PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture: Best Material For Home Use?

PVC furniture vs. wooden furniture, which is the best for you? Let’s check out and learn what the similarities and differences between the two are. 

With every passing day, people’s choice of furniture and their definition of uniqueness is changing. The top choice of most designers and people we see around is either PVC or wooden furniture. But within the two, who wins the debate between PVC furniture vs. Wooden furniture?

PVC furniture has evolved into being a high-demand option for many people after the 1940s. It is a cost-effective option and offers high durability. It has the ability to be used in different weather conditions. 

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture is traditional and has been used by men for ages. Wooden furniture instantly adds elegance to your home and can be used for many years if it is appropriately maintained.

Though PVC and wooden furniture have some strong similarities like durability and strength, they have some differences too. PVC is lightweight and requires low maintenance, whereas wood has a longer life and is more elegant. This article will help you make the right choice in the debate between PVC furniture vs. Wooden furniture.

PVC Furniture

After the 1940’s usage of plastic boomed like anything, designers started experimenting with this new and seemingly indestructible material, developing new products, and it rose from being a humble addition to metal furniture to making complete furniture sets. Most plastic furniture users love the fact that it comes at an affordable price and is sturdy, comfortable, and lightweight.

The best part of PVC furniture is they are easy to maintain. As it is plastic, you can clean the furniture easily. The plastic furniture is waterproof, termite proof, anticorrosive and oilproof, so it doesn’t require much maintenance. So it reduces the cost of care which is the opposite in the case of wooden furniture as it requires regular and high maintenance.

PVC furniture is highly durable and sturdy. They are rot-free, so they stay the same for a longer period needing less replacement. PVC furniture has high strength, coming with an extended warranty period. 

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture

This furniture is easy to install anywhere, and you do not need significant tools while installing this furniture. The furniture is of less weight and comes in different colors adding beauty to the room.

PVC furniture comes at a reasonable price, so they are economical for all. The low maintenance feature makes it cost-effective. But if you are looking to use PVC furniture like cabinets, for example, in the kitchen, this is not the best option as their strength is less when compared with wooden cabinets. 

When you face any issue with PVC furniture and look for a replacement suddenly, it is easily available in the market compared with wooden furniture.

PVC furniture lacks holding capacity because the hinges or screws used to fix this furniture loosens quickly. This makes them not suitable as cabinets in the living room or the dining room. 

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  • Needs less maintenance.
  • Has good strength.
  • Economical as it comes at a low price.
  • Very light in weight.


  • Easily prone to scratches.
  • Weight capacity is lower
  • PVC is less resistant to heat.

Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture adds beauty and liveliness to the room. They are a better eco-friendly option when you compare them with that of plastic furniture. The recent technological developments are helping in designing wooden furniture with minimal wastage.

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture needs regular polishing to maintain its shine and look. It is a bit tough to maintain wooden furniture when compared to PVC furniture. Also, you have to go for a regular dusting of the furniture to keep them neat.

Good and solid, high-quality wooden furniture is durable and stay long for generations. Solid and high-quality wooden furniture is heavy to move, which will help you understand the wood’s quality. Wooden furniture makes the perfect choice if it is a long-term investment for your home or office. 

Wooden furniture comes at a high price when compared with PVC furniture. Though it is on the pricey side, it is worth the cost as it is for long-term use and also offers different colors and tones of wood.

But wooden furniture is easily prone to humidity and termites, so that it may wear off sooner, decays faster, and gets damaged when compared with PVC furniture. So it is hard to maintain wooden furniture over PVC furniture and needs regular monitoring.


  • Customized designs can be made.
  • High-quality wooden material is durable.
  • Eco-friendly when compared with PVC furniture.


  • Needs high maintenance.
  • Comes at a high cost. 
  • Heavy to carry.

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture: Feature Comparison


Most of the PVC furniture can be mopped 90% using a dry mop. Only hard stains need some effort to be cleaned. But PVC furniture gets affected because of scratches. Whereas wooden furniture needs high maintenance as it is affected by the environmental changes in the atmosphere. Also, to maintain the shine, it often needs polishing.

Compared with both, PVC furniture is easy to maintain. 

Winner: PVC furniture

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture


Both PVC and wooden furniture are strong and have a sturdy design. They are durable and have long-term usage. The durability of these furniture varies based on the quality and diameter of any furniture you choose.

When you talk about foam-based PVC, it is very strong and comes with a promise of high durability. Similarly, there are different types of wood with which furniture is made. For example, walnut or maple are some of the best choices of wood that you can use for making furniture.

Winner: Draw


Installation of PVC and wooden furniture is easy but needs the use of some tools. If it is for the cabinets in a room, then screws are required to install the furniture. Whichever furniture you choose, if screws are used, you need to look for any loosened screws or wearing off because of the weather. 

Winner: Draw

Easy to move

PVC furniture comes in less weight when compared to wooden furniture. Though it is of less weight, it is strong and durable. On the other hand, wooden furniture is heavy when compared with PVC material; this is because of the solid construction of the wooden furniture. So when you compare both, it is easy to move PVC furniture.

Winner: PVC furniture

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture

Design and colors

Wooden furniture can be customized based on the home or office. They come in different tone shades and add uniqueness to the place. PVC furniture these days comes in color options, and recent technologies made it possible to design in different shapes.

If having a classy and unique feel around you matters, then you can go for wooden furniture over PVC furniture.

Winner: Wooden furniture


Though both PVC and wooden furniture are not completely environment-friendly, when you compare both wooden furniture seems better. This is because, in these times of global warming, wastage and disposal of plastic is a major problem.

In the case of wooden furniture, minimal wastage is guaranteed by the latest technologies making it cause minor damage to the environment.

Winner: Wooden furniture

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Life of the furniture

Though both PVC and wooden furniture have a long life, there are certain factors that you should consider. When you talk about PVC furniture, it has resistance to termites, is waterproof and oilproof.

But it is often prone to scratches, whereas wooden furniture doesn’t come with any of the above resistance and also is prone to scratches. But once adequately observed and maintained, you can use PVC or wooden furniture for a long duration.

Winner: Draw

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture


Wooden furniture comes at a high price when compared with PVC furniture. The quality of the wood and tones may affect the price levels of the wooden furniture. But wooden furniture works the best for a longer duration. Talking about PVC furniture price depends on the diameter of the furniture you choose. 

Winner: Wooden furniture

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean PVC furniture?

If PVC furniture is exposed to sun and rain for a long time, it may turn black. You can clean this using soap and a sponge. You can scrub the furniture with the help of a sponge and soap. If the stains do not wear off, you can use a little bleach or vinegar to clean the PVC furniture.

PVC Furniture Vs. Wooden Furniture

How to clean wooden furniture?

Care should be taken when you use wooden furniture. As moisture in the air can affect the quality of the furniture, regular maintenance is needed. Cleaning the furniture using a moist cloth will work well. If this doesn’t work out, you can use vinegar and water and clean the furniture.

Parting Words

To conclude, both PVC and Wooden furniture are durable and come in a variety of designs; but some differences will help you make a choice. If you are looking for furniture at an affordable price that is easy to maintain but still has good durability, you can go for PVC furniture.

But if the price doesn’t matter and looking to make a long-term investment that still offers a classy and elegant look to your space, go for wooden furniture.

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