Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture? Ultimate Guide

We often find this question in our comments box: “Can you use Lysol on wood furniture?” We decided to answer it once and for all.

It does not matter whether you own a new piece of furniture or some antique piece that has been handed down to you by your elders. It is important to educate yourself about effective ways to clean wooden furniture so that dust does not ruin the piece. 

Many people believe that it costs a fortune to maintain and clean their furniture, whereas the reality is strikingly different. All you need are some tips and tricks and a reliable cleaner to do the work. But this is not as simple as it sounds.

People often get confused about what cleanser to use because there are many in the market that will harm the fabric of your wooden furniture

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

Lysol is a very common all-purpose cleaner often used in households to disinfect flooring and other things. It is inexpensive and has wide applicability. Many people think that there is no harm in using Lysol to disinfect and clean your expensive wooden furniture. 

We are here to warn you that even though it may seem commonsensical to use Lysol on everything, It is always better to read the instructions clearly and only then decide whether you want to use it. Well, let us walk through the answers to this question in detail.

Is it Possible to Use Lysol on Wood Furniture? 

No, it is not advisable to use Lysol on wooden furniture. The reason is that if it is natural wood and not just laminate wood, Lysol can soak deep into the pores of the wood and cause damage to it. 

Manufacturers ask to dilute Lysol with water to increase its cleaning power which can also be dangerous for your wooden surfaces. However, some wooden furniture and kitchen cabinets are often made with a water-resistant finish, an oil-based finish, or a semi-gloss finish.

This can help make the wooden surface water-resistant. However, this does not mean that you can liberally apply water on your wooden surfaces and leave it on for some time. 

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

Instead of using Lysol, you can also make use of the ‘Lysol All Purpose Cleaner’ to clean and disinfect your wooden floors as well as wooden furniture. 

Does Using Lysol On Wood Furniture Ruin It?

Yes, Lysol can ruin the wooden furniture. As explained above, experts often advise leaving the Lysol cleanser on the wooden furnish for some time, at least ten minutes. However, no wooden manufacturer would advise you to dump water on your wooden furniture for that long as water holds the ability to seep into the creaks or finish or the boards and lead to staining or swelling. 

However, Lysol is known to cause minor damage to laminate wood, and thus you can use it on your laminated furniture or laminated wooden flooring. But, it doesn’t imply that Lysol would work well with hardwood as well.

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Effect of Lysol on Laminate Wood

The experts at Lysol term it safe to use Lysol on laminated wood with some tips. They advise making use of a solution of water along with Lysol Multi-Surface Cleaner for cleaning laminated lumber. 

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

You need to leave the answer on the wooden furniture for approximately six minutes, depending upon whether you intend to sanitize it or to clean it. However, the thumb rule is to limit water usage on wooden surfaces to as minimal as possible. 

Can You Use The All Purpose Cleaner From Lysol on Wood Furniture?

Yes, you can use Lysol All Purpose Cleaner on your polished or non-porous wooden furniture. As per the manufacturers, the All-Purpose cleaner has been designed to cause no damage to the wooden damage and is thus safe to use. 

Is it Safe To Use Lysol Wipes on Wood Furniture?

Yes, these Lysol wipes are disinfectant wipes that are mostly safe to be used on many kinds of finished wooden surfaces, such as tables, floors, and cabinets. However, experts advise not to use these wipes on unpainted, untreated, or unfinished, porous wooden surfaces. Also, it is always advisable to perform a small spot test before you plan to use these wipes on the wooden furniture. 

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

This spot test includes cleaning an inconspicuous area with wipes to ensure that Lysol does not ruin the wooden furniture. 

Tips To Remove Lysol Stains From Your Wood Furniture

Here are some home remedies to lend you a helping hand if you get stains on your wooden furniture from using Lysol:

  • Take a hairdryer and set it on Medium and then blow air on the specific spots.
  • You can also use a damp cloth and dampen it with denatured alcohol and press it over the areas.
  • Run some olive oil on the sites and leave it there for 24 hours. 
  • Some people found Murphy’s Oil Soap to help get rid of these stains. 
  • Warm some water, mix some dish soap in it and then dampen a soft cloth to clean the stains. 

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Tips To Clean Wooden Furniture Without Damaging its Polish  

Make sure to dust the surface of the furniture often to get rid of the surface dust. 

Please make use of a gentle cleanser and only move to the strong ones when it is needed. You can also make use of a solution of dish soap and water.

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

It is advisable not to saturate the wooden surface and also to rinse the cleaning cloth often.

Tips To Remove Water Stains From Wood Furniture

Here are some tips to get rid of water stains caused due to seeping in of water in the finished borders of the wooden furniture:

  • Use some non-gel toothpaste, rub it over the spots, and rub it with a soft cloth until the stain gets lifted.
  • Take equal portions of toothpaste and baking soda and use them on the stains.
  • Get a dry cloth and wipe off the toothpaste and then dry the furniture thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use Lysol on wooden furniture?

No, it is not safe to make use of Lysol on your wooden furniture. However, you can make use of Lysol All Purpose Cleaner for the purpose.

How to disinfect wooden furniture in your living room?

You can make use of all new Lysol disinfecting wipes to clean and sanitize the wooden furniture kept in your living room if it passes the spot test. 

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

How can you disinfect your wooden furniture?

You can make a solution at home, including vinegar, warm water, and five drops of dish soap to sanitize and disinfect your wooden furniture. Also, make use of a soft cloth to clean the furniture polish.

Lysol Is Not Good For Cleaning Wood Furniture.

Taking care of your precious wooden future can be pretty daunting. It is usual for new users to get confused with the different cleansers available in the market. 

Can You Use Lysol On Wood Furniture

However, Lysol is not the cleaner to be used with your finished wooden furniture as it may cause some real damage. So, read the tips mentioned above and the information given and seek a reliable cleaner to be used on your furniture to replace Lysol.

If you absolutely have to, use the “All-purpose cleaner” from Lysol and not the regular cleaner to keep your wood furniture safe.

Happy Furniture!