom, we are here to help. In the review below, we will provide you with detailed information about Joybird Vs Article. 

In this writeup, we will provide you: 

  • A review of both Joybird and Article, along with pros and cons of both brands
  • A feature-wise comparison of Joybird Vs article 
  • Difference between Joybird and Article Sofas 
  • Answers to some frequently asked questions

About Joybird 

Joybird is a reputed direct-to-consumer brand that creates premium furniture at reasonable prices tailored as per the buyers’ needs. 

All furniture pieces of Joybird are custom made and handcrafted; they are made as per the unique needs of a consumer and manufacture high-quality furniture that lasts for a lifetime. 

Joybird Vs Article

The company makes its furniture pieces inspired by the mid-century movement of the 1950s to 1960s from well-renowned designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Eero Saarinen

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About Article 

If you are looking to buy elegant mid-modern furniture for your home, Article is a good option for you. Article is all about great style. The company was launched in 2013 and works directly with manufacturers to produce unique pieces with high-quality materials. 

So far, Article has delivered furniture to more than half a million North American homes. 

Article is another direct-to-customer brand; there are no retailers or resellers involved in the process. 

Joybird Vs Article: Feature Wise Comparison

Product Range 

Joybird offers a wide range of sofa types in different sizes and different furniture and its accessories. 

Joybird Vs Article

Article’s product range is vast, and they offer Mid-century and modern sofas and sectionals. The company offers a great range of sofas, couches, different furniture pieces, and decor. 

Winner: Joybird has a bigger range

Ease of Order and Shipping 

Joybird offers various fabrics and color options for customization as per the need of a consumer. They also provide free consultation from furniture designers and offer white glove delivery. The 365 days trial allows consumers to make up their minds whether they want to keep the peace or not. If a customer is not happy with the product in the first two weeks, then the company will pick it up free of cost. 

Joybird offers one to two weeks for shipping, and returns are also free. 

Article takes less than two weeks to deliver the piece; just like Joybird, the company also has various colors and fabrics to choose from. Article also comes up with different delivery options like in-home setup. Article offers free shipping, which is basic shipping on orders above $999. The 30 days money-back policy gives you the benefit of a trial for 30 days. 

Winner: Joybird, because of the 365-day trial

Price Range 

The significant difference between Joybird and Article is their price range of furniture pieces. Jaybird’s price range ranges between $1200 to $3500 whereas Article offers furniture at the range between $600 to $5000. 

Joybird Vs Article

So, in short, if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on furniture, then Article furniture is an ideal option for you. 

Winner: Article

Quality of Delivery 

You don’t have to worry about unpacking or set up for both companies, and they offer an in-home delivery service. Unlike Joybird, Article charges some fees on returns and certain limits of warranty and returns. 

Winner: Both are equally good. Most people don’t find the return fees on Article bothersome.

Let’s now look at a direct comparison of their top-selling products.

Joybird vs. Article Products: 3-Seater Sofas

# Lewis Sofa by Joybird 

If you are looking for an enticing sofa for your living room, nothing is better than the Lewis sofa from Joybird. It is one of the top-selling sofas that come under a reasonable price range. 

Joybird Vs Article - Lewis Sofa

The Lewis sofa offers spacious seating options. There is no doubt; this sofa will enhance the look of your living room due to its unique features. 


  • Sizes: 83 x 41 x 32 inches and 96 x 42 x 32 inches (Lewis Grand)
  • Seating area: 75 x 28 x 18 inches (for the regular one)
  • Seat height: 18 inches, Backrest: 28 inches, Armrests: 28 inches
  • 18 upholstery fabrics and color choices
  • High-density Polyurethane Foam cushions. 
  • Track arm armrests
  • Solid wood legs. 
  • Engineered wood frame 
  • High gauge Sinuous Spring seat suspension seating. 
  • 1000 lbs weight holding capacity 


  • Kids & Pets-friendly fabrics such as microfiber and velvet are available. 
  • High and deep sofa, perfect even for someone above six feet in height.
  • Much larger range of colors and fabrics to suit any living room than Article Ceni


  • Since the legs are taller (7 inches), the sofa tends to slide on tiled floors.
  • Bit of assembly needed (Screw on legs)

# Ceni Sofa by Article 

Ceni sofa is a mid-century modern type sofa that offers maximum comfort. It adds a vibe to a living area that is a perfect combination of style and practicality. The Ceni sofa comes under an affordable range.

Joybird Vs Article - Ceni Sofa


  • Size: 83 x 35 x 21 inches, Seating area: 75 x 27 x 6 inches
  • Seat height: 16 inches, Backrest: 24 inches, Armrests: 24 inches
  • Solid wood legs made from kiln-dried Rubberwood and Eucalyptus. 
  • Polyester Fabric
  • Modern English armrests
  • Removable and Washable Seat cushions 
  • Six color choices
  • High-density foam cushions. 
  • Sinuous spring seating 


  • Less expensive than the Lewis
  • No assembly is required. 
  • Removable and washable cushions.
  • Cushions remain fluffy and don’t sag even after continuous use.


  • It has a low height. It may not be comfortable for a tall person.

Joybird vs. Article Products: Sectional Sofas

# Holt Sectional by Joybird 

It is a contemporary silhouette that is designed keeping in Nordic design. The Holt sectional sofa is perfect for a cozy living room. It is a stylish sectional that enhances the decor of the living room

Joybird Vs Article - Holt Sectional


  • Available in 8 sizes, including options that have storage in them
  • Dimensions: 121 x 68 x 34.5 inches, Seating: 105 x 54 x 20 inches (base model)
  • Seat height: 20 inches, Backrest: 14.5 inches, Armrests: 23 inches
  • Plinth Decorative legs 
  • Engineered wood 
  • High-density Polyurethane Foam cushions. 
  • Track arm armrests
  • Solid wood legs. 
  • Engineered wood frame 
  • High gauge Sinuous Spring seat suspension seating. 
  • 1250 lbs weight holding capacity 
  • Removable backrests and cushions 


  • Wide variety of colors and fabrics.
  • Tall and exceptionally deep seating (28 inches)
  • Removable and washable backrest and seat cushions


  • Little assembling is required for drilling the screws on the legs. 
  • Only water-based cleaning agents must be used for cleaning the sectional. 

# Sven Sectional Sofa by Article 

The Sven Birch sectional sofa keeps you ready for hosting a party; it is a modern and hotel-style sectional. It is also a perfect way to cuddle up to your kids for your next round of bedtime stories. 

Joybird Vs Article - Sven Sectional


  • Dimensions: 100 x 67 x 34 inches
  • Seat height: 19 inches, Backrest: 8 inches, Armrests: 27 inches
  • Two fabric (leather and velvet) and four color options
  • Sturdy Blocked Wooden Frame
  • High-density foam cushions with polyester filling 
  • Loose seats and back cushions 
  • Pirelli webbing
  • Included Bolsters 
  • Duck Feather filling 


  • Durable due to its heavy construction. 
  • Pirelli webbing suspension is more comfortable than sinuous spring.


  • It is a bit expensive compared to Joybird Holt. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

# Is Joybird better than Article?

When there is a debate about whether Joybird is better than Article, we would say Joybird is much better than Article, as the company is itself a manufacturer. They have more variety of colors and fabrics than Article. 

Joybird Vs Article

Secondly, the 365 days trial feature is the primary difference between the two, allowing a consumer to decide whether the product is for them or not after one full year. 

But if you want the piece in a shorter period, then Article is a great option. 

# Is Article a good sofa brand? 

Undoubtedly, Article is a good sofa brand. Sofas offered by the company are handcrafted and made up of high-quality and finest materials. You will get various designs, colors, and sizes available on Article sofas. 

# Does Joybird have quality furniture? 

Joybird manufactures high-quality furniture. They start from scratch and transform the piece as per the specifications of a customer. They use robust and premium wood quality and durable fabric to manufacture their customized furniture pieces. 

# Who manufacturers Article furniture? 

Article company directly has links with manufacturers to deliver high-quality and durable furniture. Baig and their co-founders, Fraser Hall and Twins Sam, launched their Vancouver-based company in 2013, and they are manufacturers of furniture pieces that Article delivers. The manufacturer grew the company rapidly as they controlled the supply chain and sold the furniture at lower than retail prices. 

Joybird Vs Article

Joybird vs Article: It’s Really A Toss-up 

To conclude, if you are on a budget, choosing Article furniture is the best option. However, both direct-to-consumer companies offer high-quality and long-lasting furniture pieces.