Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home In 2021?

Owning at least one of Natuzzi’s range of designer sofas is a dream come true. In this post, read my honest Natuzzi sofa reviews and get inspired to buy one!

‘No one knows the art of design more than an Italian.’ 

This is a statement that has been around for decades, and surprisingly nobody doubts its authenticity. Home to some of the world’s best-known designers, Italy is a brand name in itself.

When we talk about sophisticated and elegant furniture brand names from Italy, Natuzzi is perhaps one of the most recommended brands you will hear about. Every interior design firm will positively have a set of Natuzzi Sofa in the list of furniture to acquire while designing a space.

Natuzzi Deep Range Of Sofas

But are Natuzzi sofas really as good as people say they are? We will discuss some of the good, bad, and ugly in our candid Natuzzi sofa reviews below. For our readers looking for a quick summary, here are the Pros and Cons.


  • Easily customizable based on one requirement
  • A more comprehensive range of price points is suitable for one and all.
  • Sturdily built framework meant to last through decades of heavy usage.
  • Exquisite appearance due to the high-quality leather finish
  • Plush and comfortable due to good quality filler material used.
  • The extremely long warranty period lasts up to a decade or more.


  • Delivery takes a very long time
  • Though Natuzzi has a wide price range, it is costly compared to most brands.

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The Beginning of Natuzzi

It all began in 1959, when Pasquale Natuzzi decided to start a furniture business in Apulia, Italy. This was the time when fashion and brand names were making a mark for themselves. The entry into the modern era also meant a considerable revolution in the economy and industrial growth.

Pasquale’s vision was to create masterpieces and not ordinary furniture, you see in the everyday home. Amalgamating his visionary designs with high-quality Italian leather introduced a new breed of an elegant and stunning range of furniture that every European elite wanted to acquire.

Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home

Stylish and high-end, every piece of furniture created under the Natuzzi tagline was worthy of every bit of attention it received. Today, Natuzzi’s leather sofas are among the best globally because the brand never compromised on its original motto of ‘creating the best from the best.

What is Natuzzi Leather?

You must be wondering what is so special about Natuzzi leather. Pasquale wanted the best for his furniture. Since leather was the main attraction of Natuzzi’s furniture range, there was no doubt it had to be the best. 

Natuzzi leather consists of a range of Top grain leather hides purchased and processed following a specific field of protocols and testing. The final leather being used in the making is notably among the best in the industry. So when some of our readers asked for Natuzzi leather sofa reviews, the honest answer was that they are the best in the business.

Learn more about Natuzzi Leather here:

Natuzzi Editions Leather Furniture

Why Natuzzi Sofas Are So Good

Most people will tell you that Natuzzi sofas cost you a pretty penny. I am here to tell you that the pretty penny is well spent when it’s going towards owning a Natuzzi sofa. Let’s see why:

Highest standard of production

Natuzzi strictly adheres to International Standards of Quality and Maintenance. Every raw material is sourced from sources keeping in mind all the environmental regulations. There is an insider joke that every Natuzzi leather used can be dated back to its exact sources of origin.

Stress on detail 

Every stitch and folds are carefully placed. More minor details and patches are sewn in carefully with keen precision. The leather of the sofa thus has a very chic and crisp outlook that’s the epitome of fine artistry.

Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home

Use of quality framework and fillers

One of the most common points in almost every Natuzzi leather sofa review is the overall built quality. Natuzzi’s sofas are always made out of high-quality solid wood and plywoods. The fillers used inside the leather hide are often high-grade foams and natural feathers, which gives the sofa a very fluffy and comfortable vibe.

Versatile and evergrowing design concepts

Fashion is a fast-moving trend. It changes its looks faster than one can imagine. Maintaining a leisurely pace with the changing trend is not very easy. The industrial boom means many brand names are entering the market each day. 

Natuzzi prefers combining versatile and universally likable concepts with changing vibes. Thus, they created universal masterpieces that can last for a long time amidst all the changing sequences of the world around them.

Natuzzi’s range of sofas is not just a brand to acquire and display as a trophy. The company truly believes in rendering an ultimate experience to each of its customers. 

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Key Features of Natuzzi’s Range of Sofas


Leather is one of the toughest upholstery materials. Natuzzi uses the highest possible quality of leather in its products. Every sofa under the brand name of Natuzzi is built to withstand a lot of stress and strain without giving away or damaging it.

Wide range of Prices

Some of our readers have asked us: How much does Natuzzi furniture cost? The answer will shock you. Natuzzi sofas can go as low as $1300 and as high as $15000! 

Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home

Natuzzi has a wide range of price points for their Sofas, couches, and sleeper. Customers can even get customized designs specific to their requirements and ideas. The price point varies considerably, making Natuzzi’s range of sofas accessible for one and all.

Innovation in design

We all love exciting designs. Natuzzi knows it well, and thus they believe in creating exciting patterns and plans for their sofas and couches. 

Designs like Infinito, Argo, Dominio, and Pablo sell out like hotcakes despite the popularity of their traditional designs like Classic, Oblo, Wae, and Leaf.


Natuzzi Sofa is meant to last for at least a decade and a half without any issue. The design and the material quality are perhaps the most significant contributing factors that make them a timeless piece despite all the changes. The ten-year warranty for the framework stands out from the industry and is a hallmark of Natuzzi products.

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Answers To All Your Questions About Natuzzi Sofas

Are Natuzzi sofas good quality?

Natuzzi is a brand name known for delivering products made out of the best quality raw materials in the industry. So there is no doubt that the Natuzzi sofas are of outstanding quality.

Does Natuzzi make good furniture?

Yes, Natuzzi is known for making a wide range of perfect quality furniture. The sofas and couches made by Natuzzi are world-famous for their looks and built quality.

Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home

Is Natuzzi furniture made in China?

No, Natuzzi is not made in China. It is a pure European brand based in Apulia, Italy. Expert artisans use pure Italian leather to make every piece of furniture at their home base in Italy.

Who makes Natuzzi furniture?

Natuzzi furniture is made at various plants located all over the world by the skilled workers of the company. Every piece of furniture is made with careful precision and emphasis on details and quality. Post-creation, they are packaged and delivered to destinations from all over the world.

Is Natuzzi Editions the same as Natuzzi?

Natuzzi editions are one of the recent collections of design concepts for furniture under the trademark of Natuzzi. Natuzzi editions reviews are actually about the furniture created by Natuzzi under the “Natuzzi Editions” brand name.

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Save Up And Invest In A Natuzzi Couch!

You know it well now that Natuzzi is no ordinary brand name if you have read so far. It is a brand that has created a niche signature for itself in the world of furnishings. For decades, they have remained among the top by producing excellent quality products with a timeless appeal.

Natuzzi Sofa Reviews: Should You Buy A Natuzzi For Your Home

I would suggest that it’s best if you save up and invest in a luxuriously comfortable couch from Natuzzi rather than going for something ordinary and inexpensive. You will not regret the choice!